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76.81% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 53: ✒ Extra Chapter: Ideal Boyfriend

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Chapter 53: ✒ Extra Chapter: Ideal Boyfriend

At the Skating Park:

"Hey Khein, do you have a girlfriend right now?" a babe with a good body figure asked Khein. Khein was sitting on the bars while rubbing the sole of his rollerblades against the rough road. There were a lot of skaters in the park and Khein was in the mood to polish his wheels.

"Why do you ask, babe?" Khein replied and tried to flirt with the sexy lady in front of him.

"Just wanna know, I'm not asking you to admit it though. I'm just saying that I can be one of them too." the girl said while twirling her finger with her hair. She winked at Khein and made an adorable smile. She was cute and sexy. She was just an ideal girlfriend for skater boys like Khein, a babe.

"Hey!~" another two cute girls wearing shorts and hanging blouses approached Khein said the babe busy flirting with each other.

"Hi Khein" the girl with blonde hair greeted Khein and she received a wink as the rebel guy's response.

"Say, what is your ideal girlfriend?" the other girl with a colorful bandana on her head asked Khein. Khein chuckled softly as he thought of a charismatic idea.

"I like the clumsy and persistent one. Also, unpredictable." Khein said without thinking. The girls awed in unison.

"What about you?" Khein asked back and smiled at the girls in front of him. He was making his best to look cool in their eyes.

"You know, good looking guys that are obsessed and possesive type are quite admirable for me." the girl who talked with Khein earlier said. Khein suddenly remembered how obsessed and possessive Rei was. He cleared his throat to get rid of the uneasiness he was feeling.

"I prefer the cute and adorable one. I want a boyfriend who gives everything I want. Someone who knows my hobbies and likes. I really appreciate those type of guys." the blonde girl said dreamily while smiling.

'He sure is cute sometimes and he knows everything I like.' Khein thought as Rei flashed through his mind.

"I think I'm weird, since I like the psychotic type. Hahaha! Like those in the romance novels but I bet guys like those in the stories don't exist." the girl with bandana said in a casual way.

'I know someone who does exist' Khein thought. While the three girls were busy talking about their ideal boyfriends, Khein snapped out of his thoughts. Shivers traveled down his spine as he realized what he was just thinking.

'Are these three girls trying to say that their ideal boyfriends and that stupid psycho are one?!' Khein thought. The rebel guy walked out of the sight while hiding his tomato painted cheeks.

"Where are you going, Khein?" the blonde girl asked Khein.

"Girls, you're making me jealous. I better go" Khein said while pouting and pretended that he was a little annoyed. The girls just gave him apologetic smiles and continued talking.

"Kheiny!" Khein's heart thumped the moment he heard that selfless and cheerful voice. Rei was running towards him with a plastic bag on his hand.

"I bought you white chocolates and junk foods!" Rei said happily and handed the plastic bag in front of the rebel guy.

'I prefer the cute and adorable one. I want a boyfriend who gives everything I want. Someone who knows my hobbies and likes.' the words played back on Khein's mind like a broken recorder.

Khein averted his eyes and accepted the bag harshly. Rei had no idea why his puppy was getting grumpy again.

'Did I do something wrong?' Rei thought guiltily.

"Are you mad at me, baby?" Rei said and bit his bottom lip. Khein's chest felt tight everytime Rei shows his pouting face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You look like your were having fun flirting with those girls earlier. And now, you're suddenly mad at me. Am I interrupting something? Should I say you better start staying away from everyone?" Rei warned.

'You know, good looking guys that are obsessed and possesive type are quite admirable for me.'

"Please tell me. Should I start hurting myself so that you won't leave me?" Rei said in a hoarse voice.

'I think I'm weird, since I like the psychotic type'

Khein gulped and started walking away in a faster phase. Rei followed him like a lost puppy.



"Stop following me!" Khein shouted as he felt his cheeks burning up everytime Rei addresses him in an adorable way. Rei stopped walking as if his heart fell on the ground. Khein looked back and saw the lonely puppy standing from a far, not moving an inch.

"I'm sorry" Rei said with a sad face. It always ends up like that, Rei taking all the blame without knowing whether he was at fault or not. Khein's heart thumped faster, so was his feet walking back towards the taller guy's location. Rei thought: 'He's finally getting tired of being with me.'

"H-hey, it's not what you think!" Khein said while waving his hands in front of Rei. Rei remained looking down on the ground, he felt useless and stupid.

"The girls were talking about their ideal boyfriends earlier and I got pissed off so I walked away. I'm, I'm not angry nor mad at you at all." Khein tried to explain. Rei looked at Khein with a confused face.

"Why are you pissed off?" Rei asked.

'Why would Khein be annoyed with such a common topic for girls?' Rei thought.

"It sounds like they're talking about you. It's annoying." Khein said and averted his eyes. Rei's face lightened and smiled.

"Were you jealous or you couldn't accept the fact that you own the ideal guy every girls dream about?" Rei teased Khein which made the rebel guy more even annoyed.

"Don't be so full of yourself!" Khein hissed and opened the chocolate bar and ate it.

"Let me guess! You're worried about other girls stealing me from you!" Rei continued. Khein glared at Rei and grabbed the taller guy's collar. Rei's eyes widened because their faces are now two inches apart.

"I hate proud people, they should just shut up." Khein said angrily and kissed Rei on the lips. Rei's eyes widened, it felt ecstatic and soft. Khein bit Rei's bottom lip causing the taller guy to flinch and blush. Rei bottom lip bled but he was happy. He was grinning like an idiot and said: "You're becoming more unpredictable, Kheiny"


Khein inhaled heavily as he woke up. Sweat traveling his neck down to his collarbone, he had a terrible dream.

"What the hell was that dream about?" Khein asked himself. He remembered how he kissed Rei in his dreams and slapped his face.

'This feeling is getting more critical.' Khein thought and closed his eyes again. He thought it was a dream that was not good but also not bad enough.

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