58.33% The Tyrant Gentle Husband / Chapter 21: New House

Chapter 21: New House

I never knew that Luke is sticky. He likes to stick to me like gum. He never let me go from his embrace, I didn't mind but I feel shy you know. I didn't hate how possessive he is but please be more gentle to my heart. I couldn't stand it, my heart always beat so fast, I felt that I could die because of it. But who made me fall in love with this sticky guy, I am truly happy.

Luke always felt that his little wife like to daze so much, sometimes she kept quite and he didn't know what to do. She blushes so much just from this closeness. How come I dare to bully her for our wedding night. Remembering a wedding night makes me upset. We got married for three years but we never did our wedding night before. What will I do if she got angry at me and left me alone?. I do want to apologize but what if she didn't want to forgive me at all?

He knew she is a gentle, pure and reasonable girl, but what will I do if she got mad and won't meet me anymore? He never thought that he is such a coward guy. But some people said afraid of something in the relationship is normal, that means you truly value her so much. He valued her so it made him scared if she left him. She is the one whom he loved the most, he will lose his world if she left.

He is an unreasonable guy to neglected her for long, it is normal to get angry. If she wasn't angry, she is truly an angel. But human is human, they have a limit of patience. If it is me, I will leave him. The thought made him upset and scared.

"Husband?", I turned my gaze towards Luke, he seemed upset. I didn't know why though? He suddenly stopped speaking and he stopped hugging me. My body felt like something is missing. I am used to his touch and stickiness. Standing alone without his touch made me upset.

Without warning I launched to his body and put my lips against his, I forced my way in and licked all of his mouths and entangled our tongue together. Luke was not ready for his wife a sudden kiss, but he didn't reject her and let her do what she wanted. It was the first time Elena initiate it herself, He was the one who had the initiative to touch or kiss her. His heart softens and he felt very happy at this time. His little wife learns to be coquettish.

After a while I let his lips go, but he hurried to kiss me again and deepen it in no time. He is truly a beast and a kissing maniac. I shouldn't be the one wake up the sleeping beast. After kissing, he stared directly at me and give off smile in the corner of his eyes. I didn't know what happened but his mood was better so I won't mind about it anymore as long as he is happy. I am fine.

We are still in the hospital, we needed time to pack Luke's belonging. After that, we walk to the underground garage while holding hands all the way. Since when is such a romantic guy? I wonder what happened to him. Did he have amnesia? so he thought of me as his lover? Of course not, Doctor said his brain worked well. I didn't have time to worried.

A luxurious car parked underground, there is a driver who leads us to our seat and we sit behind the driver. Luke protected my head from the car roof with his big palms and sat down beside me elegantly. He is truly a gentleman, I fell in love again and again. Who said he is a tyrant?. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Elena never knew that she was the only one who got Luke's gentleness, even the driver looked surprised to see their young master gentleness. He couldn't say anything and only focused on driving safely.

Luke never talked at all during our trip but he kept staring at me. It made me nervous a lot. Luke's parents didn't follow us this time, they came in the morning and they went off somewhere, maybe dating, they are truly a mysterious couple. So, I was alone with this maniac kisser. I didn't hate, it is just embarrassing.

"Husband, it is embarrassing, please look outside" I lowered my voice so only Luke could hear.

"Why? You are my wife so it is normal to look at you right? or do you hate me?", He said dejectedly.

"Of course not, I love you so I don't mind you stare at me but it was just embarrassing", I buried my face in Luke's tight muscle, I could feel his muscle through his clothes.

Luke stared down at his little wife, so cute. She looked like a little hamster, trying to find a place to hide. He couldn't help being happy at this moment. Elena turn her gaze to Luke, she knew Luke already look outside the window, she couldn't help kiss his cheek.

"Thank you husband", I said with a low voice and still buried my face in Luke's chest.

Luke felt soft and warm lips on his cheek and he smiled silently. He will let his little wife take a rest before they arrived in their new house. Luke realized that his wife lived in his parent's house along this time, he decided to bring her to his private mansion. It is one of Luke's favorite mansion, even Miona never stepped afoot there.

Luke didn't like an unwanted person in his territory, Miona was not his girlfriend, so he didn't need her to enter his territory. He is so strict with cleanliness and he doesn't like strong perfume and makeup. It disgusted him the most, even Miona used to much make up but because he liked her, he endured it.

Luke smiled a lot while staring at his little wife's sleeping face, even the driver shocked at his young master's reaction. Elena didn't wake up even after they arrive at their destination. Luke didn't wake her up, he knew how tired he is while taking care of him, so he let her sleep more. He hugged her tiny body and carried her princess-like to their master bedroom.

Luke realized he never slept in the same room as her, not even sleeping in the same room, they even lived in a different house like she was his concubine. This fact made him upset, he couldn't forgive himself because of this. He felt guilty for her and tried to make up his mistake. He put her body on the bed softly and went to his workroom to read his document. He left worked for so long and he needed to start working.

Luke walked to his workroom and sort out some documents. After he read them he knew how good Elena did this. She is very suitable to be a CEO. She also said that she is a CEO herself, of course, she could do this. She is the empress of the entertainment circle, so he was not shocked at all. It was easy for him to read the report.

After working for a while, he went to the kitchen. He didn't like many people in his house, so he only had several drivers and house cleaner, they will go home after 5 PM. He usually has a chef but right now he is not here because of family matters. Luke likes cooking himself so it was okay to let the chef take a vacation for awhile. After cooking their dinner, Luke went up to their bedroom and wake up his sleeping beauty wife.

He sat down on the bed and stared at her lively face. As soon as he sat down, his little wife opened her eyes and gazed at him " did we arrive? why didn't you wake me up?", she said with her tiny voice. I hugged her tightly to sense his belonging and peck a kiss on her tiny lips and said: " I didn't want to wake you up".

Hana_Frederica Hana_Frederica

ah i still felt embarrassed but i will try hard to make love dove couple but it won't become smut because i am not good at that area, okay it is enough chapter for today. I will update it again tomorrow, maybe the topic is their first night or gentle stalker. I needed one hour for each chapter and now I want to read chinese novel of course it is in english. bye bye for today minna

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    Hahah , man I am so bored . I really wish to read more today ^•^

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    Thanks for the chapter and gud luck

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