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The Lone Girl

Author: KASHYP

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Chapter 1: A Tale From Distant Past

This is a tale from a long distant past when Demons and Monsters still roam around the world. And do whatever they want, rampaging the cities and massacring the people of the city. Their individual power is more than that of 2-3 Humans combined. They have ravaged the world and the world is at the brink of destruction.


There exists a village in a faraway place.

In which many different races live together happily without any care about the outside world. The village has a very beautiful atmosphere to it. The streets are filled with people of different races.

The village is designed and built by the Master craftsmen "The Dwarves" and Protected by the Magic of "Elfs". The hunting and safety of people is handled by the Beastmen. The farming is handled by the "Humans".

It is a place where all races live together happily, helping each other doing their part to live a better life. The village has a very beautiful Chateau built at the centre of it. As the door of the Chateau opens out comes a couple.

A man with a perfect masculine body and a natural warmth to his auro. He had black hair and golden brown eyes, He was wearing a brown suit, He carries a sword with him all the time, The sheath of the sword is pure white with golden embroidery over it. One can say it might be a sword specifically forged for the greatest emperor by the greatest blacksmith ever lived, it looks more of an art piece than a sword, it is a sword passed to him by his predecessor.

His excellent swordplay skills makes him one of the greatest, perhaps even the strongest in the entire world.

Standing beside his left, holding his right hand was his wife.

She was wearing a white dress. She has golden blonde hairs long enough to reach her waist, sharp like a sword crafted by a master craftsmen, Her skins glows like the first ray of light in the morning, Her eyes was Nordic color complementing skins and hairs, Body figure so dazzling that it might not be wrong to say the golden ratio originated from her, Not everyone can look at her not because she is the wife of the village chief but because everyone cannot stand against her glow, She was the definition of perfection. She carries a parasol in her left hands.

She is the master of Magic even the magic of Elfs which is said to be beautiful and strong fades in contrast to her.

She had a scar on her left left hand But this doesn't faze her beauty but instead it's like a jewel that makes her more beautiful.

They are the ones who govern this village.

They had a daughter named Lumia, who was 4 years old, and very beautiful and friendly. She gets along with everyone in the village, she is a lovely and playful child. She cares about everyone in the village and loves to play with other kids without any concern.

They left the mansion to take a stroll in the village. The streets of the village are buzzing with happiness. The shop vendors are selling fruit and vegetables on the streets, everyone is going on with their usual business always. They greeted various people as they came into contact with them on their route.

Then Lumia asked her parents permission to go out and play at a lake near the village, Her parents replied "yes, but remember to get back before fall". After getting her parent's permission she ran off towards the forest.

Near the village there exists a lake where Lumia occasionally goes around to play. The lake is filled with crystal clear water coming from a beautiful waterfall and has a rainbow above it. The lake is also surrounded by the beautiful flowers and forest. She keeps playing at the lake.

Everyone is happy with their peaceful life but "as they say nothing lasts forever".

Then the village's magic barrier which had been placed by the Elfs had been breached. The one who destroyed the village barrier was a demon nobody seems to recognise who the demon is. But he was indeed powerful, powerful enough to destroy the barrier of the Elfs alone.

He was tall standing over 10 feet with a muscular body and blood red skins with claws long and sharp enough to cut an elephant in half without any resistance.

Everyone in the village(Humans, Dwarves, Beastmen and Elfs) has gathered so that they can fight against him but he is too powerful for them to defeat or even put up a fight against him, piece by piece they all fall by the hand of the Demon.

Then he was stopped by a pair of certain individuals.

They were the chief of the village and his wife.

Everyone took a breath of relief, Because they know that The chief of the village will save them.

The couple decided to challenge the demon who was standing there.

The demon accepted the challenge.

The man asked " who are you and how did you find this place?".

The demon replied "That doesn't concern a soon to be dead man".

The man said "Your rampage ends here, you shall die by our hand".

The Demon laughed and said "you don't possess the qualification to defeat me.

The environment had suddenly gone quiet even the sound of tears can be heard in that environment. Then a leaf falls from a tree branch.

Then the fight starts, the man draws his sword and rushes towards the demon with an incredible speed fast enough that a normal person's eye cannot keep up with his speed, even the demon himself was unable to keep up with his speed. But his instinct kicks in at the last moment and he is barely able to move out of the way, right after the sword slash ends he is hit by powerful magic but doesn't suffer much damage.

He congratulated both of them for dealing damage to him and said you are the first one to ever to hurt me to this extent.

He smiled and said I guess I cannot let my guard down against you guys.

He removed a ring from the index finger of his left and as soon as he removed the ring a violent surge of the unimaginable amount of magic was unleashed from his body and the magic warps in his entire body.

The village chief and his wife took a step and took a defensive pose, his wife cast a barrier of magic in front of him to shield him from the sudden emergence of this violent magic.

As the magic dissipates it reveals a man standing at the centre of the source of magic.

Moments later the demon had disappeared instead of his place there was a man standing with a well built body wearing a white suit and a blood red tie complimenting it.

He gave the couple a very polite greeting and began to introduce himself.

"Greetings humans, I am the one known as the ruler of the demons my name is "Rodiano Corrente", It is my pleasure to be your opponent."

"May i know the names of the people who challenged me".

The Man Spoke "I am the chief of this village, My name is Devin Lawson".

The Girl Also Spoke "I am his wife, My name is Aculre Devin Lawson".

As soon as they finished introducing them, The expression on the face of the demon began to change to shock and confusion.

"I see, You are the chosen one by the world, That also explains why you are this strong" Rodiano Said.

"I get why you are this strong but I don't know why your wife is able to deal damage to me" Rodiano asked.

"It seems it has been too long since i started living this life, That you forgot who i am" Aculre Said.

"I don't get what you are saying," Rodiano said with a very polite voice.

"I see you guys still recognise me by my original name and title" Aculre said.

"Would you be so kind to tell me about who you really are?" Rodiano asked.

"My original name is Aculre Lavso Anrosh" Aculre Said.

After hearing the name Rodiano immediately bowed in front of her out of respect.

"And my title is The First Demon King Of Magic" Said Aculre.

"I thought you died in the battle against the chosen one" Rodiano Said.

"No, I was not killed by him, instead I fell in love with the "chosen one" and began to live here in a faraway place where nobody finds us" Aculre said.

"But we are supposed to be the enemy of the chosen one how can you love your sworn enemy?" Said Rodiano with a slight angry expression on his face.

"This doesn't concern you, state your reason why you came here?" Asked the couple.

"I came here to kill a certain someone" Said Rodiano.

"Who do you kill? Explain yourself." Asked Devin.

"In this village there lives a certain child who possesses an incredible amount of magic power, I merely came to kill the child to safeguard myself in the future" Said Rodiano.

As soon as he finished his sentence he was stabbed in the neck by Devin.

But it didn`t killed him,

"It seems there are some trouble because of which i will not be able to complete this mission of mine, Correct me if i am wrong, That is your child" Said Rodiano

"Correct, so you should go back to where you came from because we will not warn you again." Said the couple.

"I am really sorry but I will not go back till I finish her off," Said rodiano.

Rodiano punches Devin in the stomach and he is sent flying across.

Aculre uses magic to catch him and use magic to heal him.

Devin stands back with his sword in his hand and Aculre stands behind him to cover him.

"You will not be able to kill me even if you both joined hands" Said Rodiano.

"Don't blame because i didn't warn you" said Rodiano

"We will see about that," Said Devin.



Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.


  • AlchemicalRetard


    hmm so the twist is gud! Expressing the story is excellent ! lets see what future beholds!

  • Celesteo


    Okay so the story is good however things like capitalization and past tense and present tense and dialogue other then that the story is really good.

  • Poonam_Lata


    This is really good, I am now attracted to it, I wanna what happened next in the story, will both of them be able to defeat the demon or will they perish,

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