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well the word souryourer stuck to me for the past 12 years, I don't know what it means or which language it is from, I tried a think of where I got this word from but I cannot remember 6 years ago I heard the word fate and understand it, I don't have computer or net prior to that, it some how felt that the words souryourer and the word fate are related. 1 year ago I read my first novel and slowly got the Idea of writing the novel, finally here it happen. I always imagine the best and most powerful MC in the novel that is close to reality and also faraway from reality.
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50+ chapters should be enough for a review. The starting theme of the novel might sound a little lame but bear with it. MC is someone with great power but was injured in a fight. He tore the space and came to a place where he finds 2 beings from his world. Those 2 had a daughter. After years parents left the daughter and asked her to see over MC. mC wakes up after many years and is captivated by the FL. She gives him a series of tasks to prove that he is worthy of her. FL is currently the most OP character in the current world setting. So the tasks are he has to meet her clones in all of the realms she rules and make them fall in love with him. He also has to find out about her parents. MC can't use any of his prior knowledge, power, comprehensions to climb back to the peak. So MC is sent to the mortal realm. Now the catch is MC when he fled from his world got a wish fulfilling orb. He sets up a condition that upon reaching 25 yrs of age he will be reminded of this entire thing in a dream and he can use the orb. Then MC uses orb to make a system and travel back in time to become a child and start his cultivation journey. Now MC starts cultivating. Honestly some people might feel that this is little over the top. Coz MC is shown a little OP compared to his age. He has a genius system who is ever learning and evolving. Along the way MC meets the clones of FL and he makes them fall into love easily. He kills evil cultivators along the way. Currently MC is in a school for cultivators. The story follows a modern setting and the country of birth is India so there are many indian names and readers might find it a little difficult to associate with them. The story is going good. It may not be one of the best out there but it is definitely above the average better than reading popcorn novels to pass time. Writing quality is also good. Grammar mistakes here and there but still atleast average so there's no major hiccup in reading the novel. World background is being made clear little by little. The only thing readers might not digest is a child is so OP and he sent his clone in killing evil cultivators across nations and even succeeded. So some may consider it plot hole/armor. But MC is not arrogant. He is smart enough to hide his tracks. He does get dragged around by people and doesn't lose his sense behind his women. Only genuine women and women who are clones of original FL are the ones he interested in..... So it is quite a good read. Currently MC is going on a big adventure to one of the secret realms where his power will grow exponentially. I guess he will use this power to solve all problems in mortal realm and then go to upper realm. Keep going author.
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Pretty Good story, the writing quality may need some work. The updates are a nice consisteny rate. Would be great if you continued writing this great story.
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Honestly, I can't read it. Self-insert and wish fulfillment is good if done right, unfortunately, this isn't one of those cases. The main character's original name is the author's username, and while that isn't going too far what is going to far is that you can tell the author put his real name into the main character's reincarnated self's new name. This type of self-insert wish-fulfillment is something that is made for the author instead of the readers. A series made for the readers would have the reincarnation's name would either be a Chinese name which is what is considered normal on this site, it could have been a generic western name which could be the name of countless individuals of any race or origin, and finally it could have been a random name you might call yourself as a kid like Snake Manly or some ****. Even on the off chance the reincarnation's name isn't the author's real name it should have some significance to him, which still makes it applicable only to him.
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