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13.04% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 9: ✒ Chapter 4 : Jealous Khein?

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Chapter 9: ✒ Chapter 4 : Jealous Khein?

KHEIN went to school like the usual. He hated the fact that Rei was just sitting behind him and that all this psycho could ever do is stare at him all day. Rei gave him a lot of junk foods and colas but some of Khein's friends consumed them regularly. Khein had a new phone and Rei knew his new number. Khein never texted him back even once, yet Rei still sends him messages. One afternoon, Khein was smoking under the waiting shed while waiting for the bus. As the rebel guy exhaled the thick smoke under his nose, a pale hand snatched the cigar from his mouth and crashed them with his bare palm. Khein looked at Rei's hurt hand and snobbed his eyes. He took another cigarrete and lit it up for another smoke. Rei repeated the same action and confiscated his cigarette from his mouth. It looked painful but Khein acted cool.

"Stop smoking, Khein" Rei said and stared at Khein. Khein pretended he didn't hear nor see Rei. He acted like Rei never existed at all.

Days passed by and Khein never listened to anything what Rei says. He often breaks curfew and skates late at night. One night, Khein went out from his room through his window for a skate when a cute puppy ran towards him. Khein panicked and stumbled. He fell with his butt against the ground. The husky puppy wiggled its tail as it ran towards Khein's direction. Khein suddenly remembered and saw a stray dog coming towards him, its saliva dripping from its teeth. Khein started to panic and tried to stand up but his knees were shaking that he couldn't manage to help himself stand. Khein was about to kick the stray dog in his sight when suddenly a tall figure picked the little puppy and smashed it on the ground. The poor animal died in an instant as Khein's eyes widened in terror.

"Are you hurt?" Rei asked with a blank face. Memories flashed through his mind as Khein closed his eyes. His hands were shaking and his eyes became watery. He hated that side of Rei. The fact that Rei is willing to hurt anyone for him ever since they were kids. He hated the fact that he was dependent towards Rei before.

"I told you to stay away from me!!" Khein shouted when Rei tried to hold him. Khein remained sitting on the ground weakly as he stared at the innocent puppy lying on the ground with its eyes crying blood.

"You make me sick! I can't live seeing your face. I told you to stay away from me or else--" Khein shouted as his veins popped out from his neck and forehead.

"Or else what? Kheiny?" Rei asked. He always wanted to protect Khein. Even if it means hurting others.

"I'm going to kill myself" Khein said seriously. Rei's eyes widened and bowed his head.

"Is that what you want?" Rei asked with a serious tone.

"Yes" Khein said and gulped.

"I never liked you ever since then. Having you around makes me sick. And the idea of being together with you, a's disgusting" Khein said. He didn't meant to say it that way but if that's the only way to drive Khein away from him then must say it.

It strucked Rei right through his chest. Khein never wanted to hurt Rei. He never intended to say those words to Rei. But he couldn't help it and he finally did.

"Fine" Rei said with a heavy sigh and a lonely pair of dark eyes.

"At least let me send you home tonight" Rei said with a forced smile and he never looked at Khein. Looking at him may even disgust the rebel guy more. And he hated that, he hated the fact that Khein felt disgusted with him.

"No need, I can go home by myself" Khein said bitterly.

The two parted ways as if they were making a fresh start. Tommorrow when they'll wake up, they'll be back to strangers again.


"Hey Rei, I've heard that your family is wealthy, is it true?" one of Rei's classmate asked the lonely yet smiling boy.

"Ahh, I guess?" Rei answered the question awkwardly. Most of the students in this school came from a classy family and it's a bit weird when your fellow student asks you such a question. Rei never wished to stand out but his social backgrounds were high enough to be noticed by some regular students. In the corner, Khein would sniff and cough unconsciously everytime someone would mention Rei's name loudly.

"Dumbass" he cursed silently as he saw one of the guys in their class patted Rei's head. He suddenly remembered the time when he patted Rei's hair before and he felt irritated.

"Gross" Khein cursed. He put on his headphone and maximized the volume. He was head banging mentally while trying to make a poker face on the outside. He loves shutting the world out and let himself be drowned to music.

"Hey Rei, do you already have a partner for our music class?" the class president asked Rei. Rei looked at Khein who was sleeping the whole time and shook his head. He wanted to be Khein's partner in all matters, he wished he could.

"No, can you be my partner?" Rei asked Ethan and smiled at him. At the exact moment, Khein saw Rei smiled genuinely at Ethan and the psycho guy hanged his arm around the president. Khein unconsciously frowned with the sight and removed his headphone, letting it hang around his neck. He headed towards the exit but Ethan and Rei made their way outside first.

"Let's have lunch together, Pres!" Rei said cheerfully as he smiled at Ethan. Ethan was a shy guy and being around with Rei made him comfortable. Khein's presence never seemed to affect Rei even if the rebel boy was walking behind them.

"Do you like white chocolates?" Rei asked Ethan randomly.

"No, I don't eat sweets that much" Ethan said. Rei shrugged his shoulders and then he quickly dragged Ethan to his side when he saw a tall guy running towards Ethan's direction. Ethan's face hit Rei's chest and the president made a cute reaction. Rei didn't saw it but Khein did. He saw everything and he hated the fact that his chest was pounding like crazy.

"Are you hurt?" Rei asked Ethan. Khein glared at Rei and sighed in disbelief as he mumbled "Nice trick, playboy"

"Hey! You're blushing you know that?" Rei teased Ethan as he watched Ethan's face turned from pale to pink.

"Excuse me- I'm sorry. I'm in a hurry- I need to pee." Out of the blue, Khein just made a lame reaction as he bumped Rei's shoulder with his own. He darted towards the hallway leading to the school canteen.

"I thought the Comfort room leads this way" Ethan said and pointed the opposite direction where Khein was heading.

"I think so too" Rei answered and bowed his head. He failed to hide his smile with the sudden thought that maybe... Just maybe, Khein was jealous.

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