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Being Bobby B : Robert Baratheo SI

Author: mask95

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Chapter 1: The void

I woke up in a void, first there was fear of the unknown, then panic. As I was trying to remember how I got here.

I died . It doesn't matter how or why all that matters is that I'm dead . but here I am flying? falling?fluting? in utter darkness naked .

I cried, I laughed like a madman. I didn't know how long it has been but I've been through all the emotions that I have. I mourned my death, my family and my friends.

I bit my tongue thinking I would choke on my own blood, but it didn't happen. I felt the pain but my tongue healed. I didn't feel hunger or thirst.

It was way past the point of loneliness and depression. I started to fantasize about my life what I could've done different. then I fantasized about my life as a different characters from movies, books and TV shows.

I don't know how long it has been know I can't even fantasize, slowly the madness started to descend. but just then a voice asked me to play a game . I thought that it was just in my head.

But the voice ask again so I said yes. and then the I was no longer in darkness.

I was wearing a dark suit sitting on a roulette table with a man smiling at me, it wasn't a nice smile but he was the first person that I have seen in a long time.

I sobbed a bet and said "ehh hello, do you know where we are? are you the one that spoke to me? do you know how we got here? are you a God or a devil? what's going on? am I....." he raised his hand and I couldn't speak any more , I was terrified .

And so he spoke in a cold voice " don't speak unless I speak to you, and don't ask unnecessary questions. you are in my domain. you have been here for 6 months . know I brought you here to play a game. it's a game of chance as you see the wheel has 38 slots from 1 to 36 plus the 0 and 00 . the game is simple you spin the wheel while I spin the ball. simple yes"

I freaked out when he said that I have been here for only 6 months . it felt like centuries. I know how to play roulette . so I asked " where are the chips. what are we gambling on" .

he said " there is no chips. if the ball lands anywhere but the 00 and 0 then you will go back to the void for that number multiplied by a 1000 so if it land on three that means you will go back for three thousand years."

I got really scared I couldn't even last six months how well would I be after thousands of years and in a panicked bitchy voice " and the 0 and 00"

He chuckled and said " well you win of course . the 0 you will die, cease to exist. and the 00 you will continue playing for a better prize"

I looked at him and said " ok but what are the prizes" he looked annoyed and in a cold voice " what did I say about questions . now spin the wheel " so I did as he said and as the wheel spun around he looked ar me dead in the eyes and spun the ball in the opposite direction.

I looked down at the wheel for what it seemed like a lifetime. as the ball slowed down and it hit a couple of numbers before settling on 00 I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding .

" your prize is that you get to reincarnate, but don't get to exited you don't know what kind of world you will be going to, or your gender, and would you get to keep your memories" the being said

and then he waved his hand and the the wheel changed it had a 33 slots, 1 to 16 red, 1 to 16 black and 0 in green.

" if the ball land on a red number I get to choose where your new life, black you get to choose, and green you'll have your memories wiped out and be reincarnated as an average person" he said.

He didn't explain the numbers but its it's ok, I knew better than to ask, so we played again and it landed on 14 black . " will aren't you lucky, each of the numbers means a wish but, for each wish you will have to roll a dice. let's say you want a magic talent , you will get that talent but 1 will be the weakest and 6 is the strongest. and there are other wishes such as keeping your memories or your world or who will you be reborn as. all of these depends on your rollers. "

With another wave of his hand i got 14 dices . he continued saying " first roll for the general information the you can choose a talent, of you don't want to waste a roller then let it be random".

I picked up one of the dices and asked" what is the minimum for choosing a gender " he said "1 and up, to keep your memories 5 and up . worlds you can pick from your roll and down. "

I rolled 6 for the first one feeling lucky I picked 3 more dices and rolled and I got 5 , 3 and 1. I said " I want to keep my memories, be a male and I will use the 5 and the 1 dice for them " suddenly both of the dices disappeared, leaving the 6 and the 3 dices then I asked " can I go to the world of A Song Of Ice And Fire" .

" sure you will need 5 and up for that and 6 if you want a modifier in that world like someone being born late or early or a new city or the dragons still exist"

" I want to use my 6 to be born there and for the Lannister twins to be at Edared Stark age" and then the 6 dice disappeared leaving the 3 dice . I asked " can I choose a character or will it be random " .

He said " different characters require a different number for example an heir to one of the lord paramounts , a prince to any kingdom or the first son to a big name slaver or a merchant prince you need a 6, and a second born son or an heir to a lesser Nobel house 5 , a basterd or a son of a moderately rich merchant 4 , 3 is for being born to a craftsman or a son of a big wildlings chieftain, 2 for a smallfolk and 1 for an orphan in a city or a whore son"

I looked at the dices that are left , I still have ten unused discs and one dice on a 3, I shouldn't have used a modifier, anyway what's done is done. I picked three more dices and rolled them I got my 6 and 5 and 3 " can I see the characters that I can choose from if I use my 6 ".

He handed me a tablet and in their I found a different names from Robb Stark to Durran Godsgrief I clicked on Rhaegar Targaryen I hate the fucker but I want to see his character sheet ( the numbers are from 10)

[Rhaegar Targaryen :- prime

strength: 7

endurance: 6

vitality: 6

speed: 7.7

intelligent: 8

wisdom: 6

dexterity: 8

charisma: 8

Rhaegar Targaryen is the heir to the Iron Throne, due to incest he is a bit mad although it manifested in him as a delusion of grandeur believing that he was the prince that was promised and later that he will be the father of the prince that was promised. and for his son to become great he had to have 2 sister-wifes .

For that he manipulated Lyanna stark to believing that they were in love using her hatred for her betrothed and general teen angst to get her to give him Visenya Targaryen a daughter of ice to marry his son and with his other daughter Rhaenys who will be his fire and with both of them completing the ice and fire to the prince that was promised.

He died with a hammer to the chest.

Rhaegar weapon of choice is a sword and had level 8 mastery over it . his was more of a scholar than a general his level of tactics and strategy is 7

Other talent included musical talents for singing, song writing and playing the harp .

dormant powers:

Valyrian magic , Fire immunity.


Mentally unstable, if you wish to be reborn as this character you will have the same delusions as him, you will be pron to more depression tendencies and bipolar disorder due to genetics, as you age your problem may increases.


Dragon rider , heir to the Throne, above average swordsmanship]

Fuck that I have enough mental problems as it is no need for more I choose Robert baratheon next

[Robert Baratheon:- Prime

Strength: 9.5

Endurance: 9

Vitality: 8

intelligent: 7

wisdom: 6

speed: 7

dexterity: 7.5

charisma: 9.5

Robert baratheon born for war he is an excellent general, worrier and a fighter, he doesn't like the responsibility of being and heir and lord and hated being a king in his later years. he lived in the Vale most of his life and loved Jon Arryn and Ned Stark like a father and a brother.

He love life and all it's pleasures and liked women . after witnessing his parents death he grew to drink more, quick to anger and quick to forgive, but it wasn't a problem until he became king .

he loved Lyanna stark simply because she is ned's sister and after her 'kidnapping' and death he blamed himself for not being able to protect her from the Targaryens . he then became a king because there was no one else and had to marry soon after hering that his betrothed had died . he dreams filled with her crying voice asking him why didn't he protect her or the face of her family asking him the same thing. and if he is having a good dream the he is killing the Rhaegar again and again.

he became depressed alcohol and finding any and all worldly pleasures to fill the void that was inside him .

dormant powers:

from the first men bloodline; Skin changing (warg) , greenseer magic,

from his Valyrian bloodline: dragon riding, Valyrian magic


If you reborn as this character you will have major increased lust and libido. minor anger management issues depending on the period that you choose.


high level charisma, high level commanding and leadership, high level of martial prowess.]

okay I can work with Robert, to me he is a relatable character, he had his hero journey and killed the dragon but the princess died in the end and he wasn't the same.

so I choose Robert and with that the dice with the number 6 is gone and i still have 3, 3 and 5 so i asked " can I have a system like all the other MC's " he rolled his eyes at me " yes you can but it will ba a blank system just for showing you basic status and that is it and it costs one 5, a map function costs one 6, a shop costs seven 6 , basic 10×10×10 meters inventory costs one 6 and to expand it more is dependent on the size. "

I start to think what do I need , so fuck the shop who needs it anyway, I am not sulking because I can't have it . I checked on how many dices lift i had two 3's and a 5 and seven unused so I used them do get a better understanding of what I have and got , one 6 , two 5's , three 4's and a 3 .

So in total one 6, three 5's , three 4's , three 3's .

" I want to use one 5 for the system and the 6 for the inventory " and then the 6 and one of the 5's disappeared , now I have two of 5's , three 4's and three 3's.

I want the map It will be great help amd I still want some perks like magic and warg and I want to have a regeneration powers maybe teleportation and I want something to shield me from the eyes of the other magician and green seers maybe even the gods of that world.

The being reading my thoughts said " you can combine the dice to get a the bigger number. for example 6 you need two 5's , four 4's , eight 3's , sixteen 2's and thirty two 1's."

Okay that's good if I combine the two 5's I can ge the map function . " I want the map, and how much does it cost for the teleportation and magic and to make sure that nobody notices me and a regeneration power ".

The two 5's are gone, All that I have now are six dices , three 4's and three 3's. he said " a shield to make unnoticeable in this world is a 4 because the Gods are local only control the solar system, that is why the seasons are off. and since you have a dormant magic powers you will need a to activate them , but you can only use one bloodline, if you go with the first men bloodline you will have there branch and the same for the Valyrians . as for power well that depends on how much you spend, for a 1 in the Valyrian branch you will have a basic heat resistance and 6 you can hatch as many dragons as you want you will be immune to fire and you can control fire basically an OP fire mage. as the first men branch 1 you can warg in your sleep and 6 you can warg to any being in the world other than Gods and you can command nature, basically an OP druid."

I chose the druid route and the concealment , with the druid being 4 rather than 3 . that will leave me with a 4 and three 3's . " I want to use two of my 4's for the concealment and the first men bloodline, I want to know how much for the teleportation and the regeneration and mental magic can I have that to like mind reading, mind control and hypnosis. "

he said " since you have opened the magic you have you can get a teleportation for 3 but only from one Weirwood tree to another. and 4 for teleportation to anywhere with in 500 kilometers. Mental magic 3 you can read and control people but you have to be close and the hypnosis needs an eye contact, 4 you can control and read people thoughts from a distance and can even dream walk and hypnotize them from the dream. regeneration is easy for 1 you double that of what you had and 6 is sixty four that of what you had so 3 will get you ×8 and 4 is ×16 . and form 3 and up you and up you will have immunity frome poison and diseases

" okay I want mental magic 4 , and teleportation and regeneration 3" . All that is left for me is a single 3 what can I get for it . the 'man' said " you can choose gold or it's equivalent , 1 is 5 million gold dragons , 2 is 10 millions gold dragons , 3 is 20 millions gold dragons . or you can and magic if all depends on what you want or you can divide the three into two 2's or four 1's or a 2 and two 1's , but magic is weaker the in the lesser numbers and since your magic is based on druids , violent magic gets weaker and nature based magic stronger ".

okay I can work with that " I want level 2 healing magic and 5 million gold dragons and how much Valyrian steel can I get for the remaining 1 " .

" a medieval sword usually weigh around 2 to 2.5 kilograms and a sword costs 1 million so you'll get 5 greatswords or 12.5 kilograms "

" I want the 12.5 kilograms , I can have one of the swordsmiths reforge them "

" done you will find the metal and the gold in your inventory, now whe do you want to be reborn " .

I don't want to go through the baby phase or the kid phase and I want it before the rebellion, and it have to be in a good moment so people don't question the sudden character changes, .

" I want to be reborn when Robert and Stannis are watching their parents die, will i blackout? and what about the memories before that"

" you will not blackout , the world will freeze until you are synchronized with the body's and its memories, some if not most of his traits will be carried out to you the older the body is so choose carefully "

okay I can live with that , Robert problem is alcohol and I hate the stuff I smoked weed but never drunk it always burns my throat if combined maybe I would drink a little but not as much as him , and if people wonder why I changed I can blame it on seeing my parents die before my eyes.

" okay nice meeting, I hope that I get to see soon " that man said and suddenly I was thrown into a portal.

mask95 mask95

please comment , if you find a grammatical or spelling errors.

tell me you opinion and maybe I find a way to write it in the fic.


  • Akutzu


    Nice start, now to see how he destroy canon

  • BigStig97


    I enjoyed how you set up the wishes. Very original.

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