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100% 1d/5sos Medical preferences / Chapter 42: 1.2.3 Strike - 5sos / 1d Medical

1.2.3 Strike - 5sos / 1d Medical - 1d/5sos Medical preferences - Chapter 42 by Daphne_van_der_Lee full book limited free

Chapter 42: 1.2.3 Strike - 5sos / 1d Medical

After this I feel like an expert on this. I haven't read so many articles for my own study as I did for this prompt😂

"Raf get here now," Liam yelled from downstairs. Liam was currently doing the dishes and waited for his younger brother to arrive. Raphael closed his laptop and walked down the stairs.

"What's wrong," Raphael asked. He saw his 14 year old brother Niall laying on the couch with some chips. He grabbed a few, leaving a grumpy Niall and walked towards the eldest in the Malikson household. Liam, 17 year old, usually kept everyone in line when their parents were working in the hospital.

Liam stood in the kitchen with Raphael his twin Harry. "Okay did I do something wrong?" Raphael asked getting anxious. "No on the contrary," Liam said as he slid a paper towards Raphael, "you're getting enrolled into a new program at school. It just came into the mail. How come you didn't tell?"

"Owww," Raphael sighed, "I told pops. Didn't plan on telling you though."

Liam smiled towards his brother. The 13 year old twins were both hardworking but hadn't ambition to follow their parents into their shoes.

Harry loved baking while Raphael was a beast in football which genes he got from Louis.

"If you don't have something than," Raphael spoke sassy, "I'm going back to my homework."

Liam nodded and turned back to the dishes.

Raphael walked into the room and Niall hadn't moved an ince. "Get your ass of the couch," Raphael spoke, "I need your help."


"Get here," Harry yelled from the garden, "Li is ordening pizza."

Niall and Raphael quited their game of football and stepped with Harry into the living room.

Raphael was feeling a bit off during the game. He got a severe headache which wasn't there earlier. His legs and arms began to tingle a lot but he wasn't too concerned. His papa and dad would be home soon so is he began to worry, he would just ask them.

"I thought papa and dad were going to be home by dinner," Niall sighed. Liam smiled and nodded. "papa has an emergency surgery, dad is still busy annoying his interns."

"Alright I want just a plain margaritas," Raphael spoke, "don't feel too well."

This made Liam look up. "What's bothering you?"

"I just have this severe headache," Raphael spoke, "and I just feel off. Nothing major."

Before Raphael could set another step, he felt his legs giving out. He faceplanted directly to the ground. Liam was onto his feet in a second and rushed to his youngest brothers aid.

"Hey Raf," Liam spoke, "What's wrong buddy."

Liam helped him sit upright. As Raphael faced Liam, he noticed his mouth hanging a bit to the side. This send Liam over the edge, he now knew something terrible was wrong with his brother.

"Niall get here," Liam spoke not letting his eyes slide from Raphael.

Niall came over not thinking too much of it, his brother was just tired for the football game.

"Ni call the ambo," Liam softly spoke, "tell them I think Raphael is having a stroke." Niall his eyes widend and shook his head in disbelief to which Liam sadly nodded.

Niall left the room and frantically called 999.

"Hey Raf," Liam spoke as he steady the grip on his brother, "could you smile for me."

Raphael smiled. Only one side of his face wasn't smiling. This was enough for Liam. But he wanted to test one thing more.

He grabbed both Raphael his hands and asked his brother to squeeze as hard as he could. Liam his left hand got squeezed but his right one wasn't.

"I d-di-did g-," Raphael manages to choke out before Liam noticed his eyes rolling back into his head.

Liam immediately layed him down and turned him into a recovery position.

"Hey Raf you'll be fine," Liam spoke as he got his hand through his hair.

Harry, who was still standing into the living room not really progressing everything that was happening, suddenly spoke up.

"Li," he managed to choke out, "should I call papa?" Liam looked up to his younger brother and nodded. "papa won't be able to pick up because he's in surgery. Dad is worth a shot but I doubt it. If you're done go to Ni, you don't need to see this mate."

Harry nodded and walked towards the hallway where Niall was still talking to the dispatch.

Now it was just Li and an unconscious Raphael. Liam kept on whispering that everything would be alright.

Suddenly he felt Raphael his body tense." Hey buddy slow down yeah," Liam spoke. Before he knew it Raphael was vomiting. "NIALL!" Liam yelled. Within seconds Niall re-entered the living room. "What's wrong," he choked out. He was still on the phone with the dispatch. "Get a towel and tell them to fucking hurry up."

Niall knew it was downright serious. He never heard his brother yell or even swear at him. Niall quickly nodded and ran towards the bathroom to get a towel and asked the dispatch how far they were.

Liam was quite losing it. He knew how serious a stroke was and hoped his little brother wasn't having one but all he symptoms were there.

Suddenly Liam heard the doorbell ring and shot up. Harry had gotten to the door already which left Liam standing in the doorway of their kitchen.

"He's here," Liam spoke as he saw two quite tall men entering their house.

The first one ran towards the kitchen while the other one stood still by the family photo. He shot a look to the picture and noticed that they were dealing with the Malikson family.

The paramedic ran towards the kitchen were he found a young boy laying unconscious on the floor.

"Get here Clifford," the other paramedic spoke. This got Michael out of his trans and helped Luke connect the wires to Raphael his chest.

"Alright get the oxygen," Luke spoke, "100% open because he needs it."

Michael nodded and did what Luke asked.

"Did he complain about something?" Luke asked as he got a pen out of his pocket.

He scribbled the things down he noticed as instant. A hanging mouth, unconscious and vomit.

"He had a headache," Liam spoke and Luke nodded, "and than he just faceplanted because he legs gave out. His speech wasn't hanging and he just passed out."

Luke nodded at everything that Liam spoke. "Did the headache start suddenly?"

Liam nodded as he kept on stroking Raphael his head. Luke kept on scribbling things down on his glove.

"Alright I'm going to check his blood sugar," Luke stated as he crunched down next to Raphael, "Michael call the hospital to get Irwin stand-by, tell them to get the stroke protocol."

Michael nodded and went to the other side of the room to call Ashton, their pediatric neurologist.

Once Luke finished the bloodsuger, he wanted to get an IV into Raphael his arm.

" How old is he?" Luke suddenly asked.

"Ehh fourteen," Liam quickly spoke, "he just turned fourteen"

Luke nodded and had still one question. He noticed that Liam was a minor still.

"Where are your parents?" Luke blurted out, "did you manage to contact them?"

Liam looked up at Luke and sadly shook his head. "No our dads are working in the hospital. Our dad had an emergency surgery and papa was still busy annoying interns."

Luke was now confused looking at Liam. "Come again," Luke spoke hanging a bag of fluids into Raphael his system, "how are they called?"

"Zayn and Louis Malikson," Liam answered as he kept stroking Raphael his hair.

Luke nodded and got a thermometer out of his bag. He placed it into Raphael his ear. "He has some pretty good hair," Luke smiled trying to break the tension until the thermometer beeped. "39.7," he sighed.

He hadn't seen his brothers anytime anymore. He didn't want to leave Raphael but he knew he needed to wacth on his other brothers as well

 "If you don't mind," Liam started, "I'm going to check on my other brothers as well. If you're bringing him towards the main hospital, I'll come after you with my car." Luke nodded at the suggesting Liam did. Liam left Raphael and went on the search for his other brothers.

"Li," Niall spoke as Liam ran up the stairs, "how is he?"

Niall was crying and holding a sobbing Harry into his arms. "Bad," Liam spoke as he hugged his brothers. Harry just kept on crying while Liam comforted him.

"C-can I go Li?" Niall managed to choke out. He kept playing with his fingers and looking down.

"Yes Ni," Liam said as he wiped away his own tears, "you can go with Raf. Me and Haz will stay for a bit and will come after you yeah?"

Niall went down to go with Michael and Luke towards the hospital.

"Will he be fine," Harry cried into his older brothers chest. Liam reassured Harry everything would be fine and promised their dad and papa would take care of them.


"MALIKSON," Ashton yelled to Louis who was just doing rounds with his nurses, "can I borrow two interns? I got a childhood stroke with an eta of 15, so I need to set up the stroke protocol."

"Yeah fine," Louis spoke, "Hood and Maxwell go."

Two male nurse students followed Ashton into a cubicle.

"Maxwell call MRI and make sure we have it within 20 minutes," Ashton ordered. Ashton got a few other nurses as well, but wanted two of the inters to gain experience at a stroke.

Ashton set up a few things he needed for the neurological exam on his incoming patient. Ashton grabbed a light as he heard his colleagues running in.

Luke and Michael were revealed with a young bloke who was covered in vomit and in an unconscious state.

Ashton immediately knew he needed Zayn, their chief of surgery, to get this kid back.

"Hood page Malikson," Ashton said as he watched Michael hanging the IV to the other side. "Louis or Zayn?" Calum asked. "Zayn."

"Alright 14 year old Raphael Malikson," Luke stated, "pediatric stroke, unconscious at arrival, complained about a severe headache, lost suddenly feeling in his legs, speech sluttered and a hanging face on the left side, 39.7 degrees at scene, b-"

Luke couldn't finish his sentence because suddenly Ashton noticed a change in Raphael his body language.

" We need to bed him now," Ashton quickly spoke as he knew what was going to happen. Michael looked weird but did what Ashton said.

"On three," Ashton spoke, "one, two three." Ashton shoved Raphael towards the other table with Luke while Michael reconnected all the wires to machines. Ashton felt Raphael his body stiffen and knew what was happening next. Raphael was seizing.

"On his side now," Ashton quickly spoke, "and Maxwell get that young bloke out of here." Niall stood there in shook and didn't know what was happening to Raphael. Nurse Maxwell nodded and took Niall to the family waiting room.

"What did you say was his name again?" Ashton asked as he kept Raphael on his side. "Malikson," Michael spoke, "Raphael Malikson."

"Oww God," Ashton blurted out, "Hood did you pa-". Before Ashton could even finish his sentence, Zayn was revealed in the doorway.

"Stroke?" he asked clearly not knowing Ashton was holding his youngest son down. Ashton nodded and knew it was only a matter of time before Zayn would find out who was laying on the table.

"Hemorrhagic one I suppose," Ashton spoke as he kept Raphael steady as his seizure subsided, "I ordered a MRI already. He hasn't been conscious since arrival. He had collapsed at scene already Luke and Michael told me. "

Zayn nodded and walked over to the table to get some things as well. It was when he turned around, he was faced with a way too familiar face.

Zayn instantly dropped the stuff he had in his hands and kept saying that it wasn't real. Zayn was dreaming. He would wake up soon next to Louis and everything would be fine. Niall would be hiding his new amount of candy, Liam would be learning at the kitchen island and Harry and Raphael would be having a great time.

"Z listen," Ashton spoke as he turned Raphael back into a more comfortable position, "I'm sorry mate but you need to step out of it. You know the protocol."

Zayn just shook his head. "No," Zayn stated, "no I'm not leaving him with doctor Tros, you know the guy. I can do this Ash, just please don't make me leave."

Ashton sighed and shot a look at the list. Zayn was the on call doctor today for strokes. "Fine," Ashton huffed, "but if I think you aren't capable than I'll kick you off it understood?"

Zayn nodded as he kept on stroking Raphael his hair.

He just couldn't get his head around it. Raphael was the last one he thought would be seeing this hospital from the inside.

Zayn had been here countless of time with all the others. Liam for his kidneys, Harry for his autism and adhd and Niall his ligaments. Never did he have to worry about Raphael his health until now.

"Oww and Zayn," Ashton spoke as he rolled up Raphael his sleeves, "it looks like one of the other boys came with him. I send him to the waiting room. This tall - Ashton held his hand next to himself as a sort of human tape measure - and blonde hair."

"That's Ni," Zayn spoke smiling a bit thinking about all four of them, "Li and Haz probs are coming with Liam his car."

Ashton nodded as he kept an eye on the monitor.

"I do the neuro while you draw the blood yeah?" Ashton suggested to which Zayn nodded.

Ashton had already rolled up Raphael his sleeve. Zayn grabbed the green kinda lint and strapped it around his son's arm. He still couldn't get his head around it. When he left for work this morning, the boy seemed completely fine.

Zayn started to poke a bit before he completely insirted the needle into Raphael his pale skin. He dres 4 samples of blood and gave them to Calum.

"Bring them to the lab," Zayn spoke, "I need those results asap."

Calum nodded and walked out of the cubicle towards the lab.

On his way he bumped into a rather someone he didn't want to see at the specific time. "Oww hey nurse Hood. How's the stroke patient doing?"

Calum looked up and was faced with a smiling Louis who looked like he was almost ending his shift. Well at least he didn't look like someone who just found out that his son was fighting for his life in another cubicle not far in the hallway.

" Ehh fine," Calum managed to crack out, "doctor Malikson send me to the lab to get these there."

"Oww I can bring them as well," Louis offered feeling bad that his husband is using his interns to do the dirty work, "I think it's quite a good practice case so let's not get that to waist by going to the place I've send you too many times already."

Calum felt like he could sink into the ground any moment now. How was he getting himself out of this.

"Oww it's fine really," Calum scratched his head trying to sound confident, "it's on the way to MRI so it's not quite a big deal to me."

Louis looked suspicious towards Calum if he was hiding something for him.

"Hood," Louis said, "is there something I need to know? Did Zayn do something? I know he can get a bit harsh on interns but he doesn't mean it that way. He does it at the boys sometimes too but than it's forgotten and forgiven not too much laterm" Calum could feel his face turn red, especially when Louis referred to his boys. Damn he wanted to tell Louis so bad about Raphael but he just couldn't. "I need to get going," Calum spoke too quickly. Louis wanted to react to this but got called away. "Alright than," Louis smiled, "good luck with it."

Louis was off to the person who called him. Calum sighed not knowing if he could keep Raphael a secret any longer.

Cum hurried towards the lab and passed the material.

"Results ASAP," he told the lady who looked like she's seen too many interns already. She sighed and nodded before Calum ran off.


"Well that took you some time," Ashton spoke as Calum ran into the room, "where on earth have you been?"

"Well let's say I almost got caught by Louis," Calum said trying to get his breath back. Zayn his head shot up. "Did you tell him?"

Calum shook his head. "I told him it was fine that was going to the lab instead of doing practice," Calum sighed, "not a word about your son believe me."

Zayn nodded and stroke Raphael his hair. "Hood come here," Zayn spoke knowing he would be making up to Calum, "push this into his system and than put him in the machine."

Calum took the needle from Zayn. "What's this?" he wondered as he pushed it into his IV. "Dye," Ashton responded, "it will show me where the hemorrhagic is and if it indeed is a stroke which I'm not doubting."

Calum nodded as he prepped Raphael further. He got the headphones and placed them over Raphael his head.

Ashton and Zayn left to go into the different room. "Did you manage to get ahold of his former medical history?" Ashton asked. Zayn and Louis had adopted all the boys. Harry and Raphael were actually brothers by blood, while the others got from the same orphanage. Zayn nodded and pulled up a file on the other computer.

Ashton quickly scanned it before Calum shove Raphael into the MRI. It wasn't long before Ashton pointed something out to Zayn in the reports. "Here," Ashton spoke, "his mother died due to an aneurysm and his dad had a stroke when he was a child."

"So it runs in the family?" Zayn asked to which Ashton nodded. "I think Haz has a high change of getting it as well, I would pay close attention to him the upcoming months."

Zayn sighed as he nodded. Calum gave a thumbs up when he shove Raphael into the machine. Ashton gave it back and Calum walked into the different room as well.

"Now the waiting game begins," Zayn sighed. He looked at his watch and mumbled something about results not being done yet.

Zayn didn't know but he wasn't the only one who was worried about the results. Louis had just finished a case and wanted to investigate the quite odd behavior of Calum.

Louis walked towards the lab and saw Muriel not in her best mood.

"Hey hey," Louis spoke, "so I was wondering if the results of the patient of Malikson were back."

Muriel looked annoyed at Louis before she scrabed her throat. "Which one of Malikson?" she asked at an annoyed tone. Louis now looked weird at her. Zayn had just finished a four hour surgery so there could only be one test result waiting for him.

"Ehhh," Louis started off a bit hesitant, "the last one."

"Get your brain out of your ass," Muriel snapped and Louis could feel his anger boiling, "I meant of the patient or from the doctor. Because Hood legit handed it to me like 20 minutes ago so no. "

Louis his eyes was about to pop out his head. Did he hear that correct? Did Muriel just ask him about the Malikson patient. That couldn't be, he would've known. Zayn would've told him for sure.

He quickly grabbed his phone and found out that Niall had called him 3x and Liam even more. Now Louis for sure knew something had happened.

"Oww they're popping up now," Muriel said as she handed him a printed list.

Louis quickly scanned and couldn't believe his eyes. He exactly knew where Zayn was. He was upstairs getting an MRI on Raphael.

Louis had never ran so fast in his life but he was on the fourth floor within seconds.

He heard soft murmers coming from the room. As he came closer he heard the voices more clear. He could easily identify that one from his husband.

"I need to preform surgery on him," Louis could hear Ashton speak, "he's got an accute hemothoma."

That was all Louis had to hear before he walked into the room.

His eyes met the ones of his husband.

"Zayn what the actual fuck," Louis cries. Zayn immediately shot up and hugged his husband. "Shhhh," Zayn hussed him, "I didn't want you to worry. I'm so so sorry Lou."

"You didn't want me to worry," Louis repeated, "so you just take a MRI and didn't tell me. Zayn I have the right to know he's my child too."

Zayn sighed as he places his hands back into his pocket. "I wanted to tell you, I rea-."

"He's seizing," Ashton spoke breaking the two up and throwing his chair onto the ground in the act.

Zayn recovered quickly and ran behind Ashton into the room. Louis was behind him as well. He hadn't seen Raphael yet and he really wanted to be there for his little boy.

Ashton had managed to lift the younger boy from under the machine even before he was completely out of it.

"I need him in surgery now," Ashton spoke as he laid a still seizing Raphael onto his bed and kept him on the side as he threw up once again. Calum nodded and called the OR already. Zayn and Louis nodded. "Hey Raf you'll be fine," Ashton spoke as he steadied his grip more, "Z pass me the Diazapam. Zayn looked around and got a dossis from a cabinet. He put it in a syringe and walked over to his still seizing boy.

Louis had made his way over to Raphael as well. Zayn grabbed his sons clenched hand and emptied the syringe into his system. He wiped away a few tears when he heard Louis whisper a few sweet things into Raphael his body. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ashton watched the seizure subside and pulled Raphael once again into the correct recovery position.

"I need to go Z and Louis," Ashton managed to choke out. "I'll be down in a few minutes yeah," Zayn spoke knowing he's the one who needed to scrub in as well. Ashton nodded and went with Raphael towards the OR.

"Z," Louis said with a shaking breath, "will he make it?" Zayn smiled and hugged his husband ever harder. He took Louis his hand and let him towards the computer where the pictures were still on the screen. Zayn had done lots and lots of research about strokes in children in his beginning years of his residency. "Here," Zayn spoke as he pointed to an area, "we'll be able to fix it with clamping it and burn it together. I am worried he might be on the epilepsy meds for the rest of his life. Ashton and I have no idea how he'll wake up, he collapsed at home apparently already like two and a half hours ago."

Louis looked up with sad eyes to his husband. He also had seen Raphael that morning. True he was grumpier but he was a teen for God's sake. Zayn saw the face of his husband and pulled him into a hug.

"Listen Ni is still in the waiting room and I don't doubt Li and Haz had made their way here as well," Zayn spoke as he steadied his grip on his husband, "I want you to go down to them and tell them everything. The surgery will take three to four hours but he'll make it. He has the best neurologist I know."

Louis nodded, gave his husband a last hug before he watched him ran off towards the OR trying to safe Raphael his life.

Louis took the stairs back to the ER where his boys would be waiting.

As soon as he reached the waiting room he found his three boys sitting immediately.

"Jesus dad," Liam cried, "how is he? He didn't die right? Was I too late?"

Louis was bombarded by questions of his eldest. He now knew who kinda found Raphael in that state. It would be shocking for him too.

Harry silently cried and waited for his dad to speak up.

"Papa is in surgery now with him," Louis sighed, "you boys did the right thing. If it took any longer he would've possibly died. I'm so fucking proud of you guys."

Harry broke down and Louis immediately picked him up. Harry and Raphael were pretty inseparable just because they were bloodbrothers. Liam cried too but not as loud as Harry. He needed to stay strong for both his brothers sake. Niall had already cried himself too sleep.

"He'll be fine," Liam kept saying over and over again.

Four and a half hours later, Zayn made an appearance with a smile. "He's alive," Zayn smiled, "we don't know what kind of physical unease he'll have once he wakes up but let's say that's not the top priority right now."

"He's alive," Liam cried before he flew Zayn around the neck, "thanks papa."

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