66.66% Science/Magic / Chapter 12: ESP Abilities (2)

Chapter 12: ESP Abilities (2)

[Master, you know that there is a considerable probability that Bloed doesn't have an ESP ability, right?]

"… Of course, I know."

[Then, why did you fool him like that? If the operation fails and Bloed doesn't manifest an ESP ability, I fear the blow will be too heavy for him.]

Camilla looked at the capsule where Bloed was sleeping and sighed. "Can't you see it, Tito? Bloed's inability to use magic has always been a source of inferiority for him. How can my child be inferior to others? So what if he doesn't manifest an ESP ability? Don't we have the capacity to give him an artificial ESP power? Even if doing so will limit the strength and potential of his ability, at least, his family's shadow will completely disappear from his heart. Tito, after this operation, Bloed's lack of confidence will disappear completely. Then, with his intelligence and our knowledge, is there anything in the world he can't accomplish?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Tito's eyes flashed as though agreeing with its master's words.

[… By the way, master, were you serious about accepting him as your son?]

Camilla fell silent.

She could not help but think about the things she had done this last year, the time she spent with Bloed as she taught him about earth's knowledge. Camilla had realized that, without she noticing, the pain and despair in her heart had reduced significantly.

Actually, she had started to see Bloed as her own child from a few months ago.

"I'm just an old ghost waiting for death, Tito. So, if I can do something for this child before dying, I'll do it. Bloed has never had familiar love, so I'll give it to him. Since the day Bloed started to learn from me, he became my child!"

[I see.] Tito's hovering body moved as though nodding. He then looked at the boy sleeping inside the capsule and turned silent.

[Then, from today onwards, I'll call him young master.]

Camilla smiled. "Yeah, that is fine. Tito, start the ESP Activating Capsule."

[Understood master. Confirming vital signs… Nothing out of place. Confirming the width of his brain waves… The width of his brain waves is normal. Loading subject data… Data recognized… Starting in three, two, one…]


Suddenly, a powerful brain wave was released in the capsule. The brain wave was so powerful that Camilla felt a brief headache despite her being a powerful ESPer and standing in another room.

The spaceship lights turned dim for a brief moment before returning to normal. Then, a powerful consciousness pulse surged out of Bloed's body.

[Psychic reaction confirmed. Master, we have confirmed the presence of ESP abilities in young master's body.]

"Is it so? It's a relief…" Camilla smiled in pride. "Do you know what ESP ability is it?"

[Not yet. We are trying to awaken it.]

Camilla nodded. She then fixed her gaze on Bloed's body with an expression of concern. Now was the crucial moment to know if Bloed's abilities could be awoken or not.

Awakening ESP abilities was not as simple as Camilla made it sound. Many times, the ESP abilities failed to manifest even after the operation. In fact, the ESP Awakening Operation was not completely flawless.

It was impossible to control the reaction of the brain when it was invaded by a foreign psychic wave. Although most of the time it activated its own abilities to fight against the invading psychic wave, sometimes, the brain will choose not to fight and instead keep a passive state.

This situation is a nightmare for any ESP aspirant. After all, that means that their ESP abilities were almost impossible to awaken, at least using the current science standard.

Fortunately, though, Bloed's awakening proceeded smoothly.

[Confirming calculation zone's activation. Master, it's a success. Young master's ESP abilities are starting to resist.]

"Thank god." Camilla sighed in relief. She looked at the screen showing Bloed's information and curved her lips up. "Tito, give me Bloed's ESP information."

[I'm working in that, master.] Tito's lone eye flashed with an enormous amount of data. Then, it let out a sound of admiration. [… It looks like your deduction was right on the mark, master.]

"What happened?"

[Young master calculation zone is truly completely filled. He doesn't possess one ESP ability, but two!]

"Dual ESPer?" Camilla was startled, but quickly, her expression turned excited. "Hahahaha, worthy of being my son! Quickly, tell me what are his abilities!"

Tito complied. [The first one is pretty average but very useful. [C-Grade Enhanced Brain Capacity]. It enhances his intelligence and all the skills related to the brain. It's very suitable as a complementary skill.]

"Pretty good." Camilla was even more excited than before. "Mm, an ability like that is very suitable for someone carrying the inheritance of our civilization on his shoulders. That explains why Bloed is so smart. It's probably due to the influence of this ability. What is the second?"

Tito fell silent for a moment.

"What happened?" Camilla realized that something was wrong. "Is there a problem with Bloed's second ability? Is it not very good?"

[… No, master. In fact, this ability is incredibly good. However… Master, I'll show it to you directly.]

Camilla nodded. The next instant, a screen filled with data was projected from Tito's Eye.

Instantly, Camilla understood the situation.


[Molecular Disintegration. SSS-Grade. Currently unusable. Requirements for use: S-Grade Psychic Abilities.]


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  • Malcolm_Massey


    Thanks for the chapter. I guess it looks like he is going to get a artificial s grade psychic ability? Otherwise the 2nd ability would be useless.

  • MegaDragon135


    Great chapter can't wait for next one

  • PrimalSoul


    Thanks for another interesting chapter...

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