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Chapter 2: The Lone Girl

Suddenly a rustling sound is heard from the bushes.

Every student's attention has been diverted towards the location where the sound is coming from.

One of them asked "What is that rustling sound?"

Another boy replied "I don`t know, maybe we should go and check out".

Another girl replied "Don`t, what if there was a strange monster or animal waiting for his prey".

Then they heard a voice of a girl coming from the same location.

They can`t make out what the voice is saying.

Then one rushes to the location very quickly.

One of the girl shouts "Don`t rush, wait for us."

Then they all rushed towards the location where the voice was heard.

As they reached the location, they found a young girl laying there unconscious. But saying that she was alive is a bit of a stretch because what they found was more like a dead of a young girl. She looked skinny and about to die.

One of them reached out to help her but the other one stopped her because it might be a trap.

But she didn't listen and reached out to her and gave her some little tap on the head to see if she would wake up.

But she didn't wake up.

Then she begins chanting "O Great mother earth, please grant your power to this little child and give her the power to save a soul, HEAL".

As the chant is completed a gentle warm green light begins to envelope the body of the unconscious girl.

As the light faded up slowly the girl began to wake up or that was what was supposed to happen.

But the healing spell she casted didn't work.

The girl said "why doesn't the healing spell doesn't work? This is the first time I have seen something like this".

Then a rumble is heard.

They wonder where the sound comes from.

They look around but nothing shows up.

Then the sound is heard again.

This time they were able to pinpoint the location where the sound is coming from.

The sound was coming from the stomach of the girl they found.

One the girl said "It appears that she is quite hungry, let's take her to the camp and get her something to eat".

One of the boys picked the girl up on his back and they began walking towards the camp.

As they reached the camp, the boy laid the girl over a bed and another girl went to get her something to eat.

At the same time the unconscious girl began to wake up.

As she wakes up, she looks around and finds herself in an unfamiliar place and environment.

She then asked them "What place is this and Where I am?".

To which one of them answers "This is our camp for tonight, we found you unconscious in the woods and took you here".

At the same time the girl who left to get food returns with a bowl full of soup.

She saw the girl was awake now and offered to eat the soup.

The girl replied "I don't need it".

And at the same time her stomach begins to rumble; it is clear she is hungry.

She took the bowl of soup from where she began eating and as soon as she took the first sip, she said with an incredible smile "Thank you for the soup, it is good".

The one who made the soup began to blush lightly.

She said "It is the first time when somebody said that to her".

One of the boys spoke "Yeah because nobody liked your soup".

The girl drank the soup and said "No you are wrong; it is the most delightful soup she ever had".

Then one of the girls said "I apologise for our late introduction; My name Chaleo Aurobelle, I am a student of the Imperial Academy".

Others also began their introduction.

One of the boys introduced himself as "I am Jaydan Viscount; I am also a student of Imperial academy".

Another boy introduced himself "I am Kyle Earnest; I am also a student of Imperial Academy".

Last girl who gave the soup to her began to introduce herself "Greetings, It is my pleasure to be your acquaintance, I am the First Princess of "Sleozia Empire", My Name is Isabelle Griffiths Sleozia".

Then she asked the girl "What is your name and what were you doing in the middle of the forest at this time".

The girl replied "Who I am and what I am doing here" with a confused look on her face.

She began to think but nothing came to her mind and said "I don`t know who I am and what I am doing here".

The group is surprised to hear that and Jaydan said "c`mon you are kidding, there is no way you don`t know who you are."

But the girl nodded in denial. She didn't know about it.

Then Isabelle said "when we found you, you collapsed in the forest unconscious and we tried healing magic to help but the magic didn't have any effect on you."

The girl replied "I don't remember much about the event but I know why your magic didn't work on me".

Isabelle asked "Please, let us know".

The girl replied "Your magic will not have any effect on me nor any others because I have a magic resistance body".

The group looked confused.

Then Chaleo asked "what it is and what does it mean?".

The girl spoke again "It simply means, I will not be affected by any kind of magic, no matter how powerful the magic or magic caster is, I will not be affected by it".

The group became shocked as if a lightning bolt hit them.

They looked terrified to the bones.

The girl asked "What happened to you?"

One of them replied "No it was nothing"

They took a relieved breath.

Chaleo said "If you don't have a name or you don't remember then what should we call you?"

The girl replied "I don`t know, call me whatever you are comfortable with."

Then Chaleo began to think.

After a lot of thinking she said "Oh I know a perfect name for you"

The replied "Then tell me".

Chaleo said "We will call you Jasmine".

She looked at the girl and said "What, Don`t like it?"

The girl replied "No, it is a beautiful name and I will gladly accept it".

Then the group said at the same time "Okay then from now on we will call you Jasmine".

After that Isabelle took out a beautiful looking sword which she found near her and handed it over to her.

The girl took the sword from her hand tightly, held it near her heart and tears began to fall from her eyes.

Isabelle asked "what's wrong, why are you crying, are you hurt somewhere."

The girl said nothing and kept crying.

Soon Jaydan said "we should let her be".

Kyle also said "yeah we should leave her alone for the night and go to sleep since late night"

Isabelle agrees with them and they all leave.

The night is very quiet and peaceful. The beautiful sky can be seen with thousands of stars shining brightly as priceless jewels. There is no cloud in the sky tonight and a full moon can be seen.

The sound of her crying begins to slowly fades as she falls asleep.

The next day.

They all woke up with the first ray of light from sun.

They gather around near centre of the camp, But the girl was missing.

Chaleo said 'She must be sleeping; she had a rough day yesterday and I should wake her up"

Isabelle stopped her and said "Before that I have something, I wish to discuss with you".

She looked at her in the eyes with a serious look.

Chaleo understands that she is serious and agrees to her.

Isabelle also asked Kyle and Jayden to have chat with her and not wake her up until she said so.

Kyle and Jayden agree to her.

They all sat down on what appears to chair made out of wood put around a tree log which they had been using as table.

Isabelle said with a serious look on her face "do you believe it possible to have a magic resistance body which can nullify any kind of magic".

This question is of great importance because the world in which they live in is full of magic and they are the one of the most powerful nation and they excel at magic fight.



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