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Chapter 32: Have You Learned Your Lesson?

"Ana, Axel... Are you going to join me in going to the main mansion of the Stanford family?" Aizen returned to the master bedroom to ask the two women who were still huddled together on the bed.

"Back there again? What's there?" Ana opened her eyes lazily.

"I need to return the three young men. Well... That's if they want to be returned to normal hehe..." An evil laugh sounded like a demon was plotting his evil plan.

"Those three idiots? I'm coming! I want to see them whimper for mercy. Sister Axel, let's get ready." Ana suddenly became excited, she wanted to see the state of the fools who were about to disturb them earlier in the restaurant.

"Em..." Axel whose arms were pulled to leave immediately from the bed could only follow Ana's will helplessly.


The three of them now returned to the Stanford family's main family mansion and immediately entered the main meeting room where the City Lord was awaiting his arrival after being escorted by a guard who had been told in advance.

There are three young men who are still frozen like statues. They can only look around without being able to move any body part. Not eating and drinking for two days will not kill the three young men, so their situation is not alarming.

"Welcome, Mr. Aizen, Miss Anastasia, and... err... Madam." Thomas, as the host, welcomed back the three people he had been waiting for, he felt awkward because he did not know the name of the long golden blonde-haired woman who was with Aizen.

"Hum. Greetings to you too, Mr. Thomas." Aizen nodded to everyone present.

In the meeting room, there were only five City Lords together with Eileen and Rachel who came, the same people who had come to Aizen's room before. Unlike Eileen who accompanied her grandfather who was sitting in a wheelchair instead of her mother, Rachel just wanted to join in the fun.

Apart from Azazel City, all family heads and successors gathered in this room.

"They look healthy, do you want to be returned to normal?" Aizen approaches three young men with a teasing smile on something.

Alfred, Ryan, and Adam could only signal using their eyes that they were nodding nonstop.

Two days back, when no one was watching them, Rachel whom they often bullied took revenge on them. they have experienced it from being a punching bag to sculpture art, not to mention the annoying taunts that they hear almost all the time nearly driving them crazy because they cannot repay her actions and teach her a lesson.

Even after everything their family had done, they still hadn't managed to get them back to normal. Feeling cursed and maybe never coming back to being human. When the offer to return to normal again comes they will do anything to get it.

"Hmm... It looks like you still haven't learned your lesson. What if I return you to normal again in my next visit... Maybe in a year or two?" Aizen who knows they have not learned anything is now trying to trigger them.

Despair comes so quickly after hope arises. If they need to wait for two years in a state like this they prefer to commit suicide, and that's if they can. They now looked at Aizen who was still in front of them with a pleading look as if to say they would do anything for it.

Actually, the energy manipulation carried out by Aizen on them will only last three days at the longest and they can be free from this situation if they continue to fight the restraints from within, only they have resigned themselves to the situation and stopped trying to escape.

Samuel was shocked and worried about his son's condition if he really had to wait two years to return to normal, but like Robert and Henry who had the same concern about opening their mouths to help their family's successors beg Aizen, they saw Aizen snapping his fingers.


The sound of snapping fingers so loud could be heard, the three young men immediately fell limp to the ground. They immediately crawled towards Aizen while begging.

"Mr. Aizen. Forgive our previous careless actions. We promise to be a better person."

"I've learned from our mistakes, I've been enlightened by you and will be actively learning from my father to be a good leader."

"Uh... I will obey all your words. So please forgive me!"

In contrast to Ryan and Adam who apologized and promised to be a good person. Alfred just begging for mercy?

Aizen avoids the three young men who are about to hug his feet with tears and snot on their faces.

"Hm... This is not the character of a future leader. What I do is just to teach you a lesson, you should learn from it and try to be a better person." Aizen gives advice to the three young men and looks at the City Lord.

"Mr. Henry, Mr. Samuel, and Mr. Robert. You should educate them properly and better. Don't neglect their actions too much if you don't want to regret it in the future."

Aizen's advice was received with respect by them and immediately helped their son to stand up.

Rachel tried to hold back her laughter with her face turning red and hiding behind her mother even though Lania was also trying to make a calm face and not laugh. Lania was abandoned by her husband four years ago, in the same boat as Eileen's father, but Lania still has an older brother and a niece.

Ana and Axel have amused faces to see them all.

"Looks like my business this time is over. You should immediately carry out what we talked about before if you are worried that Mars will be like Earth." Aizen gave his opinion while returning to Ana and Axel and was about to leave from there.

The other four City Lords seemed to agree and agreed to return to their respective cities to immediately carry out the operation to slaughter the monsters above [Rank 3].

"Sorry, Mr. Aizen. Can you please wait for a moment?" Eileen saw that her Big Sis Evelyn did not come with Aizen, but she could not help but curiosity. She really wanted to know what made her big sister suddenly become like Aizen's servant.

Hearing this, Aizen stopped and looked at Eileen who was coming toward him. "Hm?"

"May I know why Big Sis Evelyn, Ah... What I mean is that Evelyn Azazel suddenly became like your servant?" This question also made other City Lords who were about to return to their respective cities become interested and Rachel immediately approached them seemed also curious.

They wonder what Aizen did to make that strong woman who is also a City Lord suddenly change her attitude to be like a servant and appear very respectful with a face full of adoration, and it all seems not coercion but her own desire.

"I don't know what you mean by that servant. But I haven't done much, and you better ask the young woman directly... Hey, it's not a good thing if I tell her about her without her consent." Aizen replied casually and adding the reason that he does not want to carry it straight away after seeing the face of the girls who came to him looking unsatisfied about his first sentences.

"Has she returned to Azazel City?" Rachel also asked.

"Yes, she just returned to her city."

Eileen and Rachel seemed disappointed because they couldn't ask right away and their big sister had returned to her city. It seemed they needed to wait a while until Evelyn could brighten up these two poor sheep who felt a little lost.

"Then we excuse ourselves. You still have a lot of work to do right. See you next time."

Aizen said his goodbyes, maybe they would meet in one to two years. The City Lords who were aware of the figure of the gods seemed to be always observing them, therefore they should not be negligent and immediately carry out their duties.

The revolution of mankind on Mars begins here. Combat forces of mankind which numbered no more than sixty million will immediately start a massive counterattack against the monarchs of the region.

This is like a penance for their long-dead ancestors, and they cannot be negligent and continue to relax after Aizen's arrival on this planet. Mars civilization was indirectly given to them from [Axel Goddess] which was the work of Aizen, a figure who was like a god to them.

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