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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Gotta Start Somewhere

Jaren leaned back and sighed. He had patiently been waiting this moment for 16 years now, and it had finally reached fruition.

["Patience is a virtue" quest completed]

Avoid contact with main cast until the main plot starts 1/1

Rewards: 1x Gacha draw, 1 level

And like that, he finally gets to actually use his system properly. He got this system back when he was reborn as a baby. But he couldn't use anything until he reached level one, and his experience bar was stuck at 0/0 the entire time, meaning there was no choice but to sit and wait.

'This damned system finally lets me use the damn thing', Jaren didn't know whether to laugh or cry given the circumstances. But he just let it slide and wanted to draw his card for once. That's right, he had the Card System for 16 years without any cards. Today was the day that all changed.

'What I need right now isn't an Equipment or Passive, but a Character card. Cmoooon, character card.' With his heart in his throat, Jaren made the pull on the gacha. Sadly he couldn't just get Goku right off the bat, because for every ten levels you had, your gacha pool increased to another tier with stronger cards. The roulette spun wildly, many images blurred by and he couldn't quite tell what anything was, until it finally stopped.

[Passive card]

Tier 1

Swordsman's Skill

Effects: +10 strength, +10 agility, +10 dexterity, and the skills of one worthy of being called a swordsman

'FUUUUUUUUUUCK!' Jaren knelt to the ground crying, lucky that he was in his room, but that wouldn't have changed his reaction either way. Swallowing his tears, he equipped the card anyways, something was better than nothing, and looked at his new stat page

Jaren Rasile

Level 1, 0/100 exp

20 Strength

10 Endurance

20 Agility

20 Dexterity

0 Spirit

(human adult male average is 10 except for spirit)

Equipment: None

Character Card: None

Passive Card: Swordsman's Skill

Jaren stopped his bitching immediately after equipping the card, however. Even though he had no sword, there's more to having skill than just swinging a weapon. Proper movement, spacing, and reading the enemy all came with the territory, and thus came with his newfound skill. 'This is a good enough of a start I guess, and the best I'm gonna get'. But then, all of a sudden, he was confused.

The school year the main plot takes place in started a while back, and it's not even the beginning of the day, but rather the afternoon. 'Wait, what if instead of when the story itself starts, it means the first major plOT EVENT OH SHIT!' And with that Jaren sprinted downstairs and out of his house, towards the place he scouted long in advance, where the main character dies.

Hoping he had time to spare with his newfound speed, he took a detour through an alleyway to grab a metal pipe, which felt right at home within his hands. From there, he just sprinted as fast as he could… [Quest Received]

["Like a Good Neighbor"]

Be present for the main characters death 0/1

Rewards: 50 exp, 10 GP

Free exp is free exp. He's gotta get as much as he can if he wants to actually grow. As for the weapon, this may very well end poorly, and he thought the system may reward him for going above and beyond. With the orange dusk sunset as a back in the grassy hill park, this would normally be an extremely romantic sight. Which was actually the original plan. Sadly, that wouldn't come to fruition, as evidenced by the sight Jaren saw ahead of him.

'Fucking hot' was his first thought, looking at the woman who was basically only wearing black stockings, bra and panties, and filled all of the above out very well. The next thought that comes to mind however is 'fucking insane' when seeing her hold a spear of light, and saying the words "Will you die for me?".

As she reeled back to throw the spear, Jaren realized she was out of his range and flying, with the black angel wings he glossed over for a second. So, he took a page out of her book, slammed his left foot onto the floor, and threw the metal pipe as hard as he could at her head with his right arm.

Right as she threw the spear, she was nailed in the back of the head with the pipe, and knocked down. The spear was off course, but still clipped the side of the boy she was aiming at, taking a chunk out of him. Jaren just now realized the main character may not die because of this, and hoped everything would be okay. That wasn't his focus for long, however, as he had bigger fish to fry.

"How dare you!", the woman screeched at him, standing and only looking slightly dizzy. Jaren had hoped that with double the strength of an average person he could have at least concussed her, but ah well. Luckily, the pipe had bounced off her head back towards him, so he picked it up while keeping eye contact with her, as unpleasant as her crazed eyes were.

Luckily, he had the time to formulate a plan while she inhaled deeply, starting a visibly upcoming rant. "Who the hell do you think you are, you filthy human? To strike ME, with some ratty old pipe! You'll pay for your retarded arrogance!"

She started this fuming, and slowly became even more enraged looking at his uninterested face. Screaming some more, she generated another purple spear of light and launched it at Jaren, which he had been staying low and waiting for. Using his 20 agility, tracking the spear wasn't that hard if he was waiting for it, so he side hopped out of the way.

"STAY STILL AND ACCEPT YOUR PUNISHMENT!" She generated two more spears and threw them side by side, aiming at his upper arms as a method of slow but efficient torture. Jaren made a fairly simple yet effective decision, and just crouched beneath them, immediately launched into a sprint from that position as the spears passed.

The woman, still raging, also began to panic, and as Jaren quickly closed the distance, she hastily formed a spear and swung sideways. As her hand brought the spear near his head, Jaren struck his pipe upwards, just barely knocking the spear past his head. Seeing as she was wide opening, he planted his right foot directly into her stomach, knocking her back a few feet.

Jaren's attacks clearly hurt like a bitch, but he could tell by her mannerisms they weren't major enough to be celebrating. At most, he compares to a few professional athletes, of course he couldn't easily deal with a Fallen Angel this early on. His goal was never to win though, simply to buy time for the inevitable.

The main character had been bleeding out quite a bit at this point, finally soaking the summoning circle in his pocket that was originally used much faster. With that, Jaren smiled as a red magic circle appeared in the air, and with it came the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, her striking crimson hair making the summoning circle look dull in comparison. 'Rias Gremory, finally.'

Even since he arrived in the world of Highschool DxD, Jaren had been eagerly awaiting meeting the cast, even if he could barely be friends with them. After all, he had seen them through all their best and worst times, knowing them better than many real world friends would know each other.

Now that he was in their world, he was extremely curious to meet them and get to know them for himself. But he was robbed of this by that damn quest, and was delayed from doing so all the way up until now.

If he hadn't already been heading to this place, he wouldn't have made it in time for the quest, making it absolutely pointless. Which means, it probably only got assigned because his goal was to make it here and witness the plot. He filed away the knowledge that quests are based on his perception and goals for later.

He and the fallen angel Raynare stared at Rias making her entrance, with very different looks. Jaren tried his best to keep his eyes where they should be, even though her figure was very tempting to do otherwise. She wasn't his favorite character, but the story always described her like no one else in the real world possible could compare, and that's because at least compared to mortals in this world, that's true.

Raynare, however, took a deep long look at that crimson hair, and booked it all the way to next week, flying as fast as she could away from her. She was a cocky bitch, but she wasn't a fool, and knew not to clash with the daughter of the Gremory family head on. Once she was gone, Jaren let out the breath he didn't know he was holding, and slumped to the floor.

Rias looked at him curiously, and he had to force himself to not get caught in those blue eyes, instead smiling and said "Sorry, not very experienced with this. Don't worry about me, pretty sure that guy's bleeding out over there." He pointed to Issei, the poor protagonist who got his 'spotlight' stolen already. Jaren apologized and promised to try and not steal too much from him in the future. It all depended on how things turned out though. He wouldn't actively run from anything that came his way, after all.

Slowly collecting himself, Jaren stood back up and walked over to Rias, as she contemplated what to do with Issei, especially since Jaren was right here. Realizing he was in the way, Jaren turned around and said "Well, I can probably leave the rest to you since you showed up late. I'll see you around." Before she could say anything, Jaren sprinted off home, looking to rest and leave everything else till tomorrow.

After all, at the end of the day, he was an average guy, who just fought toe to toe with a fallen angel, and then had a beautiful devil show up and had to communicate with her. Jaren wasn't weak of heart, but he also knew better than to trust himself to not make stupid mistakes. One highschool life was enough to learn how to not mess up the second one.

Swatdude64 Swatdude64

Just now realized, I already made two chapters for this a month ago. So I decided to upload them and see if anyone would be interested in more.


  • Coeur_noirs


    I hate all system with punishment like that

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    A slave is a slave.

  • Sevennamed


    Please don't make the MC a slave.

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