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Chapter 2: The truth about everything

Unknown — So..? This is the child which broke our legacy?

Unknown — Yes, it would seem that this is the mongrel between demons and angels.

Unknown — Mongrel? I thought he was the child of sin.

Unknown — Yes, the child of whatever, but I prefer to call him a mongrel.

Unknown — So what's the plan after all?

Unknown — First we have to analyze him.

Unknown — Why?

Unknown — Are you serious so stupid ? We have to do this, so we can know if he can use his weapons from this age or not.

Unknown — Not gonna wait until we get all of this information. I want a challenge ! I want to see his determination and strength ! Udual, my blood-lust is rising, I have to settle it down because what happen in the war ! Goddamn demons, those impure creatures, I swear I'll kill them all !

Unknown — If your intelligence had been higher than your thirst of battle... we would have won that war, Agod..

Agob — Shut up, you weak ass. So from everything you said, we need to wait.. Years before he unlocks his potential, and then we can kill him, Udual ?

Udual — Exactly, braindead gorilla. After all it seems that you can get something if i have to beat it in your head.

Agob — What did you said to me, weak ass?!

Udual — Just shut up and stay to the plan !

Agob — Okay, that's gotta be worthed.

Udual — Yeah ,yeah.. Whatever.

In the morning of a sunny day after Askall woke up with a tear on his left cheek and with a headache went after Fethelys to help him.

Askall — Sister ! My head hurts, can you help me?

Fethelys — Oh, What happened Askall? What's with this tear on your cheek, did you cried last night? Perhaps maybe you cried cause of the headache?

Askall — A tear? On my cheek?

Fethelys — Yes, it's something wrong, Askall?

Askall dropped on his knees and images started to show in his head.. images with places that he never saw.. Images with people he never saw.. images with a woman and a man running from somebody.. image with a woman crying over him and tell him everything will be fine.

Fethelys — Are you okay Askall?

Askall suddenly fainted

Fethelys — ASKALL ?!

Agob — Hey, Udual, come over here. Something happened with that kid.

Udual — I see. Maybe having a seizure?

Agob — No. It doesn't look like he's having one. Maybe it's something that we should to profit out of it.

Udual — Like ?

Agob — what if he remembers about his past? About his race, that he's true self.

Udual — Maybe this is the stimulant we need for him to unlock his potential. Perhaps it's our presence that it's affecting his memories.

Agob — But, we are so far away from his, how is this possible ?

Udual — I don't know, but we should go somewhere far from this place.

Agob — alright.

Udual — Let's move.

After Askall has fainted, Fethelys bringed him to Zafriel and explained to him everything what happened.

Zafriel knew everything about Askall, but didn't want to be found about Askall true identity. He suggested bringing him to his room, where he could be alone with him and help him in peace.

After some hours, Askall woke up frightened from those images he saw. He started to look after Zafriel because he was unfamiliar with the room he was in.

Zafriel saw him and stopped him from searching the room in the hope that he will found whose room it is. After Zafriel succesfuly stopped Askall, he blew a magic dust that would make him forget everything about those images.

Zafriel — Askall are you alright?

Askall — Za-...Zafriel? Where am i? What am I doing here ?

Zafriel — Don't worry Askall. I was just calling you to my house to show you something, but it seems that you've lost yourself. Perhaps this house has a strong presure on children.

Askall — Ahh.. This thing that you want to show me, it's something cool??

Zafriel — It depends on you if it's something cool or not.. Tell me do you like weapons ?

Askall — I do ! I like them a lot !

Zafriel — Tommorow I'll show you my collection, but first, I want you to go outside with me.

Askall — You're so mean ! I wanted to see the collection now ! Fine.. I'll come with you..

Outside, Zafriel, told him to walk a bit to see if he could walk alone.

After Zafriel saw that Askall can walk alone he asked Askall if he wanted to be trained by him. To train his body and his mind.

Askall was suprised by Zafriel question, but with joyfull voice he accepted Zafriel offer.

Every day Zafriel and Askall would meet up in the nearest forest to train him with divers methods to train his body and his mind.

6 years have passed from when Zafriel started to train Askall, Zafriel finally decided to train Askall basics of the fight. When Askall was going to orphanage from the training , he saw Misha surrounded and bullied verbally by some guys. Askall seeing that, he defended Misha by those bullies.

Misha surprised asked :

Misha — Why you help me? I rejected you when you asked me to be friends with you.. So why ?

Askall — It doesn't matter if you rejected me, when someone's in danger, you have to help and let me be honest.. I did it because you were a girl, I didn't do it to help you.

Misha — What a joke... from the most pathetic boy in the orphanage you became a cold blood without any feelings after all..

Askall — I rather be someone without feelings than a weak boy, but with feelings.

Misha — Ugh.. Anyway.. One of your rags have been torn of-... what are those signs?...

Askall — Sign?... what are talking about ?

Misha — Look at your arm dumb ass..

Askall — I-.. I gotta go, bye..

Misha — Wait !

After a while, Misha was on the way to orphanage and started to think about him..

Misha — What was that sign on his hand.. What about the scars that everyone told us about.. What if he's not a human? If he's not a human what he could be.. What if he's a reanimated?... Ugh... Why am I thinking about him.. He's a loser. He will never be anything more than a scared puppy like he ever was.

After that moment with Misha, Askall rushed to Zafriel.

Askall — Zafriel, What is this sign ?!

Zafriel — Askall, Calm down

Askall — I'll only, when you will tell me what is this sign !

Zafriel — Okay, I'll tell you everything you want to know, just ask me.

Zafriel told Askall everything he wanted to know.

Askall — So I'm a half demon and angel?...

Zafriel — Yes Askall.. You are..

Askall — Then why you, Fethelys and you, told everyone that I'm a scar wearer despite knowing that I'll grow up without any love from anyone and without any friends? To make me stronger? To make my mind stronger or just to torture me ?!

Zafriel — Askall, we were just trying to protect.. From not being ki-..

Askall — To protect me ?! That's not called protection.. Everyone is looking to me like a monster, and know that I know this, I am a monster !

Zafriel — Askall, stop, don't think like that !

Suddenly a loud sound was coming from the opposite part of the village and the sign that Askall had on his hand started to glow.

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