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31.88% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 22: ✒ VALENTINE SPECIAL CHAPTER I

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Right after school, Khein went out of the classroom to go home. Rei watched Khein left the room, but soon he followed him secretly. Khein rode a bike he borrowed from one of his acquainted skater buddies at school and was heading somewhere away from his house.

"Hey Khein!" Kyle called as he was heading outside a teddy shop. Kyle bought a huge pink teddy for his little sister. Since it was Valentine's Day, Kyle wanted to give her little sister a gift. Khein stopped and greeted Kyle with a fist bump.

"You still buy this kind of crap?" Khein asked as he pointed the teddy bear in Kyle's hand.

"Hey! It's for my little sis! Do you think she likes flowers too?" Kyle asked. Khein frowned as if the question was very obvious to him.

"Why are you asking me? She's your sister not mine, dumbass" Khein said. Kyle stomped his foot on the ground like a kid and yanked Khein by the neck.

"Idiot! What I mean is: Do you think ten year old girls like to receive flowers during this special day?" Kyle asked more clearly.

"Why? what's with today?" Khein didn't know it was Valentine's Day. He didn't care about the dates and the people around him. Kyle gasped in disbelief as how stone hearted his friend had become.

"It's Valentine's Day! Day of Hearts" Kyle said happily and dragged Khein away from his bike. Kyle yanked Khein's neck and they went back inside the shop.

"Oh! Did you forget something?" the old man asked Kyle as they both smiled to each other. Kyle shook his head and headed towards the flower section.

"For your girlfriend?" the old man asked Kyle as he saw the young man was having a hard time finding out what he wanted to buy.

"Not really, for a ten year old lady." Kyle answered politely. The old man nodded and left the two boys decide on their own.

"Maybe she likes roses, most girls love roses... Specially red?" Khein suggested. Kyle made a teasing smile as he stared at Khein.

"You already have a girlfriend, am I right?" Kyle asked Khein while grinning. Khein didn't react at all and shove Kyle's face away because he got annoyed.

"My mom loves roses, dumbass" Khein said. Kyle requested to remove the thorns on the flower so his little sister won't get hurt when he gives it to her later. The old man willingly removed them by using a cutter and wrapped it in a shiny cellophane. The two headed outside the shop and Kyle stumbled on the gutter. His shoelace broke so he handed Khein the teddy bear and the flower to tie his shoelace.

"Hold it for a sec" Kyle said and he tied his shoelace properly.

"Look where you're walking" Khein said. He watched Kyle tied his shoelace and was losing his patience.

"Make it fast" Khein demanded.




Rei was heading towards the teddy shop because he wanted to give something to Khein. He wasn't planning on letting the rebel guy know who the sender of the flowers though. He was about to rush towards the shop when he saw a familiar guy standing outside the store. The guy was not facing towards Rei's direction and was paying too much attention to the other guy who was tying his shoelace.

"Done!" Kyle said and finally stood up. Rei watched the two of them as Kyle snatched the teddy bear and flower from Khein's hands. Rei was right, it was Khein together with another guy.

"Thank you!" Kyle said loudly and wrapped one of his arms around Khein's neck. Rei saw Kyle leaned his face towards Khein and even if he wanted to grab that boy's hands away and throw him off the ground, he didn't. He didn't want Khein to be disappointed in him again. He was too careless during the festival and he didn't want to disgust Khein anymore.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Kheinbabe!" Kyle teased Khein which made the rebel guy frowned. Khein didn't expected what Kyle just did after the friendly greeting. Kyle kissed Khein on the cheek and he immediately ran away. Kyle was laughing so hard while Khein was left cursing on the roadside. Rei saw it and he wanted to chase Kyle to give him a beating. But Rei thought, 'I don't have the right to do that'

Rei remained staring at Khein who was currently texting the owner of the bike. Khein turned his back and faced towards Rei's direction. Their eyes locked with each other as Rei stared at Khein like he was about to murder someone. Khein's eyes widened as he remembered Kyle kissed him. He panicked and thought, 'Did Rei saw it?' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Khein gulped and felt a little guilty. He felt the urge to explain. He felt like telling Rei that it was a misunderstanding. Rei made a bitter smile and turned his back. Khein opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but he couldn't say it out loud.

"Hey wait!" Khein called Rei and the psycho guy stopped walking. Khein wasn't able to find him again at the festival when Rei left him. Rei was holding a white chocolate in his hand, he was supposed to give it to Khein.

"Uhm... Where did you go after that?" Khein asked while scratching the back of his neck.

"Home" Rei answered obediently. Khein saw the chocolate on Rei's hand and he stared at it like forever. Khein really loved foods. Rei noticed Khein staring at his chocolate so he handed it to him. Rei bit his bottom lip and avoided to have eye contact with the confused rebel guy.

"Actually, this is for you" Rei said and grabbed Khein's hand and made him accept the chocolate. Rei immediately walked away but Khein managed to hold his shirt from the back. Khein thought, 'This guy really loves avoiding me'

"Uhm...Thanks" Khein said awkwardly as he hid his lightly pinked face.

"Yeah" Rei said, he could still imagine what he just saw awhile ago. He thought, 'He lets other guys kiss him but me'

Khein could sense the jealousy in Rei's eyes so he sighed. He picked something on his pocket from the back. It was a red rose that he bought from the shop. He was supposed to give it to his mom when he arrived home since it was Valentine's Day- according to Kyle.

"I have nothing else to give to you so..." Khein said but stopped halfway when he saw Rei's unusual reaction. He had never seen Rei blushed before, not even once. Rei blinked for a numerous times as he stared at the red rose in Khein's hand. He badly wanted to accept it but he felt like the rose wasn't really for him.

"Just take it! Nobody owns it" Khein said angrily.

"You bought it for me?" Rei asked happily and accepted the flower.

"No way!" Khein said while blushing. Rei bit his bottom lip and pouted.

"Then, someone gave it to you?" Rei asked. He just wanted to tease Khein but he wanted to know too.

"No?" Khein answered sarcastically.

"I bought it for... for myself, yeah" Khein said awkwardly. Rei smiled and kissed the rose.

"Thank you, Kheiny" Rei said happily as he placed the rose on Khein's lips.

"What the fuck, dumbass!" Khein cursed. He knew it was not an indirect kiss but he felt it was like one.


Arl: I'm so gay~ [>///<]

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