41.45% Tempest of the Battlefield / Chapter 194: Instant Kill!

Chapter 194: Instant Kill!

Translator: Double_L Editor: Hitesh_

Samantha might be able to deceive everyone else, but definitely not Flark. He knew that she became Ayrlarng’s principal in order to get involved with politics, not to mention she had House of Ma behind her back. Obviously, House of Ma’s plan was to stop relying on the other parties for their survival, and they were betting on this descendent of Galbor to shine once again in politics, which might be able to aid them in the future as well.

Only a person with great perspective like Flark could know of her true intentions. However, if Samantha pushed herself too hard, this could be the end of her conquest. Nevertheless, Flark had no issues with this former student of Capth. In fact, he agreed that Earth Confederation’s administration needed new blood like her to balance everything out. This was the only way to ensure Earth remained as the center of the universe.

He would love to see new faces like Samantha in the politics. Yet, it would be hard for her to become the next political legend like her ancestor Galbor, as there was only one Blade Warrior in this world. If she could learn to be patient, there might still be chances for her to shine.

Nevertheless, Flark realized that he seemed to have overestimated Samantha’s team. He was certain that Samantha was completely depressed even though she remained calm on the outside. After all, she had been working so hard to surprise the whole Earth Confederation, yet her hard work didn’t pay off obviously.

She was so close to achieving her dream, what a pity!

Actually, Samantha remained calm because this was all within her expectations. In fact, it was her idea to let Ma Xiaoru offset Li Ruo-Er, and she let Wang Tong handle the rest.

Honestly, Samantha wasn’t sure if she should put her faith in this childish kid. She didn’t want to do so at first because it was too risky, but she did in the end. Perhaps, she saw this as a chance to summarize her feelings for Wang Tong. Meanwhile, she was also giving herself an opportunity for a new life. If Wang Tong won, she would have a reason to enjoy romance, and if he lost, she would have a reason to end this fantasy instead.

After all, falling in love was not a part of her dream, and it was already too late to give up as she had already come this far.

Wang Tong walked towards the center stage and smiled as he saw Cisco, "I’m alright, if you wanna take five."

Cisco was startled by Wang Tong’s arrogance. Honestly, his fight between Apache had only consumed a bit of his stamina, and he didn’t even break a sweat during his fight with Cao Yi. Clearly, there was a huge difference between Level Four Fighters and Level Five Fighters, unless he was as uniquely talented as Apache, or else there was no chance Wang Tong could win.

Nevertheless, Einherjar Wannabe was a special case.

"No need, let’s begin," Cisco said calmly. Clearly, he had learned to take it easy after suffering the defeat from Einherjar Wannabe, and he had a new perspective on winning and losing. But most importantly, he had finally realized that instead of only simple victories, all he wanted was greater strength, and his dream was to dominate in the martial art community!

The crowd began to whisper as soon as Wang Tong walked up, and it caught the attention of a few big shots.

Halmond then explained the situation to Flark discreetly. The surprised principal smiled and said, "Oh, a rare young talent of Earth Confederation… I have to see it for myself!"

The rest of the VVIPs became quite interested as Flark said that.

At first, people thought that Wang Tong was lucky for being the only candidate who reached the goal during the S-Ranked Survival Competition. Yet, the surprise carried on as he surprised the crowd by defeating Bisu and Flash in a row in Battlecraft Combat category, which had been dominated by Capth for quite a few years.

People couldn’t wait to see what surprises would Wang Tong create in METAL Combat.

The fourth match was about to begin. If Capth were able to win this time, they would be crowned the final victor, and the tournament would be officially over.

Both fighters were ready.

Cisco observed Wang Tong calmly. He didn’t expect that the alliance had decided to send him instead of Ma Xiaoru. Aside from his amazing performance in Survival Challenge, Cisco also heard that Wang Tong had deep knowledge regarding Zergs. But unfortunately, Wang Tong would be taking on him instead of Zergs. Zergs could be easily deceived, but definitely not him.

The fight began!

Cisco was in his best condition, and it seemed like this would be another easy win. Too bad he couldn’t have the chance to take on Tactics of the Enchantress.

Wang Tong seemed kind of nervous. His body was tense as he was trying to focus, like he was thrown into a den of a lion.

On the other hand, Cisco was relatively relaxed and focused. He was carefully observing Wang Tong’s condition, and realized that his Soul Energy was quite impressive, but still had a long way to go from reaching Level Five. Clearly, his odds of winning were low, unless he practiced some sort of super tactics.

"How long do you think this is gonna last?"

"About three minutes?"

"That depends on Cisco. If he unleashed his power of a Level Five Fighter, this should be over within seconds."

"Who cares! Ayrlarng and Bernabeu were lucky enough to get this far already."

Apparently, students of the other academies were discussing the alliance. No one had expected that this team of underdogs would be able to cause Capth a hard time.

"Well, looks like someone’s not gonna get a chance to fight today. Capth is the best, and those weaklings would never stand a chance." Wally was pissed off by Wang Ben’s serious looks, like he was trying to say that this was just the beginning.

Wang Tong didn’t bother about Wally, then he got up and turned towards Terrance, "I’m gonna do some warm-ups, captain."

Even Terrance was kind of mad about Wang Ben’s attitude. Even though Cisco was no longer top-notch amongst second graders, still a Level Five Fighter like him would still be able to win. Wang Ben had been seriously too arrogant. His well-known Fists of the Racing Tiger might be superb, but still it was weaker compared to Cisco’s strength.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong remained still as he got into position. His eyes were locked onto Cisco, yet he didn’t make any moves. Clearly, he was being cautious since Cisco was not moving as well.

Cisco was upset about his opponent. It seemed like his power of a Level Five Fighter had startled his opponent and made him nervous. Since Wang Tong was unable to show his best performance, he would never stand a chance to win.

It was time to end him from his misery.

Cisco then charged towards Wang Tong like a hurricane, aiming his Kunai towards Wang Tong’s neck. This was the end!

Wang Tong, who had been acting nervous in silence all this time, finally made a move! He widened his eyes and unleashed a loud roar that shook the ground, followed by a direct straight punch!

He didn’t even reposition himself, and he wasn’t affected by Cisco’s attack at all!

Cisco had no time to react, and it was already too late for him to increase his Soul Energy output!

Wang Tong’s simple yet forceful straight punch slammed directly onto Cisco, one punch KO!

Everything happened in less than two seconds, fast and furious indeed!

End of match four, Ayrlarng-Bernabeu Alliance managed to win a match at last.

Everybody was stunned by what happened. In fact, no one knew what went on in the past two seconds!

Wang Tong moved and relaxed his body. He knew that he needed to end the matches as soon as possible. Honestly, Wang Tong wasn’t interested in fighting Cisco at all. In fact, he was very familiar with Cisco’s fighting methods since he had fought him in PA before, and apparently nothing much improved except for his Soul Energy. The nimbleness in his battles was still as slow as before. Clearly, Cisco thought that his last defeat was due to the lack of Soul Energy, which was why his Soul Energy had dramatically improved. Yet, it seemed like he was too obsessed with Soul Energy and forgot to improve his qualities as a fighter aside from pumping up his GN Force.

In short, Cisco was only good enough for one punch.

No one amongst the crowd could imagine that Wang Tong was this ferocious as he didn’t look intimidating at all. Obviously, he wasn’t acting nervous at the beginning. Instead, he was gathering his force and waiting for the right moment to strike. As for Cisco, he was too confident and thought Wang Tong was afraid of him. But it was already too late when he realized it.

Most importantly, judging from his timing, it seemed like Wang Tong was very familiar with Cisco’s movements.

Wang Tong’s cunning move had caused an uproar amongst the spectators! No one expected that he would "play dead"!

As the uproar continued, Cisco too was unable to accept the fact that he had lost. Everything happened in just a flash, and he wasn’t even ready at all!

However, Wang Tong didn’t bother much, as he knew that things were about to get messy in the next fight.

Some other aces amongst the spectators had different opinion about this match. Obviously, one-hit-KO was not as easy as it seemed. It should have been Cisco instead who possessed a superb Soul Energy and possibly could have been able to perform something like this. Even if his Soul Energy had not reached the highest level, he should be able to perform better than Wang Tong in terms of perspective and judgment. Yet, he was mysteriously knocked out by Wang Tong, and for some reason, Wang Tong seemed to be very familiar with Cisco’s movements.

Yet, everyone wondered how he could learn so much about Cisco? If he were able to achieve that by observing his performances in the past matches, it would be unbelievably insane.

Halmond was well aware that Cisco had not fully regained himself yet from his last defeat against Einherjar Wannabe. It had nothing to do with his GN Force, but because it had deeply affected his confidence, causing him to lose his precise sense of judgment. Clearly, his opponent was intimidated by him, yet his hasty attack had given his opponent a deadly opportunity to strike back. As for Wang Tong, he was indeed extremely talented in situation analysis.

His analysis ability was as good as House of Zhang’s Tactics of the Conscious Heart.

Wally and the rest of the team were shocked to see Cisco make such a terrible mistake. Clearly, he was way better than this. But, sadly there was nothing that could be done right now since it was an official tournament. Perhaps, Wang Tong was really way stronger than they had expected, and unfortunately, Wang Ben was right about this guy.

Finally, it was Wang Ben’s turn to take on Wang Tong.

It has been days since Wang Tong’s arrival at Capth, yet both of them didn’t have a chance to talk. At last, they would be facing each other in the ring, and obviously, there was no turning back.

Wang Ben was seen discussing something with one of the teachers. The teacher looked surprised and went off to seek on Halmond’s assistance.

"Cap, I’m concerned. Will Wang Ben decided to play dirty and let them win instead?" Wally seemed worried.

Terrance turned towards Wally with a mean look, "Shut up, you’re talking too much."

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    The Wally I know ain't that petty. *spits* (Wally from Pokemon)

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    Man Wally is annoying af man I hope he doesn’t come up after this! Kill him off or something

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    typo. should be wang ben Wang Tong didn’t bother about Wally, then he got up and turned towards Terrance, "I’m gonna do some warm-ups, captain."

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