Chapter 1: I DON'T LOVE YOU

Present day

Ji ah "Why it is so difficult to make you understand that I don't love you. I never loved you Chang. Why don't you just get it?"

Chang "You don't love me okay...then tell me this looking into my eyes Ji ah. Why it is so difficult to look into my eyes and telling me this....Are you afraid that I will know the truth if I will look into your eyes?"

Ji ah "What you are thinking is wrong Chang"

Ji ah shouted from the core of her heart,She wanted to finish this as soon as possible before she would surrender to Chang's love and say that what she was not intending to say.

She was facing opposite side when Chang held her arm and pulled her towards him to face him.Ji ah felt jolted when his warm hand pulled her towards him.

He had a fever don't know since when...His warm hands now holding both her shoulders. She shivered with a thought of leaving him when he is not well.He was shaking her shoulders with a thought that she will come back into her senses and accept his love....Who he was kidding.People can wake up those who are sleeping but people who are pretending to sleep can never be woke up.

Chang "Then look into my eyes and tell me you don't love me...Let me see through your eyes what is true...Ji ah"

Chang said this firmly giving stress on each syllable he spoke. But after a while also when he didn't get any response he augmented his force of his hands on Ji ah's shoulders. Ji ah felt bone piercing pain in both her arms but not much as her heart was paining.

Chang "Look into my eyes Ji ah and tell me the truth." Chang shouted on Ji ah and again increased the force of his hands to shake her up from the core. Ji ah cried with pain. A tiny drop of tear formed in her eyes but didn't dare to come out without her permission. But that pain amplified more and more because of her heartache and then she cried out.

Ji ah "Chang you are hurting me...."

Suddenly Chang realised that he was using too much of force on Ji ah.He was hurting her physically but he was feeling more pained by hurting her like that.

Chang "I... I am sorry Ji ah....I didn't mean to hurt you.... I am sorry.... Please Ji ah forgive me...Maybe I have done something that have hurt you.Please Ji ah tell me I will try to correct everything.Believe me my intentons were never wrong towards you from first.Please come back to me.Please don't leave me...I can't live without you..."

Ji ah's heart sank into deep abyss of darkness when she heard what Chang was pleading her from botom of his heart and it was making it difficult to breathe for Ji ah.She felt thousands of kilo weight was put on her heart. She pushed him so hard that he hurled two step back.She then turned around and started walking towards door again but before she could reached to the door Chang held her hand and pulled her to him again.

Because of his force Ji ah almost fell on his warm body. Her hands rested on his chest.Her whole body got glued to Chang's body.There's was not even inch's gap remained between them. His face was so close to her that she felt his warm breathe on her face.When she looked up in his eyes, his eyes were looking at her in Hope of her positive reply.

Chang "Ji ah you can't leave me...I know you love me....."

Ji ah "No Chang I don't love you...Yes I accept this fact that we are more than a friend but it's not love Chang. Please try to understand my feelings Chang.Believe me I don't want you to be my life partner..."

Chang "No Ji ah that's not true... I know it's love only. I could feel your feelings for me."

Ji ah "NO MR. CHANG I DON'T LOVE YOU" Ji ah finally said this looking into Chang's eyes. She did not know from where she got this courage to lie to him but it was necessary.

When Chang heard what Ji ah said while looking into his eyes, his whole body burned up in heartache.He felt like somebody hit him hard on his face.He could not able to believe what she said.

Chang "But I can't see honesty in your eyes when you said that..."

Ji ah saw his burning eyes when he said that. Then he held her so tightly by left hand on her back and pulled her even more closed to his body and his right hand shifted towards back of her head.

Then his warm lips moved towards hers and touched them so hard like he wanted to punish them for lying to him.Then he parted his lips from her a little and said "I can't believe you..."

And then his lips touched her already red and swollen lips ones more but this time more violently till the time she gasped for her last breathe. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ji ah froze at first because of his violent behavior for seconds.Her eyes opened wide in shock.After a while when she came out of shock she vexed to push him away from her but because of this Chang got more agitated and his kiss got more fierce than before.He lips pushed more into hers and then his theeth.He bit her lower lip so hard. A metallic taste of blood flood in her mouth. She wanted to go away from him but his tight grip was not loosnening at all and after a while his biting and hard gnawing tuned into soft nibbling as he started to melt in this kiss.

Ji ah's lack of self defence made him loose his grip on her and when Ji ah realized it she pushed him with one strong force.

Ji ah "What are you doing Chang? have you lost your mind??

Chang "I am doing what I supposed to do to make you realize what that night meant for me. It was a real thing...That day when I confessed to you about my feelings it was real...Can't you just feel it Ji ah when I kissed you??"

Ji ah "No what you are saying is just a mistake....It was just a one night stand for me Chang... I don't feel anything....What I did that night was under the influence of alcohol. That's it."

Ji ah's revelation made Chang so angry that he again pulled her towards him and said to her while looking into her eyes.

"It was one night stand for you then you deserved to get punished"

After saying this his red lips again touched her already swollen lips.She tried really hard to get away from him but her strength was not enough to retaliate. She was tired of rollercoaster ride of emotions going on around her. But she was determined to go away from him at once so she decided to hurt him again. While kissing she bit his lower lip so hard that sharp currents passed thought his lips to his brain.His grip loosed on her and with that chance Ji ah made her way out of his embrace. She slapped him hard.

With that slap Chang came back to his normal senses and realized what he was doing.

Chang "Ji ah .. I...I am sorry... I lost my mind just now....Ji ah please don't go... Please punish me if I have done anything wrong....I just lost control over my emotions... I am sorry...

Ji ah I know what I did just now was not correct but please I have done this because I love you.... Please forgive me... Give me one more chance..."

Ji ah "You did this because you love me...?? Chang you hurt me again because you love me.... It is really easy to say I am sorry... Just because you love me..."

Chang could feel the mockery in Ji ah words but he was truly ashamed of his doings. He got angry because of her lies and he did that. He wanted to ask for forgiveness again but before that Ji ah spoke

"I don't love you Chang.It is just your wishful thinking nothing else. Please try to understand this as soon as possible you can not force anyone to love you. I was never into you...It was just an infatuation which made us do that thing. That night meant nothing to me. Chang I have already forgotten everything about that night and I am asking you to forget about that night... Please take care of your self. Don't make things hard for me. I never loved you and I don't think that I will ever love you... So please forget about me."

When Chang heard this response from Ji ah he felt like his soul left his body. His legs got weak in his knees and then he collapsed on his knees on the floor.When Ji ah saw this she ran towards him to help him to get up but stopped in middle when in her mind she listened to aunty Dong's words she must go away from him for his own safety.

She could not collect the courage to help him and hurt him again... Because she knew that if now she will stay back she won't be able to go away from him again. Maybe because of that he will continue to pursue her till the time she accepts him into her life. It was not possible for her to take that risk at this crucial period where she almost pushed him so far from her.

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