31.54% History's Number 1 Founder / Chapter 271: To the Convention!

Chapter 271: To the Convention!

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Earlier, in the sect-opening ceremony battling in Shazhou City, Kang Nanhua and Miao Shihao both contributed to the sect through their valiance. Hence, Lin Feng rewarded them by allowing them to enter the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World for a day.

Miao Shihao decided to use this reward and enter the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World to do some closed-door training.

Lin Feng knew that he wished to take advantage of this and break through his bottleneck, rising to the middle phase of the Nascent Soul stage in one go.

After obtaining Lin Feng's One Heavenly Primordial Water, Miao Shihao not only perfected his Canglang Water Technique but he also managed to achieve a breakthrough in his Illusion Charm. After the battle experience from Shazhou City, Miao Shihao was right at the doorsteps of the middle phase of the Nascent Soul stage.

Hence, Miao Shihao successfully achieved a breakthrough after his closed-door training this time.

A gust of Nine Heavens Clear Air wafted through the infinite space and entered directly into the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World. In there, Miao Shihao sat quietly on a branch on the small Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. His forehead opened and the Nine Heavens Clear Air went inside.

Lin Feng could see clearly that a shadow appeared on Miao Shihao's forehead. It was a beautiful young boy, who appeared only to be between three to four years old. With the help of the clear air, one could see him growing rapidly.

In only a short while, the boy grew to around seven to eight years old. He increasingly resembled Miao Shihao.

Eh?" Lin Feng's eyes shrunk slowly as he realized that on top of the boy's forehead was a map that looked like a full moon, emitting a gentle golden glow.

As Miao Shihao's Nascent Soul grew, the map of the full moon changed constantly. From a full moon it became a half-moon, and then a crescent. Finally, it could almost not be seen. In the next instant, it appeared again and reverted to its original shape as a full moon.

The waxing and waning of the moon would never stop.

Lin Feng arched his eyebrows as he thought, "The Illusion Charm is only a spell he uses. Could the waxing and waning of the moon be his actual powers?"

In that moment, Miao Shihao finally ended his training. The Nascent Soul slowly re-entered his head. He opened his eyes and coughed loudly and sharply.

He left the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World and saw Lin Feng and Zhu Yi looking at him. Uncontrollably, he laughed coyly, "Hey, you're back my lord? Aiyah, to have kept you waiting here while I conduct my closed-door training really makes my heart beat with both fear and joy!"

Lin Feng's mouth twitched for a long while as he almost considered smashing his head with an earth-crumbling spell. Instead, he just said, "I don't have the time to wait for you."

Upon mentioning the Spiritual Conference of Huanghai, Miao Shihao became more serious as he nodded and said, "To both Nanhua and I, we believe that there's nothing much to worry about for the new disciples. You can bring Zhu Yi along."

He thought for a while before his face became more serious as he said, "Be careful of Wu Qingrou."

Lin Feng's eyes flashed as he said, "Oh? Why is that so?"

Miao Shihao twitched his lips and said, "I've heard this name before from sources within the Great Void Sect. However, the information was incomplete, and hence I cannot determine the relationship between him and the Great Void Sect."

"Regardless of his ties with the Great Void Sect, he is a very important target to them. I can't be sure but the information came from both sides, one of which was Pang Jie."

Lin Feng grunted in reply. After thinking about it for a while he asked suddenly, "Shihao, since you are able to obtain sources from the Sect's Striders-On-Earth, how confident are you of obtaining information from the inside of Mount Baiyun?"

Miao Shihao nodded his head dejectedly and said, "That could be considered to be one of the most sacred places in the Divine Lands, I can't do anything about it."

"If you look at it seriously, other than the the losers from the Great Void Sect itself, the last time an external personnel entered Mount Baiyun was a few thousand years ago."

Lin Feng nodded and said nothing as Miao Shihao asked curiously, "Why did you mention it all of a sudden, master?"

"Yan Mingyue wants to return to Mount Baiyun. I believe that this will create quite the commotion." Lin Feng told Miao Shihao the reason honestly. "The Advancement Party and the Conservative Party within the Great Void Sect have their internal disagreements. I am curious about them."

Upon hearing that, Miao Shihao, brimming with schadenfreude, laughed, "Let the dogs bite each other."

His face changed suddenly as he looked at Lin Feng from a corner of his eyes and said unkindly, "Master, could it be that you have fallen for Yan Mingyue?"

Lin Feng stared at Miao Shihao in disgust. He did not even bother with a reply.

Through trial-and-error, Lin Feng realized that casual talk with Miao Shihao, whose brain appeared damaged, must be kept to below three minutes.

Below three minutes, Miao Shihao could still maintain a semblance of decorum and everyone could talk happily. Above three minutes, the conversation would devolve into teasing. Under those circumstances, it would be better to ignore him.

To ignore someone as flamboyant and dramatic as Miao Shihao, Lin Feng flew into the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World. Inside, Yue Hongyan was cultivating quietly.

Using his mana, Lin Feng realized that Yue Hongyan had managed to properly cultivate her Avici Infernal Gale. Not only that, she even managed to break through the bottleneck of her spell and was attempting to surpass her current level and form a crucible. Her accomplishment was akin to one in the later phase of the Foundation Establishment stage.

When she first came to Mount Yujing, Yue Hongyan was in the middle phase of her Foundation Establishment stage. Now, after she had understood Lin Feng's Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams, her mastery and understanding increased dramatically.

During the battle against Wang Jiannan on Xingyun Peak, she managed to solidify her spell improvements with actual battle. She had already surpassed her bottleneck and was ready to form her crucible.

After mastering the Avici Infernal Gale, she also managed to store more than enough mana.

Under these circumstances, it's natural to assume that it was only a matter of time before Yue Hongyan formed her crucible. By guarding her, Lin Feng was only implementing a protective measure.

With his psychic senses, Lin Feng was able to enter Yue Hongyan's aura sea. Inside, there sat a black nine-tiered spiritual crucible glowing with purple light and burning with flames.

On top of this Class 1 spiritual crucible, there were numerous gales of wind amidst the dancing light of the fire. Red light that appeared mysteriously fog-like danced and howled like the wind.

Within the red light was uncountable amounts of spirits and ghosts, all of whom were wailing non-stop. As these spirits and ghosts landed into the burning fire of Yue Hongyan's spiritual altar, they did not feel pain but instead smiled as if they had obtained some form of relief.

Some of them were at peace and smiling while others had tear-filled eyes and were emotional beyond belief.

Once these spirits landed into the blaze, the fire burned even brighter.

Lin Feng nodded silently. While Yue Hongyan had managed to subdue and control the Avici Infernal Gale, the power of the Avici Infernal Gale was not diminished. Instead, the countless spirits and ghosts trapped within it were liberated and no longer had to undergo the sufferings of Hell.

In the moment they transcended, the amount of mana and spiritual energy they had accumulated over their lifetimes were fed to her, allowing Yue Hongyan's mana to grow.

The red blaze on top of the black spiritual altar began to emit light as it slowly formed the silhouette of a spiritual crucible.

The blaze and the red wind were absorbed by the shadow of the crucible, allowing it to become even clearer until it finally materialized on top of Yue Hongyan's spiritual altar.

Within the crucible, the Avici Infernal Gale erupted constantly out of it. At its bottom, an infinite blaze still burns. Numerous runic symbols were carved on the side of the crucible which carried with them the secrets of the universe.

Yue Hongyan's tightly-shut eyes opened suddenly and one could see that within her bright-red pupils there were two flickering embers. She could telepathically control the Avici Infernal Gale, which was within her body, to exit her body and swirl around her lower-half.

In that instant, Yue Hongyan had formally managed to reach the final stages of Foundation Establishment. With one last step, she would be in her Aurous Core stage.

Looking at Lin Feng, her face broke into a rare smile as she called out, "Master!"

Lin Feng looked at her nodded appreciatively, "Not bad, good job"

As he brought Yue Hongyan out of the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, Lin Feng summoned his disciples to listen to his orders. Zhu Yi managed to settle the newly-initiated second-generation disciples.

Leaving only Kang Nanhua and Miao Shihao on the mountain, Lin Feng brought Xiao Budian, Zhu Yi, Wang Lin, Yue Hongyan, Yang Qing and Tun Tun, along with Zhuge Fengling and Dao Zhiqiang, and left Mount Yujing. Together, they headed towards the northern regions of the Great Qin Empire, where the entrance of the Ancient Huanghai World was located.

This time, other than Jieyu, the Kui Cow King too was brought along by Lin Feng to serve as his steed. The two Demonic Lords brought Lin Feng and his disciples eastwards in a grand procession.

"Everyone says one must be subtle, but those who act grandly are the kings," thought Lin Feng. "I wish to increase my prestige, and hence I have to resort to this method."

Soon, they arrived at the town of Yuzhou, one of the most important northern cities of the Great Qin Empire. From there, travelling northwards would bring one to a place called the Sea of the Northern Wind. While it was called a 'sea', it was actually a lake. That was the entrance to the Ancient Huanghai World.

As he approached Yuzhou, Lin Feng's heart began to tremble as he stared towards Yuzhou City. While his opponent did not deliberately release his mana, he knew instinctively that such a terrible force could only be from a cultivator in his Immortal Soul stage.

His counterpart also felt Lin Feng's group approaching. A shadow flew into the sky above Yuzhou and said smiling, "I wonder who's here?"

The speaker was a Nascent Soul stage elder. While his face bore a smile, his body was like a knife that had just left its sheath. A killing intent that appeared hell-bent on wiping out all creations was evident.

Below his feet was a jet-black saber radiance, which twitched non-stop in the sky. It was like a streak of black lightning, brimming with power and unimaginably violent.

Looking at that, Lin Feng knew he had to tread carefully. "According to rumors, the Asura Mantra of the Huo Family is one of the few mantras where killing is a pre-requisite to obtaining enlightenment. The killing intent is so strong and in no way inferior to that of General Xie of the Divine Martial Army, whom I had met in the Great Swamp of the Ancient Regions."

"The Huo Family's ultimate move is the Asura Doomsday Blade. In comparison with Xie's Heaven-Defying Sword of Fatality, while one is sword-based and the other saber-based, they are the two most destructive ultimate moves in the whole of the Divine Lands."

The Nascent Soul stage elder's gaze stopped at Jieyu and the Kui Cow King. Looking at Jieyu, he smiled and asked, "Are you from the Celestial Sect of Wonders?"

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  • Ogenki1978


    Although this sounds wrong, I'm guessing Lin Feng saves all his love for his disciples. Plus, I think he's mentioned before that Yan Mingyue is as arrogant as Pang Jie, she's just a patronizing type. And she's the only half way decent female in almost 300 chapters now (besides Yue Hongyan but he's not going to do that.)

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    XD lol well there is always Miao XD who knows he could be a women in disquise

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    Well, some already said this won't have any romance at all, but I'm really hoping for at least one lady for LF. Or one man if he wants lol

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