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Chapter 125: Auspicious Night (1)

Two nights later.

A slightly fat man arrived at Auspicious Night accompanied by three bodyguards. Of the three bodyguards, one emitted a very powerful pressure, equivalent to the A-Rank, while the other two were a line weaker, at the peak of B-Rank.

When this group arrived, they were greeted respectfully by a gorgeous-looking woman.

"Mr. Bernard, welcome to our humble place."

"Hehe, Miss Akela is as beautiful as always. Are you not interested in accompanying me for a night?" Bernard, the slightly fat man, spoke with a frivolous tone.

The gorgeous-looking woman, however, replied without changing her smile. "I'm sorry, Mr. Bernard, but I'll be busy tonight, so I can't accompany you."

"Such a shame, I would have liked to know Miss Akela better." Bernard said without hiding his lustful thoughts. "Anyway, is my room ready?"

"Of course. It has been prepared with the highest service we can offer. Why don't you follow this lady there, Mr. Bernard?" Akela said while pointing at the girl behind her.

"Very well." Nodded Bernard. "Also, you know what to do when the others come, right? I don't think I need to mention it again, but nobody can know about the talk inside."

The gorgeous woman smiled. "What are you worried about, Mr. Bernard? You know that nobody is better than us to keep the privacy of our customers."

"I hope so." After saying that, Bernard and his men followed the beautiful lady that led them to their private room.

When they were gone, Akela's smiling expression turned into a frown.

"Increase the security of the surroundings. I have a feeling that something troublesome will happen tonight."


"Just follow my orders." Akela said and went inside Auspicious Night.

As soon as she entered, she saw another troublesome person on the first floor of the establishment.

Akela quickly changed his frown into a smile and greeted him. "Mr. Javelin, it has been a while since the last time I saw you here."

The brown-haired catkin in front of her smiled. "Well, I was feeling bored tonight, so I thought it was a good idea to visit this place."

Akela nodded. "I'm happy that you thought about us. Mr. Javelin, We in Auspicious Night treat our customers as our gods, more if the customer is someone so respectable like you. So, if you need anything, don't hesitate to tell us."

"Thank you, but I'm alright. If I need something, I'll make sure to let you know."

"I understand." Akela curtsied with a smile before bidding him farewell and leaving.

In her mind, however, she was wondering what this two-faced man was planning and if she should keep an eye on him.

Once Akela was gone, Javelin put on a serious expression.

"How is it going?" He asked softly.

Almost instantly, an answer came from an earpiece in his ear. [It's done. Bernard was slightly suspicious when I knocked on him, but he was unable to detect the tracker I put on his clothes.]

Javelin did not try to hide his admiration. "Mr. One, you have a lot of useful artifacts. I'm curious about how you got them."

[I made them myself.] Bloed replied indifferently. By the way, One was the name he gave to Javelin.

Javelin knew it was a fake name, but he did not mention it. He could understand Bloed's desire to keep his identity a secret.

By the way, Regina and Liu Ying's names were Two and Three respectively.

[By the way, Mr. Javelin.] Bloed asked. [Do we truly need to take this risk? The tracker I put on Bernard's clothes is enough to hear the conversation inside.]

"Yes, but we need to see the people inside, just in case. Only like that can we increase the probability of finding the person we are searching for."

"Very well, I understand," Bloed said and stopped talking. Anyway, their plan since the start was to replace the servants in charge of Bernard's room and use their identity to enter the room where the meeting was being realized.

Now, they only had to wait until to know the identities of the servants they were going to replace.

And soon, they got that information.

[They appeared. A young man and a young lady.] Another voice sounded in Javelin's ear. [Around sixteen to eighteen years old.]

"How are their builds?" Javelin asked.

[The young man's build is very similar to Mr. One. But there is a problem with the young lady.]

"What is it?"

[Her build is slightly different from Illina.]

Javelin frowned.

Although it was not strictly necessary for Illina to be the one that enters the room, it was better that way. Illina's sense of smell would allow them a greater range of strategies.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Javelin gritted his teeth. "It doesn't matter. We only need to be a bit more careful and not to interact with the people of Auspicious Night. As for Bernard and the people with him, I doubt they can notice the slight difference in a servant they just met. Now, get ready to start the operation."


"Illina, Mr. One, get ready. We will act when the servants left the first floor."

Bloed nodded from a corner of the first floor and took a deep breath.

The following part was the most difficult of the plan.

They must knock the servants unconscious and replace them as quickly as possible while avoiding to be discovered by the people of Auspicious Night.

The problem was that they could not use magic or mana. The slight use of mana could alert the people of Auspicious Night and warn them that something was wrong.

Bloed followed the indications coming from his earpiece and moved to the arranged location. Soon, he saw the two servants they were going to replace.

The meeting rooms of Auspicious Night were located upstairs. Bloed waited until the servants started to walk up the stairs, then, he made his move.

Quickly, he turned invisible and chased after the servants.

Two C-Rank guards were keeping watch in the entrance of the stairs, stopping anyone unauthorized from going up, but Bloed made use of his invisibility and stealthy movements to pass between them without being detected.

Then, he followed the servants.

When the servants arrived at a place out of the sight of other people, Bloed acted.

Walking softly behind them, he chopped to the back of their necks. Easily, the two cultivationless servants were knocked out instantly without making a sound. Bloed held their bodies carefully and stopped them from falling in fear of alarming someone with the noise.

Then, Bloed turned visible and injected a sleeping drug in their bodies. With this, they would not wake up until five hours later.

When Bloed finished injecting the drugs, someone materialized beside him.

"Good work. You are pretty good at this."

Bloed shot a glance at the silver-haired wolf girl and nodded. "Hurry up. If we take too long it will arouse suspicion."

Illina smirked. She then touched the jewel on her neck and faced it to the girl servant. One second later, a dim light was emitted from the jewel and scanned the servant's face.

Illina put then put the jewel on her neck and pressed the jewel again. In seconds, her face turned identical to the face of the girl on the ground. Even the hairstyle had been imitated by the illusion.

Then, she took off the dress she was wearing. Below it, there was a uniform identical to the servants of Auspicious Night.

Besides a slight difference in the build, Illina had turned into an exact copy of the servant.

When she looked beside him, Bloed had also finished his preparations, and his face had turned into the face of the other servant.

When they finished changing, a slight ripple appeared beside them and Regina appeared.

Regina grabbed the two unconscious servants and the clothes Bloed and Illina took off before looking at Bloed. "Be careful." She said before turning invisible with the two servants on her arms.

"Don't worry." Bloed replied softly and tidied his clothes. He then looked at Illina and nodded.

"Shall we go?"

"After you."


Double chapter tomorrow~

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