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It is interesting to see a series like this story. The chapters do a nice job with introducing things. I bet there is going to be more fantasy elements in the future.
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The story seems well so far, I hope you can stay constant with uploads and don't drop. Please don't make this a harem. Also can you not follow the gamer's mage way, but if you do make it original.
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Loving it. The MC feels very real. I really want to see where Riley is going to end up. Maybe he'll become some kind of god-like being?! Who knows! No matter what, just please continue this story.
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Love this series! Definitely different from the oversaturated gamer plots. Loved that its happening here on earth (for now) instead of a fantasy world.
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Good novel, good start. Long chapters. It is not your usual gaming novel. It has its own twists to it. Nice writing quality, character development. The story is just starting so wud add to my library to see how it goes Its interesting, although I am wondering, in chapter one is he in the gaming system already? Would need clearer explanation.
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This is pretty well made. No grammatical errors to speak of in the few chapters that I've seen. Quite curious to see where you'll steer the plot since the genre's saturated with generic gamer plots. I'll be keeping an eye on this 👍
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I loved Solo leveling and The gamer, and this story encompasses the best of both of these manga! Love how it goes in-depth and is set in a Western setting, something more relatable to me than the manga!
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