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Chapter 46: ✒ Chapter 34 : Lovely day

REI'S eyes turned round that he almost wanted to slap himself from having too realistic dreams. Sneaking into Khein's room last night was not a dream, he confirmed it was real. But having Khein sleeping in his arms was too good to be true. He remembered Khein fell asleep on his bed while he remained sleeping on the floor. There was no way he carried Khein out of the bed to put the rebel guy in his arms.

"Damn, this is too good to be true~" Rei whispered as he stared at Khein's sleeping face in his arms. He was not dreaming. Khein breathed heavily and finally woke up. The first thing that Khein saw in the morning was Rei's *coughs* handsome *coughs* face.

"What the fu--?" Khein almost cursed. He realized that his mother was awake downstairs so he remained quiet. Khein had a bad habit of falling off his bed.

"Honey! Aren't you going to school today?!" Khein's mom shouted from the kitchen. She needed to go to work early for the day.

"Good morning, Kheiny" Rei greeted Khein with a happy face. Khein replied a grunt in return. Khein's eyes were darker than they usually were.

"Get up! We need to go to school!" Khein shouted as he tried not to sound so flustered. The rebel guy immediately went to take a shower and locked the door behind him. Rei was left sitting on the futon with half awake and half dreaming eyes.

"I'm not going to school today" Rei said loud enough for Khein to hear him.

"And why not?!" Khein shouted as the sound of the water from the shower echoed through the bathroom.

"Honey?! Are you with someone inside your room?!" Khein's mom asked from the kitchen. Rei heard footsteps coming towards Khein's room. A knock on the door made the psycho guy flinched.

"Baby, I'll go ahead! Breakfast is ready on the table. I'll see you later, bye! I love you!" Khein's mom said behind the door.

"Yeah!" was all Khein could reply. His mom never expected him to reply politely anyway.

Rei folded the futon and cleaned up the things on the floor.

"Geez! I'll just attend second period." Khein mumbled as he dried his wet hair with a towel. Khein usually wears a white sleeveless after having a shower. Rei was currently sitting on the rebel guy's bed while staring at Khein.

"What?" Khein asked as he prepared his uniform. Rei smiled and bit his bottom lip.

"Your mom really loves you." Rei stated. He wanted to let Khein know how lucky he was for having such a mother.

"I know" Khein said while putting on his polo.

"Me too. I really love you." Rei said directly yet sincerely. If only Khein would allow him to say that he loves him everyday, he would gladly do it.

"Stop saying stupid things so early in the morning." Khein said seriously. Rei bit his bottom lip as a sign of asking for forgiveness.

"Sorry" Rei said politely. All this time, Rei was still confused and restless. He could not figure out if Khein was inlove with him or the rebel guy was just trying to get along with everything from the very start.

"It must be nice having at least a family to stay by your side. I only spent my entire life with my servants around me." Rei said while smiling bitterly. Khein glared at Rei as the psycho guy was enjoying his bed.

"You're just hungry. Let's go downstairs and have some breakfast." Khein said with a straight face as he finished changing. Rei bit his bottom lip as he remembered how Khein hated being sentimental all the time. Rei was spacing out while walking that he bumped into Khein when the rebel guy stopped halfway.

"Ah-I'm sorry!" Rei nervously said while bowing his head. Khein stared at the guilty puppy in front of him as he slowly raised his hand. Rei closed his eyes, he believed that Khein was going to hit him for being an airhead.

"Stop making that face, dumbass." Khein stated and reached out for Rei's head. The rebel guy patted Rei's head like a puppy. Rei smiled happily with the sudden contact.

"Better?" Khein asked with a poker face. Rei nodded happily. Khein smiled slightly as he saw Rei's smiling face again. Rei planted an immediate kiss on Khein's cheek and instantly ran away. He was caught off guard.

"Come back here! Dumbass!" Khein cursed with a face as red as a tomato.


AT school...

"Eeth! Let's have lunch together!" Center yelled, running towards Ethan with a happy face.

"This punk never gets tired of harrasing me" Ethan sighed as he made his way out his classroom.

"Hey President!" Rei called Ethan.

"Will you come with me at the music room later?" Rei asked with a friendly smile. Center growled in the background.

"Yeah sure!" Ethan said with a smile.

"What are you two going to do at the music room?" Center asked while pouting. Just thinking about Rei and Ethan together alone in a romantic place bothered Center so much.

"Practice." Ethan said plainly.

"You?" Center asked with wide eyes. He knew that Ethan never played music for a very long time, except that time with their tasks.

"Yeah" Ethan nodded with a sigh.

"Wait, and you're doing it with that punk?" Center asked in disbelief. He thought, 'Since when did they become so close?!'

"Yeah?" Ethan answered.

"You know I like you, right? Why are you spending so much time with that asshole? He's into Khein!" Center complained.

"Wait... You like me. And what does it have to do with Rei? I'm not into guys and I'm not into Rei either. You can even go there and watch if you want to. Stop being so possesive, it's creepy." Ethan said with a straight face. Ethan walked away as Center watched the president's small back.

"Eeth..." Center called out. Ethan turned his head enough to see the taller guy's gloomy face.

"...You can play guitar with Rei but you can't do it with me. Aren't we supposed to play music together when we grow up?" Center asked, he looked like he was about to cry.

"What's gotten into you? Stop looking back at past. I have long forgotten about that stupid promise. And in the first place-" Ethan sighed and bowed his head.

"-It wasn't me who broke that promise, it was you. So stop acting like this is all my fault. You started the conflict and I was too tired to fix it. I gave up halfway and I never intended to fight for something that is not worth fighting for." Ethan said with a smiling face.

"Our friendship was over ever since you abandoned me. I'm only letting you around me out of pity." Ethan said with a straight face. Center bowed his head and nodded. He wanted to cry in front of Ethan but he knew that doing that could never change anything.

"I'll watch you practice later then!" Center said positively and ran towards Ethan.

Center thought, 'I won't give up so easily. I know you still want to be with me.'

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