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Chapter 16: How to get peace

Time flew as they devised the plan to bring down Danzo, until they reached the designated location on the small map, what was supposed to be the base of the members of Kusa no Hana who had withdrawn from the war was currently shattered, houses with fire, walls destroyed, etc.

Strolling around the place they found all the people gathered together with the Konoha group who had brought him up including Jiraiya, Kushina covers himself more to avoid being recognized by the Konoha members.

"You're finally here"

Seeing the three Tsume approach as she watches Aino closely, Yugao had come alone so the others asked about Hajime to what Yugao began to tell the situation to all present.

The first to respond was Shinku who had a series of emotional changes, to everyone's surprise at first he was relieved because so he was already sure that he would not pursue Kurenai to immediately feel frightened to change to angry, everyone present reveled in changing colors in Shinku's face without knowing what thoughts he was going through.

Several were curious about Hajime's wife as well as the story they shared.

"Good afternoon to all I am the wife of Hajime, my name is Aino Hayashi nice to meet you"

"It is a pleasure to meet you Aino-san, My name is Jiraiya and I am the person in charge"

The first to speak was Jiraiya along with the other Jounin, which the other young men found strange for a person of such high ranking to greet as a civilian as if he were someone of higher status or even higher than they, which caused them to feel curious about Hajime's wife.

What they didn't know was that despite Aino's appearance the energy she was released was similar to that of someone at The Kage level so they couldn't offend someone of this caliber.

While everyone was happily chatting the members of Kusa no Hana began to gather, from adults to children they were all together as they watched the destruction of their home.

"What happened here?"

"Kusagakure has in his possession an ancient weapon from the time of the wise of the six paths, the members of Kusa no Jitsu wanted to use it to end this war, but they prevented it, but today morning they attacked the place along with ninjas from Iwa and took the gun with them"

Seeing people clearing the rubble Hajime asks Kakashi about the situation.

"We have spoken to the leaders of the group and promised to help in the war, but only in stopping their compatriots and to prevent them from using the weapon, once this is over they will withdraw no matter if the battle between Konoha and Iwagakure"

While talking members of Kusa no Hana began chatting with Jiraiya and Shinku about the details of the next fight, the other ninjas began to help with the clean-up of the fight.

"Someday the wars will end"

Picking up the rubble Itachi in his Anbu clothes began to speak by holding that both Konoha and Kusa members stopped for a moment.

"Well in this world there have only been two times when there was no war or stopped but they lasted little and the battles continued, the first was in the time of the wise of the six paths because their family was so powerful that they were like gods to others and there were no people who could defeat them so they followed their orders and avoided wars, the other time was recent and was cradled by Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha created Konoha, as were the strongest of their time and Hashirama sought peace the other villages followed these principles and that is when they both disappeared that the wars resumed"

"It also depends on what kind of peace you seek"

Listening to the words of the Uchiha, Aino and Hajime begin to speak by attracting the attention of all those present.

"And you have to make one get peace"

"At most, it will be a momentary peace since war is part of the human being, you would have to take away various feelings from people so that they can live in peace, but it is impossible unless you control all the humans of the world, conflicts are created by envy, greed, anger, Lust, etc."

"Then there will never be a peace that lasts forever"

"Unfortunately it's not easy at all, the most we can do is make those wars turn into little fights that don't affect as much or someone too powerful and with eternal life to keep the peace"

With these words, the conversation ends by getting everyone back to what they were doing some more depressed than others.

Girayiraiya returned to the camp along with a member of Kusa, leaving the others to fight alongside Kusa's against his compatriots.

Preparing for sleep the different ninjas began to create crude rock structures with jutsus so that people could sleep peacefully.

Hajime stayed in a small house along with Aino and Kushina, preparing to sleep Shinku arrives to talk to Hajime alone.

"So it was true when you said you didn't have that kind of relationship with my daughter."

"Why do you sound depressed, I thought you'd be happy about it"

They talk to him on a small bench in front of the Hajime house and Shinku began talking.

"Well at first if I was, but the situation is about what Kurenai wants and not me, besides it's your fault for not saying anything about your wife"

"Well, a lot of things happened and we both thought we'd never see each other again, so I didn't want to bring it up."

"I didn't think Kurenai fell in love with you either"

"You're sure of that, it was only a week."

"Of course I'm sure, I'm her father, the way she's with you is different than when I was with Asuma, while with him she looked like a rebellious girl and showed a smile of appreciation and admiration, with you I showed one of affection and warmth that shouldn't be of a girl looking at her boyfriend, she looks like a woman looking at her husband even when we left you could see how she cared about you, with Asuma was different, when he was sent on dangerous missions she showed the same concern as everyone else when a teammate is heading to a dangerous place, I don't know what happened this week that made him change so much"

As Hajime and Shinku spoke, the door of the house opens to let Aino and Kushina through.


"So you fell in love with a young girl without you noticing, where she opened it before"

Hajime understood it was a situation somewhat similar to that of Aino when he brought Kaguya, but with Aino, he had shared many years and their relationship was very strong, as for Kurenai had only known her a week ago.

"Shinku-san you want for your daughter"

"I want her to be happy, to be with the man she loves, to take care of her and to love her much more than I do"

"And you will be willing for your daughter to be in a relationship with Hajime who is married to me"

"It's her decision I won't get in".

"And your Hajime will not abandon a little young woman in love true"

"I will not take responsibility for my actions"

This conversation if they saw her from afar would look like two adults making strong decisions, but for Kushina next to them, she could see that both Shinku and Hajime were sweating and shaking under Aino's gaze as they answered their questions.

Retiring back to the House Hajime is again alone with Shinku who could be seen with a face of relief as if they had escaped death.

"You have a very strong wife"

"I haven't seen a face like that a long time ago"

"Well I just hope everything goes for the better, but if you dare make my Kurenai cry I'll go and slit your throat alive".

With these last words, Shinku retreats to meet with the other Jounin.

"What are you think Kurenai"

Watching Shinku slowly retreat Hajime speaks to himself as he sees the sky.

/With Kurenai/

It's been two days since Hajime left for Kusagakure leaving the two of them alone in the apartment.

At first, Naruto was energetic, but as soon as I passed the first day and he was starting to show a little depressed looking at the empty chair when they ate the two alone or when they rested I looked out the window looking for him in the crowd.

Kurenai tried to distract him from thinking so much about this, but on the contrary, now it was she who thought of him, in these two days she thought more about him, when Asuma left the village, barely if she thought of him holding Kurenai confused about it.

"Kurenai-san when will Dad return?"

"Be patient Naruto barely left a few days ago do not despair, if you do, you will do whatever you ask"

"It's a promise, if I win I want you to become my dad's wife."

"W-why you want that?"

"I always wanted to have a family like everyone else with a father and a mother, now I finally have a dad and I want you to be my mom"

"But that can only happen if two people love each other not because you want to"

Upon receiving Naruto's request, Kurenai began to become nervous and begin to make excuses for changing the subject.

"But you love him no when we train Sasuke and me always when my dad goes to bed to sleep, you sit and read near him and look at him very happy, the girls say it's because you're in love"

"That's it"

When trying to respond, Shikamaru and Chijo came for Naruto, holding the latter running out, leaving Kurenai alone in the house thinking of Hajime

hinnk_uri hinnk_uri

Sorry I'm late but my work hours are complicated so I don't have a specific time to post.

I will try to make them 5 a week and they will all be published in the morning.

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  • jeanpierregerardo


    Hopefully he enters the harem kurenai xd, and it seems strange to me that tsume cannot recognize kushina because of the smell, being sensitive, his smell must seem familiar, I just say, waiting for the meeting of Kaguya with the protagonist and his children.

  • DivineDemonicDrago


    What a perfect timing...

  • hinnk_uri


    Thank you very much for remembering, at the beginning of the chapter if I thought about that but as I wrote I completely forgot. Thanks for your support

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