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Chapter 123: Wolf Girl, Cat Man (3)

After Bloed and the girls left, Javelin, Illina, and the afraid-looking girl beside them stayed in the room.

"Illina, what do you think about them?" Javelin asked.

Illina wrinkled her brows. "To be honest, Captain, I'm not sure if what you are doing is alright. Can we trust them? We did not even know their true faces. What if they betray us during the mission?"

"And why would they? They did not even know who the person we want to rescue is. They probably think we want to rescue some wealthy young master or someone like that. As for the fact that they came in disguise, well, we own this kind of business. I'm sure they will not be the first nor the last to bring a disguise when they came here."

After saying that, Javelin sighed.

"To be honest, I don't want to do this either, but we are almost out of options. We need to rescue the prince before someone learns about his disappearance, and we must do it while raising as few waves as possible. If someone learns that a beastmen prince came here in secret, and then he was kidnapped, the relationship between our two countries can turn bad. In the worst of the cases, it can initiate a war. Fortunately, the kidnappers don't know he is a prince either, or things would be much more complicated."

Such a headache… Javelin grabbed his head while he muttered in a bad mood.

"S-Sorry." The afraid-looking girl beside them bowed with an agonizing expression. "T-This situation is my fault."

"It is." Javelin nodded in a cold tone. "As the young prince's attendant, your duty is to stop him from doing foolish things. But not only you did not stop him when he sneaked into a caravan coming towards the Diadel Duchy, but you also followed him when he left the group because he wanted to sightsee the city! Miss Clear, you better pray that nothing bad happens to the prince, or your head will roll when you return to the kingdom! To be honest, I'm not sure how safe your head is now."

Clear bit her lips with an ashamed look. "I know my mistakes. Don't worry, I'll accept my punishment when I return to the kingdom."

Javelin snorted coldly. Then, he turned towards Illina.

"Keep a look in the situation. Also, tell me if they return. But keep your guard up. We need to be ready in the case they try something funny."

Several hundreds of meters away from Animal Paradise, Bloed finished retelling the conversation of just now.

"So that is the situation. It looks like a prince was kidnapped and they need to rescue him."

Liu Ying nodded. "I guess that explains why they are so desperate to get help. But I don't understand. They can ask for help from Moonlight Glow, right?"

Bloed shrugged. "I'm sure they have their circumstances. The important part is that, according to their conversation of just now, they were sincere in their request towards us. Then, what do you think?"

Liu Ying furrowed her brows briefly. "Bloed, is it possible that they knew you were spying on them? Maybe they had that conversation purposefully to lower our guard."

"I don't think so." Bloed shook his head. "I don't want to brag, but the method I used to listen to their conversation is very different from anything used in this world. It's not something that can be detected with magic, so unless they knew about it beforehand, it's impossible to detect it."

It's true. In this magic-based world, the advanced technology of the human confederation was something never-before-seen. Moreover, the listening device Bloed installed on Javelin was incredibly small. Without knowing about it and without the proper tools or skills to find it, it's almost impossible to detect.

Moreover, Bloed's eyes meant that he was pretty good to read the expressions of other people. And Javelin did not seem like the plotting kind.

"Regina, what do you think? Do we agree or not?" Bloed asked.

"Master, to be honest, I think this is an unnecessary risk. I understand why master is so interested in this, after all, it's something related to the Devourers, but master is still too weak to get involved in something of this level."

Hearing that, Liu Ying frowned. "I don't think so. If the Blight goes out of control, many innocent lives will die and perhaps the entire world will be destroyed. This is no something we can ignore simply because we are not strong enough."

Regina frowned. "We are not ignoring it. We are just leaving the job for someone more qualified." Then, she looked at Bloed. "What is your decision, master? I will follow whatever you say."

Bloed fell silent for a moment. He could understand Regina's stance. In fact, he knew she was probably right, and in other circumstances, he probably would have followed her suggestion.

The problem was that this time's situation was related to the Devourers.

And even ignoring the danger to the world the devourers represented, Bloed had other reasons to not ignore them.

Bloed could not simply ignore it if it was related to the devourers.

After a sigh, Bloed put on a determined expression.

"We will do it. Tomorrow, we will meet again with Javelin."



"But before that." Bloed continued. "We need to take care of some things."

"Huh?" Liu Ying was confused.

Bloed smiled mysteriously. "Don't worry, tomorrow you will understand."

The next day, Bloed and the girls departed towards 'Animal Paradise' again.

Before that, though, the group took care of several things.

They rented a house and left the inn they had been staying in. Now that they were planning to stay in the city for several days more, it was better to get a more private place.

Once that was done, Bloed spent the rest of the day in his laboratory.

Only when it was almost time to depart, Bloed exited it while holding two vials on his hands.

"Drink it." He told Liu Ying.

"Huh? O-Okay."

Liu Ying drank the vial confused, but even after drinking it, she did not notice its effects.

Curious, she was about to ask Bloed, but Bloed just smiled mysteriously and drank the other vial.

Next, the group put on their disguises and departed towards 'Animal Paradise' again.


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  • serLeinad


    Hmmm what’s in the vial? Strength/ ability boost? Anti poison? Perception boost? nanotechnology healing meds? It’s probably something that Regina doesn’t have. Or need. So comparing them would result in the following Strength Power( mana, psychic) SS vs C rank Perception of the surroundings. Telepathy? What ever it is it will be fun to find out.

  • dan0206


    things about to get interesting

  • kuuhh


    ahh, so annoying, like reading a shonen for kid huuh. The man was send to be killed by humanity but his only concern after he has swear to never concern about them is to save them... more childish, foolish than this you die huhu

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