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Chapter 50: Three schools, four champions

The arrival of the other schools processed smoothly and soon enough the two foreign groups walked into the great hall. Konrad recognized Viktor Krum and thought that he's much shorter than he expected. The veela allure could be clearly felt from the direction of the Beauxbatons students meaning that there was at least one veela or part veela among them. Konrad could easily shrug off the allure, but his girls still put their hands on his thighs. He was suspecting that it wasn't entirely to protect him.

Konrad Looked through the arriving students and finally found the source of the allure. A somewhat seventeen year old girl walked among them that must have been Fleur Delacour...Huh, she's not really that special when you disregard her allure. She rather on the pretty side but that just it, no mindboggling beauty or something like this. My girls are much prettier!' He thought, So he turned his gaze towards them and started giving them kisses, that they gladly received while everyone were focused on the visitors.

Soon the Goblet of Fire made its appearance and Konrad had to admit that it's an Interesting piece of magic. He could probably easily make something similar but he could easily tell from where he sat that the application of the magical contract was actually pretty stupid. Your name you put inside acted as your signature in the contract. There's no actual way you would be forced to compete if you wrote the name wrong or put someone else's. Magic doesn't work that way. If Harry straight up refused competing in the canon, The goblet would have no power over him, but as he went with the flow The magical contract recognized itself as valid. It's as simple as this. You cannot have someone sign a magical contract for you without your consent. It wouldn't work or it would but on the person who signed it! So if Konrad didn't want to compete he would just have to refuse participation...Or destroy the goblet. But Konrad actually liked the idea of competing, just not the idea of angering everyone like Harry I Go With The Flow Potter!

As everyone started putting their names into the goblet Konrad enjoyed a quiet moment with Luna and Hermione.

"So, are you going to compete?" asked Hermione.

"If my name comes out then sure. I have nothing against it I'll just make sure I'm not suddenly hated by everyone." Konrad replied.

Hermione smiled."That's good then...How do you think Phoebe is fairing? We didn't see her for at least three days now!" She said.

"Don't worry. She's spending all her time with Athena Cristal and Ruby. It's just we missed eachother because she was healing critters somewhere in the north while we were working on the...UMF." Konrad replied. Luna grinned hearing her name idea being used by Konrad.

"Yeah I know but I still miss her presence...You think we could bring her to see Hogwarts?" Asked Hermione.

"We cant, Her presence would be easily felt by any Strong wizard and People like this veela girl. We would have to find a foul proof way to conceal her powers and I don't know any spells hiding goodness and happiness that wouldn't feel Dark." Replied Konrad.

"So no white phoenixes to wake us in the mornings?" Luna pouted.

Konrad grinned.

"You know I could easily bypass the safety systems in Girl Dorms and... give you a morning kiss if you so Desire." He said stopping himself from offering HIS white Phoenix at the last moment.

She smiled and looked at him.

"I wonder why aren't you doing that yet? I have to wake up and miss your lips until we see eachother in the common Room, and I'm sure Mione think the same." She said.

"Haha and what if you were changing when I visit? or your other roommates were?"He said with a grin.

And she smirked at him.

"As long as your eyes stay on us and not our roommates they could as well dance around naked and it wouldn't matter to me. I just want to wake up beside you Konrad." Luna said.

A few Lovers discussions later The trio finally come back To their routine. They couldn't really go back to the Lab today because a few things was supposed to happen tonight that they needed to check on, so it seems like another day without seeing their Phoenix. In the end they decided to examine the goblet thoroughly and later train their magic some more. The amount of magic Konrad now possessed easily passed a hundred Dumbledors. It would have been extremely hard for a normal wizard to achieve such level but Konrad and his girls had a diet consisting of powerful magical ingredients like basilisks meat in addition to their highly efficient yet straining magical training. They also perfected a magical infusion and purification formation that allowed them to increase the potency, magic and nourishment of the food they eat. Thanks to it, the normal food became magically nourishing while already magical food became even more powerful.

The trio was at the moment playing with illusions, trying to make a four dimensional tesseract when their detection spells informed them that a polyjuiced person was approaching the goblet. They quickly arrived in the place hiding under the invisibility Cloaks and watched as Moody/Crouch used confundus on the goblet and was about to throw his name into the goblet.

'Wouldn't it be funny if I changed the name into Barty Crouch Junior?' Konrad told girls using Telepathy.

'Bettet not. Who knows what would be his reaction. He might as well go on a killing spree or something.' Replied Hermione.

'Ahh yeah, you are right...'Konrad replied.

They watched as the fake teacher thrown the name inside and left.

"...You know... maybe I should put my name inside normally?" Konrad said.

"What?" Hermione asked surprised.

"Ohh Konrad wants there to be only one Hogwarts champion! that way he would easily dodge the anger of most people and make it somehow more fair when only Three champions are chosen!" Luna said.

"But what about Cedric? Wouldn't he lose his chance of competing? It's a little unfair for him and I'm sure you won't let him die Konrad." Said Hermione.

"... ...I gues...alright then we'll go with plan A like we planned already." Said Konrad.

"Mhm, Alright then Let's go back to our Dorms before someone catches our dummies not waking up or something haha." Laughed Hermione.

The trio went back and after a short snogging session on the couch they went back to sleep.


The next day started with Konrad waking to the sight of two beautiful purple-gold eyes of a cute black haired girl lying beside him.

"Morning Daddy!*Kiss*" Cristal kissed the Surprised Konrad happily.

"Cristal? What are you doing here? Not that I mind, mind you."He said with a smile. Then he felt something moving on the opposite side to Cristal. He turned around to See Ruby snoring there lightly. She looked adorable and Konrad couldn't help but give her similar kiss to the one he received from Cristal a moment ago.

"Morning Princess." She slowly opened her eyes only to fell Konrad's Lips touching her own. When he finally let go, Ruby was trying to catch her breath.

"So? What are you TWO doing here?" Konrad corrected himself. Cristal made an embarrassed expression.

"We felt lonely Daddy! We didn't see you In person for THREE days! It was like a torture and even Phoebe couldn't help us! So we came to you in the same way we did in the past. You seem to have forgotten Daddy that I can still take a form of a little snake who can become invisible, similarly Ruby." She said.

"Yeah! since we got our human form you seem to have fallen into a misconception that we cannot join you in Hogwarts because we are not students her. But that's not true! We'll make sure than none of us feels lonely anymore! And don't worry about Phoebe, She's with Athena. Since you rarely ever write letters She has a lot of free time lately. She doesn't seem to complain though ehehe." Said Ruby.

"I see...Umm but wouldn't you rather be with mommy, Ruby?" Konrad asked.

Ruby blushed.

"Ehehe well, we decided that we'll join one of you together every night! and today's your turn Daddy!" Replied Ruby.

Konrad smiled and then waved his hand reinforcing the wards around his bed that the girls must have erected. The snogging and kisses that followed lasted for at least thirty minutes.


"The Champion of Durmstrang is...Viktor Krum!" Resounded the voice of Dumbledore followed by loud Cheers, after The Goblet of fire thrown out the first parchment.

"The Champion of Beauxbatons is...Fleur Delacour!" That was followed also by sobbing of a few witches from the aforementioned school.

"And finally! The Champion of Hogwarts...Cedric Diggory!!" There was a lot of cheers among the Hogwarts students, mainly Hufflepuffs.

"Dumbledore was about to wrap up the speech and go into the backroom but was cut mid sentence when a fourth parchment flew out of the goblet.

The name was obviously Konrad Potter. Dumbledore called out the name but Konrad did what He planed before. He jumped on the table and loudly proclaimed that he didn't put his name inside which he followed with a magical wove stating as such. Well... It was true. He didn't put his name inside nor he asked anyone to do so. The fact that he actually quiet liked the idea of competing was not mentioned at all.

There were murmurs around the school but everyone were rather suspicious than angry at Konrad. Many was thinking how did his name came out if he didn't do it and some even came to a conclusion that someone might want to kill him. The thought that Konrad cheated to get himself a place into the tournament was crushed almost completely thanks to his magical oath so he was safe in that regard. Luna Hermione and Ruby and Cristal in their small invisible reptilian forms, joined him into the backroom playing angered and not letting Konrad stay alone in the same room with a veela.

Inside Where the other champions gathered was not a small commotion after Konrad's arrival. Dumbledore Didn't jump on him like a rhino with his 'DIDYOUPUTYANAMEINDAGOLETOFIRE?!' thankfully, but simply confirmed the magical wove

and informed the other champions and headmasters/mistresses about the unforseen fourth champion. There were shouts and anger but in the end nothing could be done and everyone walked their ways.

That night Luna had the pleasure of sleeping with the two reptile girls. If Konrad saw them like this, he would probably pass out of blood loss due to all the nosebleed he would have.

Blacklares Blacklares


I just spend two hours on a bus after waking up at 5am. What a better way to pass that time than write you a chapter!




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    I really want to see Barty Jr. name come up. lol

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