65.62% Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy / Chapter 21: Reunited

Chapter 21: Reunited

Hiroto woke up the next day late in the morning, having been up for almost the whole night. After getting lightly dressed, he went to the bathroom to take a quick shower before starting the day.

Finishing up, Hiroto thought back to what Yushiro said about having to go out and get his breakfast. Grabbing his belongings, Hiroto went back downstairs and found no one in the living room, except for a note which read,

'Hiroto-Kun, I apologize for being unable to give you a proper meal and would have to inconvenience you to buy some from outside. When you want to come back into this space, please make sure that no one is following you and that the area around you is clear before entering.


Putting the note back down, Hiroto went out of the house and went to grab some breakfast. As he was walking back with a bento and tea, his crow flew down and perched unto his shoulder, before saying. "There are still rumors of a Demon being around Asakusa, you will continue with your investigation until further notice. Expect reinforcements later." The crow said, flying away right after before Hiroto got a chance to say something to it.

*sigh* 'I wonder who would come? Maybe Tanjiro? He should be pretty close to Asakusa.' Hiroto thought to himself as he entered walked through the wall after making sure he wasn't followed.

Deciding that he had nothing else to do, he might as well just wait around till night again before asking some more questions to Tamayo.

Going to the back courtyard, Hiroto started to practice the Dance of the Fire God once more as a way to soothe his mind. The routine comes naturally to him, as the bracelet in his hand jingle around in rhythm to Hiroto's movements.

Starting from the beginning of the dance and going through the whole 12 segments took Hiroto sometime before he could perfect it like his father once did. Clearing his mind free, Hiroto focused on nothing else but the dance.

[Several hours later]

As night descends, Hiroto heard the door to Tamayo's door open as she walks outside. Approaching the end of his routine, Hiroto decided to complete the last segment. Moving his sheathed katana up and slashing it down and moving to a horizontal move right after, before completing it.

*hoooo* Hiroto exhaled and wiped the sweat from his brows, before turning to Tamayo.

"I and Yuchiro are going to go out to collect some donated blood from clinics, you are free to stay here in the meantime," Tamayo said.

"Ok, after you come back let's discuss what we talked about last night in more detail," Hiroto said.

"Yes." Tamayo nodded, before heading back in with Yuchiro.

Walking into the house after them, Hiroto sat down at the tea-table as Tamayo and Yuchiro were getting ready to leave.

"We'll be going now," Tamayo said, before leaving.

Yuchiro just turned and gave Hiroto the stink eye.

Shrugging it off Hiroto sat in the tea room and thought about what to do. 'Hmm, reinforcements were supposed to be coming, maybe I should go out and wait for them.

Deciding on this, Hiroto got up and left the through the wall once more. 'I should go have some udon from that bald man again, wonder if he's still there.'

Walking through the quiet suburbs, Hiroto came to the same place where he had the udon last time, and lucky from him the man was still in the same spot.

"Hey, bal- *cough* - old man! How have you been?" Hiroto said.

"Hmm? Oh, it's the kid from last time." The man said, 'I swore he almost called me bald,' the bald man thought.

"Give me and udon with shaved yam on top," Hiroto said, before sitting down and waiting.

"Got it, it'll take a second." The bald man said, turning to his cart.

Hiroto was admiring the night sky as he thought, 'How long will this calm last for?'

[In the city]

Walking with his sister in hand, Tanjiro covered his head with a blue hood. "Ugh, I feel dizzy. When did cities become this advanced? There's so many people, lights and noise. How could people live here? Ughh." Tanjiro muttered dizzily.

Nezuko was walking next to him with her eyes closed, drowsy.

Turning into an alley, Tanjiro saw a couple kissing each other. "So-Sorry!" Tanjiro yelled, bowing then started running through the crowd.

Walking to the outskirts, the suburbs, Tanjiro's expression was sickly as he was overwhelmed by what he experienced having been a country bumpkin.

*sniff* "Wait, that smell!" Tanjiro shouted, before being reinvigorated and started running towards the direction of an udon stand.

[At the udon stand]

As Hiroto was about to eat his udon, he heard someone shouting. "Big Brother!"

Recognizing the voice, Hiroto turned to the source and saw Tanjiro running with Nezuko with him. Nezuko recognized who this was and woke up from her drowsiness. Hiroto spread his arms open as both of his younger siblings dove into his embrace.

"Haha, calm down now you two. I'm glad to see you too." Hiroto said, rubbing the back of their heads as they hugged him. Tanjiro separated from him and said, "Big bro! We met some Demons back in the town we were in and dealt with them."

"Good job, I'm proud of you two," Hiroto said. Nezuko didn't let go of Hiroto and stuck to him like a koala.

"Come on now Nezuko, it's only been a few days," Hiroto said patting her head.

"Mmm," Nezuko responded close to falling asleep once more.

*sigh* "What am I going to do with you?" Hiroto said tiredly.

"Come on, let's get you something to eat Tanjiro," Hiroto said, before telling the bald man Tanjiro's order.

"You can tell me what happened later, just eat for now. You'll be in for a shock when I introduce you to some people." Hiroto said, having managed to calm Nezuko down who was using Hiroto's lap as a pillow with him stroking her hair. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Just as Tanjiro was about to eat, he suddenly dropped the udon bowl. His face looking extremely agitated, this was a rare sight for Hiroto.

"Tanjiro, what's wrong?" Hiroto asked concerned.

Tanjiro didn't answer as he started running off to the city again.

"Ah, dammit Tanjiro!" Hiroto yelled in frustration. He paid the bald man the cost of the broken bowl and asked him to watch over Nezuko for the moment.

Running after Tanjiro's figure, Hiroto had to navigate through the crowd of people. At the front, Tanjiro followed the scent that he smelled from the day that his family was killed. 'This is it, this was the scent that was there that day!' Tanjiro thought, his mind racing as his breathing started to get erratic.

Tanjiro ran through the crowd and came across the back of a man wearing a fedora and a somewhat extravagant black outfit. Grabbing the man's shoulder, the man turned around slowly and stared back at Tanjiro with his sharp, almond-shaped eyes. His eyes were vertical, like cat eyes, and colored plum red, as he looked back at the boy who grabbed him in confusion.

Tanjiro narrowed his eyes in anger and began to draw his sword knowing for a fact that this was the man who killed his family.

"Daddy?" A little girl's voice sounded out from in front of the man. Tanjiro stopped drawing his sword.

The man turned his body around, and Tanjiro saw a little girl in his arms. "Who's that?" The little girl with twin tails said, looking at Tanjiro.

Tanjiro stood still in shock, as he looked on at the man who killed his family talking to his daughter. "It's alright, don't worry." The man said.

'He's… he's… living here, pretending to be a human!' Tanjiro thought, looking at the two in shock.

Hiroto caught up with Tanjiro and grabbed his shoulder, before looking at the man carrying his daughter.

"Is there something I can do for you?" The man's smooth voice said. "You seem to be quite flustered." Looking at Tanjiro.

"Tanjiro, what's wrong?" Hiroto asked.

"It's him…" Tanjiro muttered quietly, nervous and anxious.

Griping Tanjiro's shoulder tighter, Hiroto looked on at the man.

"Dear?" A woman's voice sounded out from the front. A woman appeared before the group, asking the man who appears to be her husband.

"Do you know them?" The lady asked.

"No." The man said. "Much to my consternation, I've never seen these two before." Looking towards Hiroto and Tanjiro.

Tanjiro was sweating as he clutched his stomach in anguish.

Hiroto spoke up, "Yes, sorry about the confusion, my little brother must have mistaken you for someone else." Wearing a fake smile upon his face. Hiroto had to hold himself for lunging at the man and cutting him down with all his willpower. This wasn't the place nor time. He didn't know how powerful Muzan is currently, fighting him now would be a death sentence.

"Is that so," The woman said. Muzans, nails started to turn blue and grew in length and sharpness.

Seeing this, Hiroto's eyes narrowed before dragging Tanjiro forcefully. "Sorry for disturbing you two, enjoy your night. Let's go, Tanjiro." Hiroto said, bowing to them despite cursing his lack of strength.

"What? But he…" Tanjiro cried out in protest.

In that moment of hesitation, Muzan's hand moved at an incredible speed that almost surpassed Hiroto's vision. 'Fast… too fast.'

Muzan scratched the back of the neck of a man walking blood, as blood started leaking from the man's nape.

"You…" Hiroto muttered, staring hatefully towards Muzan.

Tanjiro looked at the man who suddenly stopped and grasped the back of his neck. "Dear? What's wrong? Are you feeling sick?" The man's wife asked him.

Veins started growing on the man's neck as it reached the first of his face. Lifting his face, his eyes were blood-red with veins bulging on the sides of his face, baring his sharp teeth wide as he yelled out.

"Argggh!" Lunging towards the woman, trying to bite her.

Suploly Suploly

Here it is, the first encounter with Muzan! I couldn't have missed this encounter if I wanted to. This was a major event in the original so I wanted to stick a bit to canon for it.

Let's see how it all turns out afterward! Let me know what you thought of the chapter in the comments. *psst, vote and leave a review*

Hope you enjoyed!

Peace out! (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

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  • Sanehen


    Thx for the chapter. (~˘▾˘)~ Can’t wait till we get to the defending Nezuko part. There shall Hiroto reign supreme as the strongest of the pillars. (¬‿¬) *cough cough in my imagination cough*

  • Powerhungry


    Thx for the chappy, can’t wait for more!

  • anzafay21


    Thanks for the chapter!!!!! So theyve finally met him now. Keep up the amazing work suploly

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