68.47% Dreadful Radio Game / Chapter 139: Just Because I Took An Extra Glance At You In The Crowd[1]

Chapter 139: Just Because I Took An Extra Glance At You In The Crowd[1]

Translator: MrJ_ Editor: Zayn_

Before this, Su Bai was imagining all the types of torture he would possibly have to endure. There was too much time in his hands to let his imagination run wild since he had been imprisoned during these ten days of journey.

Su Bai never would have thought that the woman would be so vicious and direct. If it were any other torment, Su Bai would just grit his teeth and endure it. But stabbing himself in that vital area, even a person as tenacious as Su Bai would feel chills down his spine.

At this moment, the old man next door gently hooked the tree with his brush; The old woman suddenly paused. Excorciser gently slanted, but it didn't pierce Su Bai's vital spot and instead stabbed into his thigh.

"You're interested in this little guy?"

The female Qi Master looks towards the old man.

The old man shook his head and said with disappointment and frustration, "I just don't want to feel a great pity."

"Pity about what?" The female Qi Master was feeling puzzled.

"Pity that just by putting some effort in speaking to you, someone could travel from the path of death to the path of life. This is something very interesting, isn't it?"

The female Qi Master let go of her grip, allowing Excorciser to remain stabbed in Su Bai's thigh. She then looked at the surroundings, smiled and said: "You're saying him? He can get out here alive? Do you know where this is?"

"Of course, I know." The old man's gaze appeared a little hollow; there was a deep meaning in his words. The female Qi Master was implying that this prison was build by the imperial court for serving Qi Masters. Which really meant that those who entered here couldn't leave unless it was the desire of the female Qi Master.

However, the old man was implying this world. If the supreme existence of this world wanted this youth to get out, what could a mere prison be considered?

"Fine, let me show you with your own eyes that even you have moments of oversight!"

The female Qi Master waved her palm, aiming towards Su Bai's forehead. She no longer intended to toy around and torture Su Bai, and instead wanted to directly kill him with a single blow, making the words the old man just said total bullshit.

Before the female Qi Master's palm could land, however, a ray of white light suddenly enveloped Su Bai's body. Su Bai disappeared in an instant. The female Qi Master's arm was still held in mid-air, watching the strange scene in front of her in disbelief.

The old man chuckled and started writing without restraint on the book in front of him. What he wrote was not related to Tui Bei Tu, but his own suspicions and confirmations of the world he resided in. Currently, the best evidence had appeared right before his eyes. He must record it down regardless if his records were futile.

The female Qi Master broke the chains of the iron cage with a single slap. Her palm was already bleeding, and the flesh was indistinct. It could be seen that she had gone mad at this moment. She saw that the old man was still writing at a tremendous speed and directly roared: "Tell me, what the hell is going on!"

The old man finished his writing, threw his writing brush to the ground, ripped the book into pieces and scattered it to his surrounding and then laughed loudly. "Take a look at all the things in your surroundings. As a failed product, it will be wiped out; our homes, our existences, everything that we see are, in fact, an experiment by that existence. Now it's been proven that its experiment has failed. We, including everything around us, have no longer any reason for existing."



Su Bai suddenly felt a despairing suffocation. It was as if the whole world had abandoned him. This feeling of despair raided his heart and his eyes, ears, mouth and nose were covered by liquid.

Following which, a hand appeared from the surface of the water, caught hold of Su Bai's shoulder and pulled. Su Bai's body grew light. Air, fresh air; His vision gradually turned from blurry to clear. Finally, Su Bai could see the surrounding environment. It was a hot spring and there were waiters moving around.

Su Bai covered his face with a bath towel as he finally relaxed.

"How was it? Did you receive any torture?"

The monk's voice rang out beside Su Bai.

Su Bai remained silent. He couldn't possibly mention that he was just a fine line away from transforming from a man to a eunuch.

Su Bai subconsciously remembered something. He stretched his hand to the bottom of the pool and touched around. Indeed, he felt an ice-cold object; Excorciser was stabbed into Su Bai's thigh by the female Qi Master, and it was transported along with Su Bai.

No matter what, not to mention the story points gained from the story world, with the Excorciser in his hand, it was no longer a loss.

"I was worried you couldn't hold on any longer." The monk said apologetically. "Luckily, you're still alive."

Su Bai's mind became clear; he pulled off the towel and threw it into the pool.

"Why did you all take so long?"

'Yeah, why did you all take so long, a whole ten days!'

If he didn't coincidentally kill that female Qi Master's disciple and she wanted to torture him to vent her anger, he wouldn't be alive at this moment.

"We headed straight for the demon cave once the Qi Master and Qing soldiers lost track of us." The monk started narrating. "Just when we thought we could easily complete the mission, an accident occurred.

Su Bai, do you remember the group of Qing soldiers escorting the horse carriage when we entered this story world?"

"You mean that resentful infant?"

"Right, initially we planned to bypass that resentful infant. But at night, that person who had always carried that child carried him into the hot spring pavilion when Gyatso and I were not noticing."

"Was it Fatty?" Su Bai said.

"It's him." The monk confirmed. "He's too good at concealing. In fact, I should have realized it sooner."

"It's not your fault, it's mine. You didn't know Fatty, but I did.

I should have noticed it when the notice was issued about this story world. The names that we could see on the list were you, me and Gyatso. There's no Fatty. Under normal circumstances, his name should've appeared and not blurred since I know him."

"His main task might not be the same as ours. His main task 1 should be the same as ours. However, his main task 2 was different. His main task 2 should not be to deliver the child to the demon cave but to... deliver it to the hot spring pavilion!"

As the monk talked, his tone had obviously turned gloomy. It was evident that this incident had reignited the sparks of rage in his heart which had not dispersed until now. Based on the monk's temperament, him still feeling sentimental towards this incident was enough to see that Fatty's sudden betrayal had quite an impact towards the monk.

"What happened next?" Su Bai asked.

"Fatty took the child into the hot spring pavilion. He completed his mission and was transported out. Gyatso and I spent a long time to snatch the child back from the resentful infant.

"At first, we thought that the resentful infant was feeling lonely and wanted a playmate. But later, we found out he was looking for a body to lodge. Because of the injuries on our bodies, we could only stall and end up in a deadlock. At last, when the resentful infant was preparing to possess, Gyatso and I decided to risk it all and battle until both sides suffered great losses. Honestly, I was already feeling despair because before the resentful infant was beaten until his soul scattered, he used a curse and restrained us within the hot spring pavilion. We no longer had any energy to break out like last time.

Su Bai was taciturn for a moment and asked, "How was the mission completed?"

"It was that child. He crawled out of the hot spring pavilion all by himself, crawled down the cliff and crawled into the demon cave all by himself, triggering the mission completion." The monk spoke until there, took a deep breath and chanted, "Amitabha."

It was obvious that the monk was very resourceful. But in the end, a young, tender and fair child relied on both his hands and knees to crawl through sharp, solid rocks. After climbing down the cliff, he even crawled into the eerie and sinister demon cave of his own accord. What kind of scene was this?

Su Bai inhaled a deep breath and clenched his fist.

"Monk, do you think I am unreasonable?" Su Bai's voice had a little vibrato. "My initial plan was to bring him into the demon cave. This is the ending we wanted. But when I found that he crawled in on his own, I feel… heh heh… really unpleasant."

"Amitabha, I feel the same way too. Even though I thought of eating him before he was born."

"Do you all want to continue soaking?" Gyatso who was wearing a bathrobe walked over. As he looked at Su Bai, he hesitated for a moment but, in the end, said, "Sorry, I didn't give him a proper farewell."

"I'm the one who's sorry towards him. He trusted me and followed me from Mount Fulong. In the end, I betrayed him by intended to bring him into the demon cave, but he went there all alone."

Su Bai got out of the hot spring. The three of them wore their bathrobes and left the hotel facility. When entering the lift, Su Bai's mind was still unhinged. The monk and Gyatso stood by his side without saying anything.

When the lift door opened, the three of them went into their respective rooms. The monk opened his room door with the key card and something furry poked out its head. It was a black fox.

The monk was surprised. He never imagined that the fox would be brought out of the story world. But when the monk tried to interact, he shook his head and said, "That fox is still the same fox, but it no longer has any spirituality. It has been reduced to a foolish animal."

A strand of hope ignited in Su Bai's heart. He immediately swiped his card and pushed open his room door. The monk carried the fox alongside Gyatso and tagged along. They really wanted to see, since a fox could be brought out, could it be possible the child would too?

However, the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. Su Bai's room was absolutely empty. There was no child in there.

Gyatso and the monk sighed and left the room. The even helped close the door.

Su Bai bit his lip, and his eyes started to grow teary. This time, when he was all alone, he chose not to hold it in. He lay on the huge bed of the five-star hotel and let his tears roll down.

Perhaps at this moment, he could only shed tears for the little fella. If he was stingy with tears, that he really was not human.

Even though he knew he was scum, compared to the final actions of the little fella who crawled into the demon cave to save him, he really felt like a pile of smelly and rotten soil.

At this moment, a chubby and fairly delicate little hand stretched out from the blanket...…

MrJ_ MrJ_

[1] This title is taken from the first line of the song Legend (传奇) by Li Jian (李健) and sung by Faye Wong during the 2010 CCTV New Year’s Gala

P/S: the little fella did not own a Honda Accord. :P

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    Its a hooker

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    Su Bai can start his own family now since he already has a woman (ghost lady), a pet (Lucky) and a baby.

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    Dang , i almost cried in this chapter .

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