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55.07% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 38: ✒ Chapter 26 : Let's make up, please?

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Chapter 38: ✒ Chapter 26 : Let's make up, please?

"Honey, dinner's ready!" Khein's mom shouted from the kitchen and Khein immediately went downstairs to grab his meal.

"How was school, honey?" Khein's mother asked and chewed the beef stuffed inside her mouth.

"Cool" Khein answered and shrugged his shoulders. Khein's mother was shocked at first when he found out about Khein's previous school records and the current ones.

She noticed Khein was becoming more silent and obedient. She was supposed to be happy but it felt like Khein was just forcing himself. They talk less and Khein never sneak out of his room during midnight anymore. Of course his mother knew his vices but she tolerated him.

"How's Rei? I've never seen him since last summ-" Khein's mom stopped talking when Khein dropped his spoon intentionally on his plate. The rebel boy sighed and walked out of the kitchen without saying anything. Khein's mother covered her face using her palms and cried silently. She didn't know what to do with her son anymore. Khein's attitude was getting worse.


"Khein!" Rei called the rebel guy from the hallway and followed him. Khein continued walking as if he didn't hear someone calling his name. Rei stopped in front of the entrance door as Khein went inside his classroom. Center saw Rei at the door and began teasing the psycho guy.

"Don't tell me you're lost too?" Center said and grinned childishly. Rei glared at Center as if he was some kind of an insect.

"Piss off, spoiled carabao" Rei hissed as he stared at Khein who was playing with his phone.

"Who are you calling a carabao? Hey?!" Center shouted as he was about to begin a fight but Rei decided to leave the place.

"Coward" Center hissed and made his way towards the rebel guy. Khein didn't give a shit about Rei following him all day.

"Why don't you just two make up already? You're stressing MY Ethan, don't you know that?" Center said honestly. Ever since Rei came back, Ethan had been looking after the two. Ethan looking after Rei and Khein made Center jealous, he couldn't get the good boy's attention at all.

"Does it look like I give a shit?" Khein said coldly which made Center's blood boiled that he punched the rebel guy in the face. Khein fell on his chair and landed on the floor with his butt. Center was about to kick Khein to give him a lesson but some of the boys in the classroom separated them. There was blood on Khein's mouth and one of his classmates offered to come with him to the clinic but Khein rejected him. Khein went out of the room with many eyes following him behind.

"Bunch of fools" Khein hissed and walked away.


"It stings, ouch!" Khein hissed as Ethan applied an ointment on the rebel boy's side of his mouth.

"And whose fault is that?" Ethan said with a concerned face. The two of them were inside the clinic and no one else was around. Khein wanted to ditch class and sleep on the bed and so Ethan let him be.

"Just go away, go back to your class. That stupid spoiled rotten brat might storm out if he finds out you are with me. That weirdo, is he inlove with you?" Khein asked. Ethan scoffed as he could never imagine himself getting intimate with Center.

"He's just guilty. He's not into guys." Ethan said. He picked up his bag and looked at Khein.

"I'll be going now" Ethan said and turned his back. Khein squatted on the hospital bed and touched the side of his mouth. He hissed when he realized that Center's knuckles hit him badly.

"That bastard" Khein hissed and bowed his head. He remembered the psycho guy suddenly and sighed heavily.

"What have you done to me, Rei?" Khein said out of the blue. No matter how he pretended that he was not happy when Rei came back, his heart could never deny it. He was too broken when Rei left him that summer. The first time he saw Rei again, he wanted to hug him so badly. He wanted to scold him for leaving him suddenly. He remembered everything, how Rei smiles at him like a kid, how childish he acts when is jealous. Khein sniffed and sighed. Later he realized, he was crying silently and softly. It was as if he was crying to release the pain and anger he felt for Rei.

"I hate you" Khein said while shutting his eyes closed in order for the tears to stop flowing.

"Kheiny" Khein's heart pounded so fast as he heard the psycho guy's voice. He thought he was hallucinating but he gave up the idea as Rei appeared in front of him.

"What the hell. Will you stop following me?!" Khein shouted and faced Rei with a miserable face. Rei bit his bottom lip and bowed his head. He looked like an abandoned puppy begging for Khein to adopt him.

"Can I stay here with you?" Rei asked politely.

"Fuck! Get the hell out of here! I don't want to see your cowardly face! Don't ever show yourself in front of me again! Just leave me alone! You've been annoying me for Pete's sake!" Khein shouted angrily, he didn't care if someone could hear them inside.

"Please listen to me. I'm begging you, Khein." Rei begged and walked towards the bed, ignoring Khein's demands.

"Don't come near me! I'm warning you! Don't dare-" Rei pushed Khein on the bed and the rebel guy's head hit the pillow. Khein avoided Rei's intensifying gaze as he closed his eyes. Rei's hands were on either side of Khein's head.

Later on, tears escaped from Khein's eyes as he sobbed and asked, "Why did you leave me?"

Khein used his two palms to cover his face like how his mom do it when she cries. He cried like a baby while covering his face under Rei's body.

"I hate you" Khein said in between his sobs as Rei watched him with awe. Khein looked so cute crying under him that he just wanted to kiss him. Rei gulped as he restrained himself from doing something indecent. Khein was a strong guy not until he met Rei. He used to be independent and calm. But the moment he got acquainted with Rei, he became more childish and dependent. He became spoiled and demanding.

"Baby, please listen to my story" Rei begged. He slowly removed Khein's hands away from the rebel boy's face but Khein covered his face hardly.

"Don't!" Khein shouted like a kid as he covered his face again. Rei attempted to remove his hands away again but Khein warned him which made him gasp.

"I'll kick your balls if you dare, dumbass" Khein hissed with a serious voice, his hands still covering his face. Rei bit his bottom lip and let his elbows rested on the bed which made his body leaned closer to Khein. Rei played with Khein's hair and shuffling it softly using his fingers.

"Get off me" Khein demanded as he felt Rei's weight was slowly burying him on the bed. Rei chuckled and kissed the back of Khein's hand.

"Eww!!" Khein shouted and pushed Rei away from him which made the psycho guy fell on the floor with his butt.

"You're not allowed to touch me unless you'll explain everything to me!" Khein demanded while pointing his index finger towards Rei.

"But you'll listen to me, right?" Rei said with a grin.

"How could you be so positive?" Khein asked in disbelief.

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