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Project: PAR490N

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Chapter 1: Primal Advanced Robot 490 Number

[??? years ago]

"My legion, attack the Champions!"

""YES, MY LORD!!""

And then, ten thousands of people… No, machines, knelt in front of a single entity. The entity was semi-transparent as if it was a hologram. That [God] was the person who was in charge of the entire project, supported by a whole nation that extended itself over the lands, lakes, and mountains.

Kiriel, God of Thunder, and the most important religious figure of the Kingdom of Siregel, someone that could currently interact with the world just as a specter, gave life to the Project: PAR, Primal Advanced Robot.

Black-haired, black-eyed, androids that will obey every single order issued from Kiriel or the current king of Siregel. Each one of them is comparable to a genius in terms of physical strength and magic capacity, also the absolute best in terms of analysis and magic control.

The reason was known only to Kiriel, but to make him doing something like this in the mortal plane, it should be something essential to him.

However, he accidentally attracted the attention of 6 other people…

Pyriel, the Goddess of Fire.

Suriel, the Goddess of Wind.

Rielach, the God of Earth.

Sema, Goddess of Water.

Lera, the God of Light.

Arel, the Goddess of Darkness.

They knew what Kiriel wanted to do, taking control of a world where no God could regularly interact, for they were sealed inside sacred statues unable to break through even with their limitless power.

Those statues seal their movements and powers, but they can still give away a part of their abilities to mortals as some sort of "Blessing", as the mortals in the land call them. They can also create entities similar to specters that permits them to view the world without moving, even if they can't still interact with them.

...Everything was done from a single entity, the God of Chaos, Mesha. That traitor did everything just to put some sparks of joy on his "Boring" life, he created a Divine Sword called Gaia and stabbed each one of them, sealing them.

However, it was too late to take revenge, because the blade's power was too unstable, and devoured his existence, leaving only the blade Gaia containing the God of Chaos.

Gaia was somewhere, no one knows it, not even the Gods themselves who searched from North to South, East to West, there wasn't a single trace of Gaia. But also if they could find it, they would be unable to use it, so they waited for the Living Beings of this mortal plane to develop enough intelligence to create religions.

Using the different Religions, they guided their respective people to greatness, and so they created seven different regions.

Siregel, the Kingdom of the God of Thunder, Kiriel.

Belonde, the Empire of the Goddess of Fire, Pyriel.

Eglad, the Kingdom of the Goddess of Wind, Suriel.

Ererias, the Kingdom of the Goddess of Water, Sema.

Menione, the Empire of the God of Earth, Rielach.

Londolond, the Holy Empire of the God of Light, Lera.

And Fallorien, which is an entire Region under the hand of the Goddess of Darkness, Arel.

Even then, however, the Divine Sword Gaia's position remained unknown. But there was a problem… No one wanted the other Gods to be free, if only 1 God was free, he or she will be able to become the absolute ruler of the mortal plane because there will be no one to hinder him or her.

So their objective slowly turned from "Find the Divine Sword Gaia" to "Avoid that the others find the Divine Sword Gaia". But Kiriel, the God of Thunder, didn't change his objective and created the PAR soldiers to take down the rest of the world for himself and try to find the Divine Sword Gaia alone.

The other Gods found this out, so they gave a fraction of their powers to 6 "Chosen Ones", these people became the Champions of their respective God, and were tasked to defeat and kill the PAR soldiers.

Each Champion can use and be immune to their respective elements. Also, they have immense strength comparable to real monsters, able to shatter mountains with a single hand and cause the sea to split in two.

However, just 6 Champions against 10'000 PAR isn't a war that can be easily won…

Those 10'000 PAR were in an endless landscape full of green grass, which would soon be decorated with scraps and ashes…

On the other side of the area, there were six people.

One was a Giant, 5 meters tall, wielding a hammer and a shield as big as him, entirely covered in armor from head to toe, he seemed to emit a feeling of being "Impenetrable", he was Rubert, the Champion of Earth.

One was a beastman, a 2 meters tall beastman full of scales and with three heads, a Hydra beastman, he was wielding a sky blue scythe and glared at the group of androids in front of him, he was Achiel, the Champion of Water.

One was a High Elf, a woman covered in leather and wooden pieces of armor, the wood came from the Eternal Tree, rumored to be unable to die, and the wood was enhanced from the blessing of the Goddess of Wind, Suriel. The High Elf was wielding two daggers made of wood; she was Aicen, the Champion of Wind.

One was another beastman, tall as an average human, his body also covered in scales, but unlike Achiel, he had a single head and a pair of wings, he was holding a staff emanating extreme heat. He was Gyleon, a Dragon beastman and the Champion of Fire.

One was a human, but he was wielding a sword made of pure light, covered with ten magic circles, this was a spell that was permitted him to use, the Divine Sword, a 10th level spell, the strongest light spell ever created. He was wielding an armor that made him look like a crusader; he was Edmund, a human turned immortal and the Champion of Light.

The last one was a demon, wielding an enormous broadsword that was covering the grass under her with a black substance that dripped from the weapon, she was wearing light armor, utterly different if compared to the weapon, she was Azel, the Champion of Darkness.

Suddenly, Edmund's magic circles glowed before they exploded, immediately knocking him out cold…

Magic was created with Mana, that every being has. Magic circles convert that "Mana" to the Spell desired, these magic circles seems simple, but at the outlines, they have some sort of text made from an unknown language that few can read.

If one can read the caster's magic circle, it will deactivate and give a backlash to the caster. That is what happened to Edmund; a 10th level Spell should be impossible to deactivate because the words will change every 10 seconds, and there were ten different magic circles.

Even a High Elf, the subspecies of Elves that are specialized in spells, can deactivate spells up to the 6th level. But it is another matter if the other party is a supercomputer…

In short, any form of magic is useless against the PAR soldiers…

After Edmund was knocked out, the giant picked him out and threw him away from the warzone, avoiding to lose a Champion immediately. Then they started the war between the five remaining Champions and the 10'000 PAR soldiers.

...And it was so, that the most disastrous war called Divine War was born, and from that day on, no more wars happened...

The Champion of Wind, Aicen, died…

The Champion of Fire, Gyleon, survived, but died of old age later on…

The Champion of Water, Achiel, survived, but was significantly weakened after he lost 2 of his three heads, the only thing keeping him alive was his Goddess, Sema, due to the love born between the two of them...

The Champion of Earth, Rubert, survived, he also became famous for gifting "Impenetrable" walls to his Empire, Menione, but he died of old age…

The Champion of Light, Edmund, survived, and he became the leader of his Empire, Londolond, also becoming an Immortal Being…

The Champion of Darkness, Azel, survived, and became the leader of her region, Fallorien, as the new symbol of evil, the Demon King, due to the order of her Goddess.

The 10'000 PAR soldiers lost, but not everyone was destroyed, Kiriel was able to save 1'000 models, and started a new Project alone, using a dozen of humans as helpers to upgrade them…

Too many were failures and thrown away… But the first one to be experimented on, the 490 n., was the only one that was still alive, but the experiment caused him to lose his memory and the control file that made him act as a mindless soldier.

But this was unknown to Kiriel, who threw him away in the wilderness without a care since he was already "Dead".

One thousand forty-three years passed since the 490 n. was created, and 43 years ago he was considered "Dead", he never woke up… Until now… PAR490N turned active again.

In his black irises, a blue glow that covered almost the entire irises appeared…


20%... 53%... 67%... 93%... 100%

/Activation Successful

/Configuring the system…

/Code: Primal Advanced Robot 490n. Version &#@

/It was: 736 years| eight months| two days|21 hours|43 minutes|10,3802 seconds since you turned off

/Error, memory files are lost

/Activating Protocol 03…

/Error, no connection with the server

/Activating Protocol 37…

Then, stuck in the dirt and vegetation, a silhouette sat up, it looked like a young human boy around 20 years if it wasn't for his eyes, that were creating windows and loading bars out of nothing.

/Scanning the system…

/Errors: 3

/Solving the Errors… Unable to repair the system

The android was looking around while his system was scanning his body.

/Arsenal: Ok

/Memory: Error

/Body: Ok

/Server: Error

/System: Ok

/Memory Cache: Error

/Summary: Loss of memory, no connection to the server

/Solution: Act alone

/Current Status: 100%

/No intelligent Lifeform detected in 10 meters

/No intelligent Lifeform detected in 50 meters

/No intelligent Lifeform detected in 100 meters

/4 intelligent Lifeforms detected around 782 meters from PAR unit

A map appeared over the irises of the android, who stood up and started to walk away from the area, reaching the spot where the lifeforms were detected.

While he was walking, his lower body also started to shift and produce mechanical sounds.

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