42.85% saiki kusuo with super idol girlfriend / Chapter 9: secret date with my little family

Chapter 9: secret date with my little family

A few day later...

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

At 7 a.m

"Why you came?" Saiki sees Ichigo play well with hina after Infiltrate the house like a ninja girl. She just smiles happily

Hina gives rolling happy dance and said cheerfully.

"Mama, I happy to meet you today... I know you do not break promise with me... My Daddy bad guy... He Lies to me." She give Pouting look to Saiki

"..." Saiki wry smile. Get Scold by his daughter.

Feeling herself also wrong too. Ichigo said happy

"Alright, stop looking at your daddy like that... Hum... why my idol activity stop my happiness with the precious daughter if I can run both of them well."

"Good... So you want to separate your time with hina until noon and return to work idol in the afternoon." Saiki said to try to understand and

"Yes, that right. I have limited time sorry." Ichigo said.

"Ichigo, Where your idol work today?" Saiki ask

"Aqua fantasy. Swimming pool" Ichigo said casually. She put on hina Clothes for the Take date with her little family.

"Good, we go to that place together," Saiki said happily.

Ichigo surprised and said

"How? If we go to that place and got caught by my fans. I do not want my huge secret relationship with you and my little girl being a mess." She prefers other places.  Although it makes her tired. It's safer

"Come with me." Saiki pulls Ichigo into another room and tells him to do what he tells him to do.

After out of the room, she looks more different girls

"Cool... I don't believe, look, Hero, with your Disguise ability. Even I find it difficult to recognize the face of a beautiful sister."

Ichigo changes her hair color and used Fake teacher glasses give little pose to they look her

"so perfect," Saiki new ability card success

But hina looking for Ichigo and running back says in a panic.

"Daddy... Mama not in here. She gets lost."

Saiki Want said your mama, in her first. Stop by Ichigo. She wants to look who cute little baby finds her.

"Ano, beautiful Elder sister. Are you look, my mommy, she gets into that place with you. Now she not there."

Ichigo Difficult not laugh and say softly.

"I don't know the little girl. Are you sure she is not leaving because of hina doing naughty? "

"Eh!! Mama, where are you? came back... I was sorry to eat your Strawberry cake at Refrigerator. Don't leave Daddy and me alone" hina shout back to that room. she starts to want cry

"Hehe. Bad girl you steal mama food, don't try again okay." Ichigo said smile and hug her soft

"Why onesan get angry like mama ?" Hina asks Confused

"Of course, It's me... your lovely mama. Look this" She cancels Saiki ability card change hair color back.

"Wow, mama. your hair can change color. Awesome!!! You like a pure magical girl." Hina said innocently

"You Clever girl... Where you get this new tech from making good card, hero ?" Ichigo changes her hair color again to red walk with her daughter.

"God, loves my family give some help to us," Saiki said happily

The real situation is after 2 months at this world Saiki gets his little Psychic power back. unlocked his ability

[ change color hair card.] The lvl 3 unique card ability

If back in his past world. This one trash his ability. But if saiki used at the blank card his ability can be used to someone else. Not found what limited this card

Right now, Ichigo changes her hair color to red hair

With a little extra disguise, she doesn't look like Ichigo as before.... if not the person who knows her the most. other people wouldn't know if she was a top idol walking casually beside them

- - -

Saiki, Ichigo and hina slow walk to the Aqua fantasy to play happily together.

"Finally, you can use your abilities Hero. This is good news... even more rare premium  ability card... If other people know that you can make a disguise. This technology using ability cards many idols will like it. We no need to worry about walkout as now. I so happy can walk with my family together. I have long dreamed of walking together hina like other family. Thanks for Making it happen." Ichigo said to look to Saiki full love

"Hehe. This so beautiful Mama changed very well with red hair." Hina said happily

"Um, mommy's hair color is now similar to your grandma, see this photo." Ichigo gives her a look at her mother photo

"Ah, she's a hina grandmother. Hmm... She looks like mama," hina said excitedly

Ichigo smile gentle and said

"Right, your grandmother will happy if you meet hina next time... we visit my home at Nodame bento. Hina and your Daddy come along"

"Okay, I will visit grandma with mommy and daddy," Hina said happily.

"So, you told your mom Ichigo," Saiki said

"Sttt.. you call me Miya now. Are you forget?" Ichigo said

"I sorry my little carelessly, I forget, you are going to a concert here"

"Alright, they do not know me... Hmm...  For my mom, she just know, we have a relationship. But not try to explain to my mother about our daughter, hina." Ichigo said honestly

"Okay, we slow tell her next time visit... So when your Soleil's group came to this pool?" Saiki feels her friends want to make trouble for them if they know their relationship.

"They say to me will come by themself at noon and now I think, they rest at Dorothy."

"I hope that true."

- - -

Back Ichigo wants to come to Saiki small house.

"Hey, Aoi, why came to my room? Don't wake up me now for the summer festival is still long." Ran said Annoyed. This still dark. Why she must wake up. She tries back to sleep.

"Wake up, it's time we have to know what happened to Ichigo. Are you not curious why she's acting weird these past two months?" Aoi said quite after look ran open the door she told what she wants to do

"I little bit curious But she kept it very carefully. We do not know what she hiding anyway." Ran said

"I knew... she was the first day back from the Orihime headmaster's office looking for something or someone. She back looks so Frustrated"

"Yes... For one week she likes not to have a soul... but the next day. Ichigo turned cheerful so eagerly throughout the day. Like yesterday, she have through always made herself happy"

"Maybe she's happy that idol ranking isn't far from Mizuki's number 1 top idol now." Ran said casually

"Yes, maybe but this time it is getting more suspicious. And I think not because of that." Aoi said seriously and continue said

"Remember, the last time we took a vacation to fill by filling the summer festival competition ... Ichigo's face became slightly changed eyebrows slightly down 2 cm if she was worried about something."

"I'm increasingly curious ... How can do you know that?"  Ran ask smile.

"Girl instinct," aoi said smiled happily

"Sure, but we shouldn't interfere in other people's problems if she doesn't want to be known now. Maybe someday, she will say to us if she ready." Ran said

"However, as friends, we must help and fully support her."

"..." Ran just silent

"Look... Ichigo already quietly leaving my room to another place." Aoi said quite. She looks Ichigo with her cap and her glasses as disguise herself.

Ran quick back her room and with some disguise and said seriously.

"Let's follow her."

"You change clothes too quickly," Aoi said Amazed

"Why?" Ran ask Confused

"Nothing just follow her." Aoi starts a walk.

"Uh, this is not a place new cool oni-chan gardener with hina-chan. Why Ichigo came here?" Ran said Curious

aoi regardless of her gaze for a moment and she found lost her.

"Wait... I lost her... Where is she going?"

"Quick try finds her now I think she not far from this place." Ran said seriously

"Um." They split and search seriously

A few minutes later...

"I also not found her where Ichigo run." Ran said frustrated

"Just one place... we not try to find her... that house. Let's visit hina" aoi said walk to Saiki house

"Wait for aoi... Someone out." Ran said

"This sound Ichigo... Quickly hidden back tree." Aoi said push ran to get down

"Wa," ran get fall.

"What happened hina?" Ichigo asks why her daughter silent look tree

"Hmm... I just look there have some fun people hide, mommy"

"Really, wait, I try to look... hmm... See, it just your image" Ichigo said casually

"Hmm... Maybe, Let's go, mom... I want to play with you two all day." Hina said excitedly for first look swimming pool with her family together.

"Alright, your mommy came to you," Ichigo said Take a small hand walks slow.

"Now, you two forget me," Saiki said

"Huhu you to slow Hero," Ichigo said happily Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Daddy come quick," hina give her hand and holding swing soft

"Hai-hai," Saiki said smile happy

- - -

After Ichigo, hina and Saiki walk

in shadow, the girl quite follows them again.

"Who is the girl with cool oni-chan?" Ran look, broken heart.

"Me too, I wonder who beautiful red girl? She has high aura idol" aoi said quite interesting

They not awe use train and arrived at the destination

-  at aqua fantasy-

"Ah! I found her." Aoi Pointing towards Ichigo and despicable marching into the water play area

"This our concert place." Ran said Doesn't believe it

"We need to stop to follow them, aoi. We must search Ichigo"

"What you talking about? we must follow legendary Miya." Aoi said happily

"Ah. Like you know something that I don't know." Ran said frustrated

"Just follow me, with this... we do not worry late to Competition... look they play," Aoi said casually

{first, I try all my estimates are right and then. I want to know the reasons for all of their hidden relationships. But why?}

"They look more like family together." Aoi looks jealous of their relationship

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