71.42% Deviant Dungeon / Chapter 5: Revelations According to Samhain

Chapter 5: Revelations According to Samhain

Thomas looked at the four noble families gathered in one spot and swallowed, still he did as gramps suggested closing the door and moving to the opposite end from the old man, sitting in the final chair. The other families snorted at Thomas and looked to the withered old man, Ashley's father snarled, "Alright the little bastard who soiled my girl is here, what's so god damn important that you called a meeting Samuel?"

The woman across from him purred, her voice made ants crawl across your skin, even Ripley looked like he wanted to move as far as possible from his mother's side, "Yes darling Samuel, we are all busy people with full schedules, I'm missing a very important orgy due to this situation. What is so important about your half sired grandson that takes us from more profitable... and pleasurable pursuits?"

The old man glanced to Ingrid who laughed softly, "Best tell them, their lineages aren't as known for patience as ours were, I merely look forward to the reveal."

Thomas's grandfather Samuel chuckled, "You guessed it already lass?"

Ingrid nodded looking at Thomas, "During the training exercise it happened."

Thomas scrunched down in the chair, the only thing that 'happened' was old Thomas died and he took over, for a second he thought to bolt but at some point a pair of grandpa's slave butlers had framed his chair, dark hands snapped down to catch his wrists. Ridley was looking smug and self satisfied while Ashley looked horrified, only her father stopped her from acting. Darting his gaze around he saw his grandfather rise and bowed slightly, "Proper introductions are in order. On my left is Satan, and his daughter Ashley, the deal makers and entertainment moguls. To my right, Lilith and her son Ridley, guardians of the Styx and purveyors of goods. Further down is Ingrid, we've never learned her lineage, we just know her blood is the enforcers."

"As for myself, I am Samuel, son of Lucifer, the fallen one. We are the head of the Incubi families, we maintain order and thus comes to yourself Thomas, just who are you? Please, before claiming to be our grandson know we have tested his blood a year ago, he was half sired, my daughter laid with a human producing a half incubi, a pretty boy good for naught but fucking and looking pretty. You are not he. Ashley, you over whelmed with lust. Ridley you overwhelmed with Wrath. Ingrid you impressed with your envious presence. You are blood, but whose family dares to sneak into my bloodline, half bred as he was he was still a blood of Lucifer."

Thomas squirmed under the grip of the android man servants, his muscles flexed and all heads turned to him feeling something in the air as he began to pull his arms free from the robotic grips, he was about to lash out when Ingrids voice floated over, "You are in no danger brother, submit to their tests, it will be more amusing than if we are at odds with them."

Samuel's head snapped to look at Ingrid who happily kicked her feet, a child like face of innocence radiating from the sweet little loli, "You suggest we test his blood line?"

Ingrid giggled, "I suggest you -try-. I will say only this, he is like me, be very careful what you do."

Samuel frowned, he'd been no older than Thomas when Ingrid had been tested years ago, the fact they all survived was a miracle, whatever she was her purity outshone their generational decline yet now she compared Thomas to herself like an equal. Sweat dotted his forehead, "Thomas will you take the test?"

The man servants had released Thomas letting him look at his grandfather, turning he looked to the all smiles Ingrid, then the other four. Ashley looked on with confusion while Ridley still had a malicious gleam in his eye, Satan and Lilith looked on impassively but every now and then they looked at Ingrid with figurative looks, they were nervous about something, but what it was eluded Thomas. Looking to Samuel he nodded, "Get the blade."

Samuel clapped once and a maid in French lace darted over, the twisted knife on the cushion she held seemed to draw in the limited light. Lifting the blade Samuel looked to Thomas, "Your hand?"

Nervous but gritting his teeth, Thomas held out his hand, as expected Samuel brought the blade to bear slicing open his palm letting the tip of the knife drink deeply before pressing a clean cloth to the wound, still even before the cloth could touch Thomas' blood the fluid seeped back into the cut and sealed itself. Samuel swallowed looking at the unmarred cloth, it was a simple enough every day cloth yet his grandsons blood rejected it, it would rather heal itself wasting energy on so minor a wound than let its blood be absorbed by such a vessel.

Eyes widening Samuel looked to the blade, hair line cracks covered the blade as Ingrid called out, "Unless you wanna reforge that Sammy get it in the coals right away."

Samuel ignored the flippant use of his name and rushed to his end of the table, behind his huge chair was a marble brazier filled with sputtering coals, stabbing into their center the blade sunk into the warmth. For a moment nothing happened then with a curse the old man stumbled back colliding with his chair. Other than Ingrid the other four leapt away from that end of the table as the brazier ignited in a pillar of black fire, seven sparkling black purple lights swirled around the flame as it parted to reveal an great eye, this locked on Thomas then recoiled in horror, the flame curtain snapping shut and exploding into cinders.

Samuel trembled clutching his chest, turning slowly to regard Thomas. Ingrid, as if nothing special had happened waived her hand. The spectral 'parents' that framed the loli vanished as she skipped over to Thomas and swept into a low bow by his feet, gone was her pristine girlie dress, instead a dark shawl cloaked her small pale frame, a scythe was lifted on raised palms before him.

"Ingrid, daughter of Death, greets the reborn progenitor of Hell and the Incubi."

Her words rumbled in the hall, Ridley fell on his ass and scrambled back to a wall, the terrified look in his eye spoke volumes because Satan and Lilith were no different, both had drawn back as far as possible from Thomas like he was going to drag them to hell in one go. Ashley trembled and strode forward slumping to her knees, her clear eyes wet with tears as she faced Thomas, "Ashley, daughter of Satan, duchess of hell greets her future husband, the reborn Lucifer."

Samuel sighed and strode forward falling to a knee, "Samuel, son of thy blood, greets the progenitor."

Satan snarled and raged, all composure gone as he stalked forward to stare at Thomas, one second he was looking into the bewildered gaze of a young man, the next those clear eyes became deep pools of inky black, a hand shot up to grab Satan by his throat and pushed him down beside his daughter, coughing and choking he growled out, "Satan greets brother Lucifer, now leggo, ya got my greeting on my knees, if you want me to shine yer ass you know I won't." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Those dark eyes narrowed then Thomas released the flippant Satan. Another figure crawled before him, Lilith had shed not only the whorish dress she had worn but her human looks. Crimson of skin, black of eye her bone and horn accented body squirmed before Thomas, "Lilith greets her beloved brother, ready to warm his bed and sate his desires whenever he desires..." The demoness purred a long serpentine tongue falling from fanged lips to lick a full bared breast teasing across the bony protrusion that covered her nipple and cut that tongue, dark blood dripping across her reddish tit."

Ridley gagged and glared, everyone had knelt before Thomas except him, eyes turned to regard him and he snarled, the icy prince look shed faster than Lilith had slunk out of her dress. The brute launched himself at Thomas who met that savage strength evenly. Black eyes watched the demon with mirth, like toying with a baby, despite his inferior size whatever possessed Thomas easily hoisted Ridley and tossed him aside. Striding through the supplicants he marched over to Ridley who was pushing himself up once to feel Thomas' fist collide with his cheek, snapping his head to the side.

Dropped to the floor, Thomas gave Ridley no leeway, straddling that demonic chest his fists rose and fell like thunderclap, pummeling Ridley with titanic fists, the shape of Ridleys brute body was being beat into the floor when Ingrid called out, "Lucifer, any more and you kill one of the blood."

Thomas' fist stopped mid swing and he nodded to Ingrid, "I heed the word of Death, I shall retire. Ashley, concubine of hell, you shall attend me. Samuel, the blood is in your hands, protect my vessel until he's ready to accept me."

With that the world turned dark and Thomas knew not more.

Several hours later Thomas rose to find himself in a lavish bedroom, Ashley was cradling his head against her thighs, a complex look in her eyes as she had been watching him sleep. "Ash?"

She smiled softly stroking his hair, "You haven't called me that in years, not since we were kids."

Thomas sighed, "Was it our awakening that drove us apart?"

"Partly, it was also my appointment as your wife... err... concubine now. I didn't want a preordained marriage, I wanted to choose for myself." Muttering softly to herself, "Even if the one arranged was the one I fell for."

Thomas sighed and reached up stroking her cheek, "What am I Ash?"

Ashley sighed and shrugged, "The King of Hell? You're better off asking your grandfather, I know only bits and pieces of it, while I was the first to kneel it wasn't a conscious decision, the bloodline suppression over whelmed me. Don't think you can snap your fingers and I'll drop to my knees on your whim."

Glancing down he chuckled, following his gaze Ashley rolled her eyes, "Dammit Thomas, is getting your dick wet the only consistent thing in existence?"

Thomas laughed and shrugged, a sly grin crossing his face, "Well if snapping my fingers won't work how about spanking that butt of yours, will that get my pouty succubus down there?"

Glaring at him yet biting her lip she sighed, shifting to lay him down and crawled over his prone form, glaring over her shoulder she snarled, "Touch the tail and I'll bite your prick off."

Thomas chuckled then looked at her, "Tail?" He had barely asked when the Ashley he knew slowly expanded, she didn't really get bigger but rather as a succubus she filled out more, her casual clothing stretched tighter across her expanded curvature before she reached up and with sharp nails tore apart her top then slashed apart her straining jeans. Dark eyes glared at Thomas, "You're buying me replacements."

Taking his eyes off her more juicy curves he now noted her extra bits, a pair of small sharp, inky black horns had appeared on either side of her forehead and swept back into her jet black mane. Her human shape kept one side shaved but her demonic look returned to her a full glorious head of hair that cascaded down her back to tickle the other new addition, a slender tail that extended from the base of her spine and had a sharp point, while this point looked dangerous, Thomas noted it seemed to be made of flesh rather than some bone or ivory.

Feeling his gaze her crimson cheeks burned hotter and she snapped at him, "Lay back you stupid Tom-cat let me at it."

Laughing Thomas made himself comfortable, which for this meant he was given a beautiful view of her full red buttocks, it was a damning temptation not to reach out and grab those cheeks when he saw her tail flicking back and forth happily. Were succubus part canine? Were their tails more expressive...?

Darth_Xiane Darth_Xiane

Currently the second last available chapter, as mentioned at the start Deviant Dungeon is more a frustration outlet than an attempt at a proper followed story, there will be more coming, just not in a scheduled release format.

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