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Chapter 2: Where is the nearest civilization?

[? POV]

Hey, my name is Sara Vermillion, I'm a human and I am also 21 years old, right now I am single, and I am searching for my "Prince". However, if you are strong and handsome, then call me! I will date you! Seriously, I'm desperate…

Look at me! I have light red long hair kept in a ponytail, and I am average in terms of height, I have a D cup, I am also strong! Please… I just need someone that can date me… I had enough of narcissists that think they are kings, and then they run away at the first threat they encounter…

He must be a handsome man around my age.

He must be a Genius in terms of abilities, like me.

He must be unique, someone that you could recognize even from far away.

He must be brave!

This is the boyfriend I am looking for… However, it would be alright if one doesn't have the 3rd requirement and is just strong… I won't go lower than that! I don't care if he is short, fat, or whatever, at least not ugly...

Right now, I am walking around to find some herbs. It was everything for Grandma Lily, who is currently sick. She isn't really my grandmother; it is just a nickname that I gave her because she took care of me for some months after I ran away from home.

She is a lovely woman when you know her better, so I will do my best to help her!

The herbs I am searching for are 3: the Hunter Mushroom, Weather Sunflower, and the Chimera Plant.

The first one is easy to find around a forest because it acts almost like an ordinary mushroom. The Weather Sunflower is used to check the weather; if it is closed, then it will rain, if it is open, then it will be sunny, it is usually over the hill.

But the problem is finding a Chimera Plant; they are unique plants that twisted over each other and fused, generating the Chimera Plant, which produces a different type of life force than the other plants. There are also levels depending on which plants are mixed in, such as Low Level, Mid Level, and High Level.

The High-Level Chimera Plants could cost as much as a castle of a Marquis. It is said that it has such a strong life force that it could feed off a small dragon for a decade.

However, I am searching for a Low-Level Chimera Plant, so if I search carefully, I might find one… Oh, here is the Hunter Mushroom.

There was a brown mushroom attached to the corpse of an animal, I was used to seeing them, so I didn't mind touching an animal's carcass, and I ripped off the mushroom from it.

I placed the Hunter Mushroom in my bag and then walked away. I whistled a tune while unknowingly to me, a pair of glowing eyes appeared out from a bush.

[3rd POV]

Behind the bush, there was a massive half-naked man full of tribe tattoos staying behind a thinner man covered in darkness, both of them were grinning as they were gazing at Sara with an excited smile.

"Finally, we found someone we could use to vent on…." The massive man said.

"You don't have an idea how much I waited since the last girl broke… And our leader Jeanne doesn't make things easy for us…" The thin man spoke with a sorrowful voice.

"Don't worry, soon I will be strong enough to beat her, and we can use her from now on, she is a Man Slayer, so she should have a strong body despite being a Tier 3 Being. Meanwhile, I just reached the requirements of becoming a Tier 4 Being. I just need to find a place where I can advance my class from Berserker to Barbarian."

"Hehe, after we have our way with the redhead, then we can go to get an upgrade from a Tier 4 Crystal Shard we recently got." The thin man said.

"You aren't that far yourself from your upgrade. You will pass from Shadow Stalker to Abyss Walker pretty soon, too, Puff." The massive man complimented Puff.

"Thanks, Albion." The thin man said with sincerity, he wasn't complimented many times, so it was delightful for him to hear one about his hard work.

"" Everything for the hole!"" Both of them shook their hands as if they were making a special greeting. Then they turned back to follow Sara from behind.

"[Shadow step]" From Puff, a shadow spread over himself and Albion, before they disappeared inside a shadow that was under their feet and traveled between the shadows connected.

The two of them soon reached Sara, who was walking towards an empty area, without trees.

There was a small field of sunflowers, and Sara was looking around for the Weather Sunflower, which should be white, unlike the others that were yellow. But thanks to the bright sunlight, it was hard recognizing the right one.

"Very well… Where it is…?" As she was gazing around, behind her, there was the sound of grass being stepped on. Then a shadow jumped over her back.


It was a 2 meters tall tiger with sharp fangs, and it was ready to devour Sara.


"[Black Ashes]"

Sara pointed the finger at the tiger without even turning around. Five different magic circles appeared one over another, and a small orb flew towards the tiger.

The tiger felt incredible danger from that orb, but it was in the air so that it couldn't dodge the attack. When the sphere reached for his fur, it started to immediately turn to ashes, as if it was burned in an instant.

Then the flesh was the next, followed from organs, and finally, the bones fell in the ground. They were the only thing that was left of the giant tiger.

In a shadow, Puff and Albion were surprised by the scene.

Black Ashes was a 5th Level spell, it could burn a target almost instantly, but that will also depend on the strength of the foe. That creature was a Berserk Tiger, a Tier 2 Monster, to be reduced to bones in an instant, it means that Sara is at least a Tier 3 Being, probably an Arch Wizard.

However, she didn't seem to have any sign of magical pressure, and she chanted the name of the spell so that she couldn't be a Sorcerer or an Arch Sorcerer.

It means that Puff and Albion, who also have a Tier 2 and a Tier 3 classes, shouldn't have much of a problem at assaulting her.

Now that she killed a monster, she will probably use the 3rd Level spell [Life Detector] around herself to check the place, but thanks to Puff's [Shadow Step], they won't be detected.

"Puff, let me out, I will attack while you go behind her." Albion said with a grin. Puff nodded and let out Albion from the shadows.

Albion quickly rushed at Sara, whose eyes widened at the sudden assault. She took out a wand and pointed it at Albion, who was reaching for her barehanded.

"[Force Barrier]" She quickly cast a 4th Level barrier to stop Albion's charge. If she used an attack, then he could have dodged it, and from his speed, he might also be a Tier 3 Being.

However, Albion's grin widened even more, and his right fist started to glow. "{Magic Break}!"

He used a skill instead of magic since he was a warrior. Lifeforce flowed inside his right fist, which smashed the barrier to shards and then reached for Sara. But she also wasn't a pushover.

"[Teleport]" She cast a 5th Level spell

She disappeared from Albion's grasps and appeared a dozen meters away from Albion, and then she pointed her want to the ground. "[Fire Minefield]" 6 magic circles, so a 6th Level spell, appeared in the field and started to move around at high speed.

The next instant, she felt a sharp pain on her back and turned around, Puff was using a poisoned needle on her back. She felt weak because Puff purposely attacked an acupuncture point.

And soon, her breath also became weak; it must be the poison, so she couldn't even scream for help…

Albion grinned as he moved around the Fire Minefield, then he reached for Sara and grabbed her chin, before pulling her head up.

"Hehe, what a beautiful face, hey Puff, we made jackpot!" Albion said.

"You're right! Let's play before our leader searches for us!" Puff hastily spoke.

"I'll take the mouth; you take the ass." Albion shook his hand with Puff, both of them agree, however, the next moment they felt a strange sound approaching.

It was… a horse's movement?

Albion, Puff, and Sara looked at the direction of where the sound came from, and they saw a young man with black hair and weird eyes with black scleras approaching them. In that instant, Sara was captivated by the young man and started to think.

'...Is he… my prince? The one riding a horse to save me…?'

Soon, the young man's body was fully visible, and all of the three humans gazed with a raised eyebrow at the newcomer.

He wasn't riding a horse… He was the horse… A centaur with his lower half covered in metal…?


"Excuse me, do you know where I can find the nearest civilization?" An emotionless voice came out from the young… centaur…?


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    I mentioned before that the updates will be irregular since this is even the first time for me dealing with original novels, and I have a **** ton of other **** to **** out

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    Can't wait to see more chapters, please write fast!

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    Author-nim, I check your novel daily for updates, please write more

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