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Chapter 39: Date with Destiny

After speaking to Blake, Jaune returned to his teams room. When he thought about it, Jaune actually did not know whether or not Torchwick and the White Fang would try to rob that shipment of Dust, but in spite of many things being different compared to the original timeline, the threat they faced was still similar to what he saw in the show. Wanting to prevent the fall of Beacon from ever happening, he decided that he wanted to deal with Torchwick sooner rather then later, so he hoped that this much would be the same, and he'd be able to deal with Torchwick on Sunday.

He went straight to bed with plans to plan the next day for when he'd be meet Torchwick with Blake.


The next morning, there was a knock on Team RWBY's door, and Ruby rushed to it first, hoping that it would be Jaune. They had no specific plans today, but she could nevertheless hope!

When she opened the door, though, she found Diamond. He was not wearing is usual school uniform, but instead slacks and a nice shirts, a bit dressed up. Ruby seemed to realize why he was here "Blakey, its for you."

Ruby fully opened the door and Diamond soon saw Blake in a nice black dress with some purple last and a white strap with a white rose attached at the waist on her right side. The dress was held in place by two thin black straps, so it showed off just a little bit of cleavage and everything else above that "Wow." Diamond gulped. "Blake, that dress looks great on you."

"Thanks." Blake said as she headed to the door and stepped out into the hall.

"Enjoy your date, Blake." Ruby said excitedly for her teammate.

"I'll take good care of Blake." Diamond insisted "No one will cause her trouble if she is with me." he promised to Blake's teammates "I'll handle anyone that tries." he then offered Blake his hand and she accepted it with her own gloved hand. Her gloves were the same material and color as her dress, and matched it perfectly, reaching past her elbows all the way yo the point of lining of with her dress.

"Expect lots of questions when you come back." Ruby told Blake.

"That's fine." Blake answered to Ruby simply before walking off with Diamond.

"Well, that explains why Blake got so dressed up" Weiss noted "I wasn't the only one wondering about it, was I?"

"No, but I thought someone else would ask her about it" Yang admitted.

"Diamond, huh?" Weiss commented as she thought about it "He's a good person, not prejudiced against the faunus. I think Blake will be just fine."

"That's right, he is your friend." Ruby recalled, looking at Weiss "I think I'll still want to ask her about it when she gets back." she chuckled.

"Naturally." Yang agreed and chuckled.


Diamond and Blake left Beacon together, and headed to his Uncle's shop. Since coming into Vale, Diamond hadn't been able to visit the man as often as he would have liked, and thought that spending the day with Blake was an excuse to go see him and introduce them to each other.

Blake did not really have any expectations for this 'date', but was a bit surprised when he brought her to Tukson's shop. "Oh yeah, Tukson is your uncle, isn't he?"

"so I guess you do remember him then?" Diamond chuckled "Yeah, I didn't know if you would remember him or not, but I figured since I know you love books this was a good place to start spending time together. Don't worry, I have plenty of other ideas for today, this is just the beginning.


By the time Blake returned to her room that evening, she had actually had a pretty satisfying day. After visiting Tukson, they had went to the park and had breakfast together before she'd suggested training together. The setting had been too nice, and she'd started feeling a bit out of character for herself, so she compensated/recovered by suggesting that they train together.

While it was not part of his original plans, Diamond had agreed and they ended up training in a secluded part of the park up until lunch, when they went to a nice restaurant, and concluded the day by visiting a museum.


Sunday morning came along and Jaune met with Blake and they went to the pier. Canonically, Jaune knew that this shipment would be targeted in the evening, but he could not be certain that it was still the case, so they'd decided to stay and watch it the whole day just in case,

He had prepared plenty of food and water for them while they were overlooking the scene. They both agreed that if anything were to happen, it would probably be at night, but they also agreed it best not to take any chances.

As they guessed, though, the bulkheads did not start arriving until well into the evening. "Oh no." Blake said when the first of the white fang members got off the first bulkhead.

"Seems I was right" Jaune said, then used the transformation jutsu to have his hair turn black and to take the faunus form he used when living with the Belladonna's.

"Alright, grab the tow cables" one of the White Fang ordered

They watched a few more seconds before Roman Torchwick came out of the Bulkhead "Hey, what's the hold up? We're not exactly the most inconspicuous bunch of thieves at the moment., so why don't you animals try to pick up the pace."

"This isn't right. The White Fang wouldn't work with a human like that." Blake insisted, and stated to get up, but found Jaune's hand on her shoulder, preventing her from acting hastily.

"We mustn't spring the trap too hastily. They are not stealing all that dust with only one bulkhead, so they probably have more on the way." Jaune insisted, then let go of her shoulder and passed some elemental dust to her for use with her semblance

Jaune waited until two more Bulkheads arrived and then used his scroll to begin playing a song over the piers PA system.


Day by day it's nearer

Step by step you grow

Closer to your ruin

Soon your time to go

Life is just a journey

Yours is near its end

Bloody evolution

This world transcend

Black out the sky

All things must die

This is the end

Here's where you'll die

Legends should scatter

So just say goodbye

No one will miss you

When you're fin'lly gone

At your conclusion

Sing your swan song

Murder unkindness conspiracy

Embers extinguished in effigy

Just close your eyes

Don't fear demise

Black out the sky

All things must die

All tales conclude

All bonds dissolve

Infinite matter

Will always evolve

Just pray for mercy

At your time of death

Be glad you existed

Enjoy your last breath

Gleefully voicing this eulogy

Spawn of the tenets of treachery

Rest now, subside

With fate collide

Black out the sky

All things must die

It's time to accept to abide

Admit that the hour's arrived

Resign, comply

It's time to be one with the sky

Surrender your pride

Let death be your guide

All things must die

Just close your eyes

Don't fear demise

Black out the sky

All things must die!


Just as the song had started, Roman Torchwick and the White Fang were instantly put on high alert, but it was too late to escape as many vines rose out of the sea and grabbed the two bulkheads that had just arrived and dragged them down, starting to sink them, and more vines broke through the piers concrete to restrain the bulkhead that had already landed.

"Ehh!? What the heck if going on?" Torchwick asked, then saw the arrival of a pair of black cat faunus "Is this your doing?!"

"Brothers of the White Fang, there is no way that Sienna Khan would condone your actions. This is Adams personal vendetta against the Schnee Dust Company. What does the White Fang gain from robbing one of the few good companies that actually treat the faunus employees fairly?" Blake called out to them all "When our father, Ghira Belladonna, stepped down as head of the White Fang, he warned Sienna of Adam's madness and his vendetta, but unfortunately she chose to disregard our warnings. We Belladonna's reject the idea that violence was ever necessary to begin with, but even if you believe it is, what's the point in picking a fight with the SDC? Don't you have enough enemies without bullying those who are actually sympathetic to the faunus?"

The whole time she was speaking, the song was still playing in the background, an effective intimidation tactic given the lyrics in the some.

"Don't just stand around. Get them, and silence them." Torchwick ordered.

About two-thirds of the White Fang went on the offensive, while one-third seemed to ignore the orders due to Blake's words, their faith in Adam shaken. While there was still eighteen members of the White Fang, some of whom were still wet from swimming to shore from the two sinking bulkheads, who were still trying to attack them, these members were all weak, so Blake could handle them alone.

Jaune, on the other hand, went after Torchwick. With his chakra-enhanced attributes, he managed to go toe-to-toe with Roman Torchwick, but he was not able to get an advantage. This Torchwick was much more capable then the canon one. If he hadn't been, Jaune would have been able to handle him easily, but now he had to wait for Blake to finish the goods and then they could deal with Torchwick together.

Well, that was the obvious plan, at least, until a certain blond-haired monkey faunus arrived and came to assisted Jaune with Torchwick first, since Blake seemed to have things handled.

Torchwick was being pressed hard at that point, and once she finished knocking out the eighteen White Fang members, she also joined the battle suppressing Torchwick, and finally knocking him out.

The song was only then reaching it's end and both Jaune and Blake looked at at Sun Wukong "And you are?" Blake asked him.

"This may not be the right place to talk about it" Sun suggested with a smile as the police were starting to arrive at the scene.

"See ya around." Blake told Sun before the Jaune and Blake that were present disappeared.


On a nearby rooftop, Jaune and Blake remained hidden. After dealing with the Bulkheads, they'd each created one shadow clone and sent them to deal with Torchwick and the white Fang and the real Jaune had recorded the battle that had taken place with no sound.

Jaune placed a hand on Blake's shoulder and then used Flying Thunder God to take them both back to Beacon, after which they both went to bed, and Jaune sent the video to the police through his scroll

He deliberately recorded it without sound only because of the song that had played during the fight

Splendora_Gaming Splendora_Gaming

Blake's outfit, though obviously she does not have a tail



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