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62.31% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 43: ✒ Chapter 31 : Sweet lies

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Chapter 43: ✒ Chapter 31 : Sweet lies

THE night was so cold but Center gave Ethan a ride towards the hospital.

"It's not true. It's not true." Ethan said for almost a hundred times as he kept his head bowing. The top of his head resting on Center's back because he still felt dizzy. Center never said anything and focused his mind on the road.

"What should I do? What should I do?" Ethan said as if he was talking to himself.

"Ethan, calm down."

"Who the hell are you to say that?" Ethan said angrily. Center remained quiet.

"I'm here for you." Center said. It was as if they never had a fight. Center felt so guilty about the situation. Ethan felt so empty that he never cared about his pride anymore and let Center bring him to the hospital.


ETHAN spent too much time inside the comfort room as he vomited. He felt sick and tired. He couldn't accept it.

"Ethan, get out now!" Center shouted. Worried, Center waited for a little longer.

Ethan finally decided to get out and passed by Center. He wanted to come home. He wanted to sleep. He wanted for the morning to arrive. Then, his father would wake him up. Then, he would tell his father that he just had a terrible nightmare. Then, everything would be fine again.

"Ethan, where are you going?!" Center asked as he tried to stop Ethan from leaving.

"Home." Ethan replied with his tired voice. He felt sleepy and drained. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I'll take you to your home." Center said with his usual caring attitude.

"Fine, whatever. Do what you want. I'm tired." Ethan said without any signs of emotions in his face.

Ethan was sleeping on Center's shoulder during the whole trip. They arrived at Ethan's house as Center carried the fragile boy on his back.

Ethan suddenly woke up and realized that he was being carried by the man he hated the most for his life.

"Put me down." Ethan ordered while Center just arrived at the living room.

"I said put me down!!" Ethan shouted which made the spoiled brat flinched and carefully put Ethan down. As soon as Ethan felt his feet touched the floor, he pushed Center away from him. Ethan stumbled on the floor and hit the back of his neck with the edge of the sofa.

"Are you okay?!" Center asked with tired yet worried eyes.

Ethan remained sitting on the floor like a mess while leaning towards the sofa.

"Idiotic question from an idiot. How am I okay??" Ethan mumbled while chuckling.

"Let me take you to your room. You should at least sleep on the bed-"

"Stop pretending like you care. Just leave me alone." Ethan said, eyes filled with agony and sorrow. He felt so weak and defeated.

"I should have slept beside my old man's cold body. Does this satisfy you enough? I'm currently suffering, are you enjoying it -my haggard and hopeless face?" Ethan asked while bowing his head. His chest hurt so bad that he shouted.

"I said hurtful things to my father! I was not able to say sorry! I humiliated him! I... I rejected his suggestion. I hurt him big time. Now he's gone. I feel like I'm going to die." Ethan said. His tears burst, his sobs became loud cries and his mouth trembled.

"What are you looking at?! I told to leave me alone!!" Ethan shouted at Center. Center kneeled in front of Ethan and gave the lonely boy a tight hug.

'Don't say anything!' Center shouted in his mind as he hugged Ethan tightly. Ethan began pushing and hitting Center on his back but the spoiled brat endured it.

"Fuck off!! Get lost!! I'm not in the right mind to argue with your childish games now!! Don't touch me!!" Ethan shouted and kept on hitting Center. Center let him be.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Center said repeatedly as his tears penetrated on Ethan's shirt. He never let go of Ethan as Ethan felt tired.

"Please let me go, Center." Ethan begged as if he meant for Center to disappear in front of him. Center tightened his grip as he buried his face on Ethan's shoulder. If only he could lift that burden on Ethan's shoulder. If only he could carry that pain for him.

"What is it now? Are you going to tell me that you're sorry? Are you going to make me your friend again? Fine, I forgive you. Now, can you let me go already?" Ethan said with a straight face. His eyes were swollen enough that he just kept his eyes closed.

"I don't want to cry anymore. So please let me go... I'm deadly tired." Ethan said. He raised his head and rested the back of it on the sofa.

"I don't care anymore. Whether you'll disappear instantly or pester me everyday, I won't care. Either you'll talk to me again or ignore me, I'll go over with the flow. You can come here everyday or never show your face forever. I don't care." Ethan said with an empty heart.

"I may even boost out my anger with you so you won't get near me again." Ethan said and smirked. Center let go of Ethan and stared at the lonely guy's eyes.

"Hate me all you want. I'll always be around you. You can bully me for the rest of your life. But I'll never leave you. Forget about everything that I said before." Center said while wiping his face drenched with tears.

"I will never leave you ever again, Ethan. You can push me away all you want. But I'll never turn my back on you, ever again." Center vowed to Ethan.

"Fine..." Ethan said while chuckling. He knew that the next lie he was going to tell might make Center to avoid him forever. Ethan released a heavy sigh as if he is going to make a real confession. He rolled his eyes as he said out clearly the words, "I like you, Center. Since we were kids, I really like you."

'Is that enough to make you hate me?' Ethan thought in his mind as he looked at Center's shocked face.

"Say that again." Center begged with wide eyes. He felt as if he was dreaming.

"I like you" Ethan lied. Ethan expected Center to storm out of his house and never see him again. He was ready to celebrate about Center's departure but the spoiled brat pulled him. Ethan was about to protest but Center already captured the lonely boy's trembling lips with his own.

Ethan's eyes widened with shock as Center pushed the good boy's head on the sofa. Ethan had no idea what was going on. Center was kissing him passionately but he couldn't kiss him back. He was confused at how sincere the spoiled brat with the kiss.

Ethan quickly pushed Center when he had the chance to. He couldn't believe Center just kissed him. It wasn't his plan at all. He intended to disgust Center so the spoiled brat won't come near him anymore.

Panting, Ethan managed to utter the word, "Wait..."

"...Do men attract you?" Ethan asked with a confused face.

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