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33.33% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 23: ✒ VALENTINE SPECIAL CHAPTER II

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"Hi dad!" Ethan greeted his father as he entered the shop. Ethan's father placed a bouquet of white roses on his mother's picture near the altar.

"Happy Valentine's Day, my love" The old man said and smiled at the woman on the picture. Ethan made a bitter smile and arranged the teddy bears properly.

"You're not going out with someone today?" the old man asked. Ethan shook his head and said with an innocent smile, "Not yet interested in those kind of things"

"Dad, I'll be heading home early today, I have some paperworks to finish" Ethan said. The old man agreed and handed his son a red rose.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Ethan" his father said. Ethan accepted the flower happily and went outside the shop. He waved goodbye to his father and headed home.



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"Ethan!" Ethan flinched when he heard someone with a familiar voice called out his name. Center was carrying a large blue teddy bear and a bouquet of red roses. He handed them to Ethan but Ethan just made a poker face. He didn't accept the stuffs.

"For you" Center said while panting.

"Stop bullying me" Ethan demanded. The flowers and the huge bear was bought from their shop. Ethan could tell just by looking at the cellophane and the bear he was carrying at the festival in Center's hands.

"I'm not bullying you!" Center pouted as he was still reaching out the stuffs to Ethan.

"Like I said, I'm not gay" Ethan said clearly. He thought Center was still bullying him even if they were already grown ups.

"I wanted to give the flowers to auntie, but I don't know where her tombstone is" Center said. Ethan rolled his eyes and accepted the teddy bear but not the flowers. How could he resist that cute little fella when it's calling out for him like an angel.

"Follow me" Ethan said and started walking away.

"Where?" Center asked.

"To my mother's tombstone" Ethan said.

They arrived at the cemetery and Center placed his flower on Ethan's mother's tomb.

"Hi auntie" Center greeted Ethan's mother formally. They never stayed long and they walked on a park. There were a lot of couples dating and sharing their love to their partners. Center watched them and wished he could do that with Ethan in the future too.

"Can we stay here for a while?" Center demanded as he reached out his hand. He immediately withdrawed when he remembered Ethan didn't want to be touched by him.

"You can stay here on your own. I have a lot of things to do at home" Ethan said bitterly and started walking away.

"Can I stay at your home then?" Center asked. Ethan raised one of his brows as if asking Center if he was aware of his words.

"You're not welcome there" he said bitterly. Center felt he was shot by an arrow through the heart.

"Thank you for inviting me!" Center said while grinning. He thought that being a puppy in front if Ethan was not helpful. He decided to dedicate himself for bringing back the Ethan before.

"Back off" Ethan hissed and walked away.


"Your room is awesome!" Center said in awe as he sat on Ethan's bed. Ethan frowned when he saw Center threw himself on his bed and smelled the sheets.

"Get out of my house!" Ethan shouted but Center was a kind of person who never listens. He smelled the bed sheet that smelled familiar.

Center thought, 'So this is Ethan's scent?'

"Do whatever you want, spoiled brat" Ethan said as he headed in the bathroom and removed his uniform off. He hanged them as he was wearing his shorts and T-shirt. Ethan sat on his chair and did his assignments.

"I'm hungry!" Center yelled which made Ethan flinched.

"Go home and feed yourself" Ethan said and gestured to shove Center away.

"Do you want something to eat?" Center asked. Ethan ignored Center's question.

"Just buy for yourself, I'm not hungry" Ethan said while his hands were working and his eyes were focused on the papers. Center went out to buy some foods and Ethan thought he wasn't coming back. It took 30 minutes before Center came back inside his room and brought a box of chocolate cake.

"Eat with me!" Center demanded like a child. Ethan glared at Center.

"Stop disturbing me" Ethan ordered but Center didn't allow him to ignore him anymore.

"It's good!" Center said as he put a spoonful of cake inside his mouth. He felt like a prince eating his cake on his bed.

"Don't eat on my bed!" Ethan shouted and dragged Center away from his bed and let Center sit on his chair. Center smirked and offered Ethan a spoonful of cake. Ethan rolled his eyes and slapped the spoon away. The spoon made a clanging sound on the floor as Ethan glared at Center.

"I've had enough, please leave" Ethan said coldly. Center bowed his head in an apologetic way and picked something from his back.


"What the- Center?!" Ethan shouted in disbelief when he saw his left hand was handcuffed with Center's.

"It's Charles's gift for me, my uncle. He said it's useful during this day, he was right!" Center said happily.

"Fine, I'll leave" Center said and started walking outside Ethan's room, purposely dragging the lonely boy with him.

"Why are you following me?" Center asked Ethan teasingly.

"Unlock it!" Ethan yelled. Center pouted and shook his head childishly. He made a sad face and grinned at the smaller guy.

"I lost the key, I'm afraid well be like this together forever" Center said and made an evil laugh.

"You're crazy!" Ethan cursed as his eyes began to water.

"Am I?" Center asked sarcastically. They left the house and ended up in the park.

"I'm not crazy, I'm just obsessed. And you were to blame" Center said boldly.

"And how was that my fault?" Ethan asked.

"You left me" Center said with a sad face. The day Ethan left was the day Center realized that he lost his only friend. He lost his first love.

"Huh? It's your fault" Ethan said and defended himself.  They fought like kids and the couples around were looking at them.

"Handcuffs, how cute" A girl said and chuckled with her boyfriend beside her.

"Eeth, I will remove this handcuff if you'll agree to what I have to say" Center said with a serious face.

"What do you want?" Ethan asked. He just wanted to get rid of the handcuffs because people were staring at them.

"Let's be friends again. Please?" Center said with a puppy eyes that even Ethan couldn't refuse. Ethan made a heavy sigh and rolled his eyes. He thought, 'Were no longer kids. I wasn't bullied anymore. Nobody called me gay ever since I transferred. Just get over with it and make up with each other'

"Fine" Ethan said which made Center the happiest man on earth. Finally he got Ethan back.

"Now remove this thing,  it hurts" Ethan said as if he was about to cry.

"Okay!" Center said happily while humming ang searched for the key inside his pocket. Ethan watched him in disbelief as he realized that Center had tricked him again.

"You're not running away from me, Eeth" Center said and turned Ethan around and gave the little guy a warm back hug.

"Happy Valentine's Day"


Creator: Both ships really enjoyed their Valentine.

MC's: What about you?

Creator: *Coughs* I'll tell you when we get home *coughs*

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