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Chapter 37: ✒ Chapter 25 : Bittter

SUMMER break was over but Khein's heartbreak never was. The rebel guy was transferred to Center's class the next school year. Though Khein never gave a damn about it, Ethan was concerned. That was the first time that someone in the good guy's class was transferred out of their section.

"Oi, are you lost?" Center asked Khein with his usual sarcastic voice as he smirked at the pissed guy.

"No I'm not, now piss off" Khein said calmly as he headed towards the back row and sat on one of the chairs. Center was taken aback that Khein didn't look at him in the eyes when the rebel guy was talking back. Which only meant, Khein was not in the mood to play teasing game with the spoiled brat. Center thought, 'So they haven't made up yet? Rei and Khein?'

Center rolled his eyes and returned to his seat as he decided not to disturb Khein anymore. Bullying a tiger who just recently turned into a cat was is fun at all.

"Whatever" the spoiled brat hissed as he filled up his thoughts about telling Ethan what has been happening to Khein since Rei left. He wanted to tease Khein for dropping down his grades and ending up with the same class as him.


"Hey Eeth, what happened to Khein?" Center asked the president. Ethan was elected as the class president for this year again. He deserved the treatment of his classmates very well.

"I don't know, his grades were not that bad. Why did he end up in your section? I wonder why?" Ethan said without considering Center's reaction.

"The way you said it, It feels like you were really looking down on me. I hate you!" Center said in a childish way and stormed out of Ethan's sight. Ethan chuckled and turned his back towards the other end of the hallway. Ethan went back to his classroom and waited for the next teacher.


ONE week later...

"Hi everyone! It's good to see you! I'm Rei, nice to meet you" the tall guy introduced himself naturally with a smile. Ethan's eyes widened with his mouth agaped. He stared at Rei for a very long time as if he was observing the cheerful guy he used to know.

"You can sit next to the class president" the teacher said. The reason why no one sits next to Ethan was because: people will start to compare the person who sits next to the president. Rei smiled at Ethan naturally like how he used to smile at the president as friends. Ethan was confused. He thought, 'Should I ask him about Khein and him? Are we still friends? Why did he disappear?'

"Ethan, are you okay?" Rei's voice interrupted Ethan's thought which made the president flinched a bit.

"Huh? Ah yeah?" Ethan answered. He thought it was not the perfect time to ask Rei. Maybe, he should just wait for a little while and see if Khein already know that Rei is back.




"Hey Pres!" Rei called Ethan with a smile as Ethan was about to leave the classroom and call it a day. The class just ended and Ethan was not able to talk to Rei personally except answering Rei's questions related to their subjects. Ethan turned his head enough to see Rei's smiling face and replied "Yes?"

"Do you know where Khein is?" Rei asked curiously. Ethan released a heavy sigh and smiled. He thought, 'Oh! I thought I would be dragged into this awkward situation again.'

"Yes! Probably, he's at the music room. See you tomorrow!" Ethan said, he just wanted to run away and not talk about how Khein became so rebel during the summer break. Ethan wanted Rei to find it out for himself.


KHEIN was playing the drums softly with a straight face. He saw the tall figure standing at the door and recognized the guy. His heart was beating so fast that he could not happen to look away quickly. Gulping, Khein managed to maintain his poker face as if he didn't recognize Rei at all. He acted as if he didn't know Rei in the first place. Rei took a step forward but Khein's word made him stop from where he was standing.

"Stay where you are" Khein said coldly. He didn't look at the puppy in front of him instead he placed the drumsticks above the drums and picked up his bag. He immediately walked towards the exit as his shoulder bumped into Rei's broader one. Rei was shocked at how he noticed Khein's attitude became worse than before towards him. He could never blame the rebel guy, it was his fault after all. Leaving so suddenly without a word was never the best option to do.

"Khein, wait!" Rei shouted as if that would be their last encounter. Khein continued walking away in a cool posture without minding whether Rei might catch up with him.

"You need something?" Khein asked coldly while looking directly into Rei's eyes.

"Can we talk?" Rei asked politely, he began biting his bottom lip as a sign that he is nervous.

"That's what we are doing right now" Khein said sarcastically.

"No, I mean" Rei said as he reached for Khein's hand but the rebel guy slapped Rei's one away.

"Avoid touching me" Khein warned Rei, and he meant it.

"I'm sorry" Rei said in the most sincere way. It was as if he was saying sorry not for touching Khein but for leaving the rebel guy suddenly.

"I forgave you. Now, shall you not show yourself to me again?" Khein said with full of sarcasm. He wanted to say, 'If you only knew how miserable I was when you left'

"Kheiny, please listen to me-"

"Cut the crap, I won't listen to you." Khein said bitterly as he started walking away.

"Khein, please. Baby, I'm sorry" Rei said emotionally which made Khein stopped from walking and looked at Rei with a disgusted face.

"What the hell did you just call me? You sure have the guts huh?!" Khein said in disbelief as he faked a cough.

"Are you still attached with what happened before? Are you still guilty for what you did to me? Let me say this, dumbass. And listen carefully because I'll only say it once." Khein said plainly.

"I was thankful that you left me. I've learned from it and that was horrible. Stop acting like you're very sorry and that you'll die if you won't have me back. That was fun and you were good. You got what you wanted and I'm cool with it. Have a nice life ahead-" Khein's eyes widened as Rei grabbed his wrist and pulled him for a hug. Khein's heart was racing unsteadily but he didn't show it.

"Let go" Khein said coldly but Rei pushed him on the wall and attempted to kiss the rebel guy. Rei was hurt when he saw Khein's poker face looking at him. Khein never showed any fear nor didn't show any reaction when he was about to kiss him. It was as if he was facing a dead person.

"Now what? You're going to force me? Weren't you about to kiss me? Why did you stop?" Khein said with a blank face which made Rei's heart shrank. He could see the emptiness in Khein's eyes.

"You never changed. You still act like a kid. How boring. I didn't even get excited when you got angry, you good for nothing son of a bitch." Khein said calmly as he pushed Rei away.

"Find another toy you can play with. I had fun and I'm no longer interested" Khein said before disappearing from Rei's sight. Khein went inside the comfort room and bit his bottom hardly that it started bleeding. His hands and feet were shaking that he wanted to collapse.

"I can't believe I just did that" Khein said with a deep breath.

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