48.57% The Mikaelsons in an Irregular World / Chapter 14: Chapter :-14 Kiyohime (Part-3)

Chapter 14: Chapter :-14 Kiyohime (Part-3)

"She must be hiding somewhere find her..!!!"

The individual who spoke was covered in a jet black outfit with two short-swords hanging from his waist. He wore a protection charm around his neck, his fists were covered in the black leather gauntlet, black leather boots and a black leather belt with three pouches strapped to it.

He wore a mask that covered his head, leaving only his eyes and nose bridge uncovered. Around him stood 6-more individuals wearing identical clothing and weaponry.

Upon hearing his words they immediately spread out and started looking for their target.

ᒥ....Come out bitch!!!, you killed my men not even gods can save from me.... ᒧ

He took out a pendant from his pouch and held it tightly in his right hand. Mana converged towards the pendant as the assassin closed his eyes and concentrated on the pendant.

ᒥ....This pendant belongs to her mother, I can track her position using that spell....ᒧ

"Primal God Amon, your servants begs from the signs which leds to destiny. Let the one named Kiyohime bow in your magnificence."

A small circle was formed underneath the pendant as it floated upwards and touched the pendant before being absorbed into it.

The assassin's vision changed as a carriage appeared in front of him, he recognized the surroundings being concluding that Kiyohime was close and near a carriage.

His vision grew blurry before completely disappearing, he returned where he was with his eyes narrowed.

Though the mask covered his mouth, it wasn't too hard to make out a smile from the outline of the stretched fabric.

ᒥ....Found you....ᒧ


ᒥ....They are close, I need to lose them or it will turn out to be a hassle....ᒧ

Kiyohime looked forward and saw a beautiful carriage moving at a slow pace. It was heading towards the direction she escaped from, Kyoto.

A figure wearing a black cloak was controlling the horse. He looked unarmed and quite young from his stature.

Looking at it, she thought of high jacking the carriage after all she couldn't possibly outrun assassins.

ᒥ....If I take one of the two horses, I can escape from their pursuit and the quality of the horses is also very high....ᒧ

She immediately moved towards the driver of the carriage and pointed her flintlock at him, with narrowed eyes she commanded him to free one of the two horses.

"Give me one of the two horses...NOW!"

Henrik turned his head towards the source of the sound and thought with a smile on his face.

ᒥ....Force is truly mysteries, so she is the 'thing' that has been attracting me all this time. I can't sense anything special from her other than her smell which makes me want to drain every single drop of her blood....ᒧ

ᒥ....Maybe I should knock her out and then kidnap her....ᒧ

"Hey!...I said to—..."

Henrik gentle waved his hand towards Kiyohime and sent her flying through the air before crashing on the ground with significant force.


"Didn't your parents teach you that stealing someone else's belongings is a bad thing..."

"Why you—..."

"There you are, you Bitch...!!!"

The assassins converged towards her position with their swords unsheathed and ready to attack her at any moment.

The leader of the assassins stepped forward and smiled sinisterly as he looked at Kiyohime.

"Kill her....!!!"

He moved his gaze towards Henrik who was wearing a cloak and said in an indifferent tone.

"Kill that driver and everyone else inside that carriage, we can't leave behind any evidence...."

Henrik turned his gaze towards the assassins and gave a light sigh that betrayed the bloodthirsty smile hidden underneath his hood.

Henrik rushed towards the closest assassin at an abnormal speed granted by his [Original] physique and sent a straight palm towards the assassin's stomach.

The assassin was caught off-guard by the abnormal speed displayed by Henrik and took the full brunt of Henrik's palm, his bend forward due to the force behind the palm and shot backward with a significant force.

Just like a rag doll, the body of the assassin crashed into a tree trunk before laying on the ground unmoving.

Kiyohime and the others had their eyes wide open as they saw the assassin's body twitch was a few seconds before laying unmoving on the ground.

ᒥ....He killed him in one shot....ᒧ

ᒥ....The hell!!! What kind of monster did I provoke....ᒧ

ᒥ....Most kill him as soon as possible....ᒧ

Thinking up till here the leader of the assassins took out a crystal and threw it towards Henrik who just stood still without moving.

The crystal shone with a brilliant light as it expanded and covered Henrik from all sides.

"I wanted to use it to kill this bitch but you are a bigger threat so you can die slowly inside that arc due to loss of oxygen."

"Go and finish off the people inside the carriage."

The assassins started moving towards the carriage while the leader started moving towards the Bitc...*ahem*, Kiyohime.

"Nice barrier but it can't block my powers..."

Henrik raised his right hand and made a twisting motion with his palm, his [Telekinesis] burst forward and twisted their neck with relative ease.

The leader of the assassins immediately jumped back before eyeing Henrik with caution and killing intent.

"Let's see just how strong is your barrier..."

Henrik tightened his body, he pulled back his right arm and threw a full-force punch towards the arc.

The ground beneath him caved inside as a small earthquake shook the forest causing the leader of the assassins to fall down on the ground.

The arc cracked and broke due to the enormous stress it underwent due to the strength behind that punch.

Henrik had coated his punch with [Force] and along with his [Original] strength, the power of his physical attacks was extremely strong. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"What the hell—..."

"Phasmatos Somnus...."

Henrik used [Knock-out Spell] on the leader, keeping him alive for extracting information later on. The spell renders the target instantly unconscious when cast.

He then turned towards Kiyohime who had her flintlock pointed at him. He let out a smile while thinking.

ᒥ....Let's see what's so special about her....ᒧ

Diseda Diseda

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