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Chapter 27: Day 4, The Calm before the storm

10:05 am, morning.

Lucas, standing in front of the group of survivors looking at them smiling.

"So, 15 people out 20 remaining survivors. Who decided to live in this hell?" He said.

He looked at the five survivors who decided to remain in hideout. He said "I won't say anything, but I hope you fine happiness in your decision."

He gave them a single gun and one bullets each and few minutes later the group of survivors have decided to leave this damn place with the rest of survivors:

• 15 survivors

• 10 armed people (including Sir. Nicholas)

• 4 government officials (including Mariam)

• 4 Lucas group

list of people in Survivors group out of 70 people only 33 people remaining excluding Children.

*Few minutes later*

Inside the hideout a gunshot can be heard *bang~*bang~*. Also, a person shouted with all his might "Darling! let's be together forever, I will go with you!! *bang~*.Someone cursed and said "f*ck! world I'm leaving this hell!!*bang~*. Because of noise and blood zombies started to approach the hideout and they roar aggressively. They started to run and some Zombies assault other Zombies to decrease there numbers. By, the time Zombies entered the hideout the last person among the five shouted. "Since, I will die later, let's be in hell together, as**ole!*bang~*boom!!* the hideout explode together with the last person and some Zombies who are unlucky.

A group of survivors heard the sound of explosion. Lucas turn around and salute toward the hideout said. " I won't let your death be in vain."

Nicholas, also looked at the direction of former hideout, salute and said "We will remember and share your stories."

Likewise some people cried silently, some armed group salute to show respect, but everyone of them keep looking forward to walked ahead to live in atonement.

"Let's move faster since more zombies will come." Lucas said and walked faster.

The rest of the survivors looked at him in determination even the officials and military personnel looked at him in confusion, they didn't know. When they decided to follow him rather than there leaders command, yet in there confusion they followed him.

Along the way, they encountered a group of Zombies, but Lucas keep killing them since, Lucas decided to move the operation become more easier. Like the previous planned they will control drones and use remote control auto, but this time they use them to lure and let Lucas clean them.

*Few minutes later*

When they entered the car shop the remaining people was relieved, but Lucas remind them saying

"Don't let your guard down" Lucas said and looked at the remaining people said.

"Sir. Nicholas please send some personnel to scout the surrounding and same time do some cleaning. Madam Mariam please gathered some people and make a barricade in the surrounding. Cynthia will also help and use some paint to block the glasses in first floor." Lucas command, seeing there confusion. He smiled and continued.

"I don't like do some troublesome things to happened. So its better to be prepared. Also, those people can do simple modification please gathered and start the modification of vehicles enough to handle all of you. Don't looked me like that. In the first place I don't trust people who can betrayed me anytime." He said and walked toward the direction of his vehicle.

The survivors of surrounding can't do anything since, all them experience being betrayed once. The official who has a hobby in car modification gathered people and started there task likewise other people started there own task.

* 1 hour later, Inside the Juggernaut v.1*

Lucas is meditating because he felt something and he start to run his lightning energy, Phoenix energy, yin energy to flow inside out in his body and his back an illusion of Yin-yang diagram appeared and image of eastern golden dragon and western black dragon who keep following the rotation of Yin and yang. As, his cells started to song praise while absorbing the 3 energy they die and reborn this process keep repeating within one hour and process ended a notification pop-up.


[Level up to level 15]


[Unlock an hidden function cultivation]


[Tori Tori no Mi, model: Phoenix complete it's awakening:

- Nirvana flames, a flame where to nurture the body and go though purification. Everytime Nirvana is used the level will decrease by 2 level, but everything will increase increase.

- Purification, everything will be cleanse every evil will vanish.]


[do you want merge your Yomi Yomi no Mi and Deadpool constitute?]


[Yin constitute and Yang physique]


[all chaos body completed

- all primary AP stats increase by 200 and 10 stats per level.

- can manipulate all kind of elements and energy

- can manipulate space

- soul and death related skill increase it's proficiency

- keepers job is max level

- gluttony and generation max level]

When Lucas opened his eyes, he can saw flames with different color. Inside the building is blue and outside is gray and some is black flames. He know this is the energy and soul. Then, he went to clean his body and change his clothes in Butler uniform since the snake eye's battle suit is needed to be washed and updated.

As, walk outside he saw he Mariam with 2 people behind her. In his curiosity, he asked

"Madam Mariam do you need something?" he asked.

*take a deep breath*

Mariam replied "We'll you see Lucas, can I bring them inside. I swear they can be trusted and they are helpful!" Mariam replied.

Lucas looked at them and smile "Why?"

She replied nervous especially when she saw his smile. Mariam bow her head and replied.

"Thomas family is like my extended family and Jairah will be happy having them in journey." Mariam answered.

A voice of plead and desperation, said

"I will to everything, just bring me and my mother." the daughter replied and the mother want to say something, but...

"Oh~ interesting, come! you don't need to do something unreasonable, but if you want to try find me later. Since, Mariam believe both you, I will trust you once." Lucas said and laughed.

Mariam said in low voice "pervert!"

*Few minutes later*

When both mother and daughter, they are amazed in front of them. a tour bus is like a luxurious car having sala set, kitchen set, and bedroom.

"Set and rest, we can talk later." Lucas said.


They looked at the door and Mariam open the door. When she open the door she saw Joseph and asked.

"do you need something?"

"zombie wave is coming!" Joseph said.

Crayun Crayun

The storm is coming... Can they survive with 33 people..

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