48.73% Science/Magic / Chapter 58: Sudden Attack (1)

Chapter 58: Sudden Attack (1)

The next day.

Bloed and Regina (followed by the puppy, Tito) went to the exchange center to sell the magic cores they got from the monsters.

Although Bloed could mint his own money, that was not a long-time solution. After all, he needed to use his ores for that, and using his valuable materials to make money was a waste.

Besides, he did not need so many magic cores. He just left some for his experiments and sold the others.

At the same time, Bloed tried to see if he could find something interesting being sold in the exchange center. Something like valuable ores or rare materials, unfortunately, nothing good caught his eye.

Well, things like that were not easy to find.

After they left the exchange center, Regina asked Bloed to go with her to the market. She wanted to buy new ingredients for their meals, mainly spices, and grains of this world she could use for new dishes.

Bloed agreed easily.

"This is the first time we do something like this." Regina smiled while walking beside Bloed. "Could this be considered a date?"

Bloed smiled wryly. "Perhaps. Well, a date is more about having fun, so it's not exactly one."

"… But, I have fun just by being with master… I like it. Walking around the city, only master and I, without the demon or any other girl around us… Master, it has been a long time since the last time we chatted like this."

"Is it so?"

"Yes. Lately, that demon is always around… I don't like it."

Bloed smiled wryly and remained silent.

In truth, he thought that Regina's wariness towards Liu Ying was exaggerated. To be honest, Bloed rather liked Liu Ying. Not like a romantic interest of course, but like a good friend.

Liu Ying was a hardworking and outgoing girl. She was someone that pressed forward despite the suffering she had gone through. Bloed could not help but see himself on her.

But in the end, Regina was his family, the person he trusted the most, and Liu Ying was just that, a friend. A few days later, they would part ways, and perhaps they would never meet again.

Both Bloed and Regina were pretty good-looking. Bloed was a handsome young man and Regina seemed like a beautiful doll coming to life. Thus, the pair easily attracted the surrounding's attention while they walked.

Most people sent lukewarm gazes toward the young couple, but a few others looked at them with malicious eyes, either due to Regina's beauty or for the exotic pet walking behind them.

Bloed and Regina, however, simply ignored them. They focused on enjoying their time together and bought the things they needed to buy.

But Regina was not content with simply walking beside Bloed.

Looking down, she looked at Bloed's hand and hesitated.

Then, she extended her hand slowly.


"Hey, you, the guy of yesterday! Stop!"

Someone interrupted her.

Bloed and Regina frowned. They looked behind and saw a blonde girl walking towards them with an angry expression, followed by a tanned beauty with a cold gaze.

Bloed recognized the pair with a glance. One was the daughter of the city lord, Erika, and the other was her bodyguard, Sara.

"This damn girl. What is she doing here!?" Regina muttered in dissatisfaction. For an instant, she wanted to kill this untimely girl that destroyed her great plan.

"I don't know." Bloed shook his head. He considered the idea of ignoring her, but he did not want to offend someone related to the city lord unnecessarily.

"Miss Erika, right? What do you want?" Regina asked icily.

But Erika ignored Regina. She looked at Bloed and narrowed her eyes. "You are Bloed, right? Give me a price. I want to buy your puppy?"

Seeing her haughty expression, Bloed felt a headache coming.

To be honest, he did not want to deal with this girl.

"Miss Erika, I told you yesterday. I'm not selling him. It's not a matter of price."

Erika frowned. "I like that puppy, and I want it!"

Bloed's expression darkened. He looked at this spoiled girl and furrowed his brows.

But someone spoke at that moment.

"Young miss, stop being willful. Have you forgotten young master's words?"

It was her bodyguard, Sara.

"… I know, I know… But there is no problem if I ask him how he got it, right?"

Sara frowned and finally sighed. "Whatever."

Erika's expression brightened. She then looked at Bloed with shining eyes. "Can you tell me where did you get the puppy? I want to get one like it."

Bloed smiled wryly. In the end, he could only shake his head again.

"Sorry, Tito and Leto are unique. I have not heard of another like them in the entire world."

"… Ah? Seriously?"

Bloed shrugged. "I don't have a reason to lie to you."

A disappointed expression appeared on Erika's face. She really liked this puppy and the fact she could not get it left her unsatisfied.

She considered asking Bloed again for a price, or even forcing him to sell it. But remembering her brother's words, she finally gave up.

"… Then, can I touch it at least? Just a little bit."

Seeing her puppy eyes, Bloed heaved a sigh.

"Okay. But miss Erika, we are busy now. So please be quick."

"I know, I know." Erika smiled and rushed towards the puppy happily.

While Erika played with the puppy, Sara walked towards them. "Sorry about my young miss behavior. Actually, young miss is not a bad person. It's just that she has been a bit spoiled since birth."

"Don't worry about it. I understand." Bloed said.

Fortunately, Erika did not spend much time playing with Tito. She just patted it curiously and held it on her arms for a while before returning it to Bloed with a look of reluctance.

Of course, part of the reason she returned it so quickly was that Regina's ice-cold gaze was starting to scare her.

"Thank you, Bloed. Are you sure you don't know where I can get one?"

"Sorry, miss Erika, I don't know."

"I see. Such a shame. Well, I will not interrupt your date then."

With a smile, Erika turned around and to leave.

But at that moment, something happened.

Suddenly, one of the people in the market attacked the group.

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    he can mint his own money, why don't he jsst lower the gold and silver content while still balancing its weight and color? that's how people are doing it when they recirculate old coins and the Kingdom are in slum** anyway, the metal content is always changing.

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