67.95% Painting of the Nine Immortals / Chapter 600: An Arrogant Monster

Chapter 600: An Arrogant Monster

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

"Cao Clan Leader, I am late. I wonder if you can do me a favor and let me participate in the last round of the competition?"

A bright round of laugher sounded from afar. Though it sounded soft, a round of arrogance was hidden within, forcing everyone to frown.

The gathering of alchemists is a competition that tests the skills of all young generation alchemists in Yuezhou. Its rules are very strict and if one does not make it to the sign-up, then they are forbidden to participate halfway.

Yet the owner of the voice had asked the Cao Clan Leader for a favor. This alone was enough to prove how presumptuous this person was.

This person really does have the right to be arrogant. The moment his voice trailed off, he used some kind of technique and somehow entered the Realm of Alchemy without being granted the right to.

His brows were like swords and his complexion was like jade. He wore a robe white like snow and his entire aura resembled a real immortal. Out of the world and extraordinary.

Immediately, everyone's gazes circled to him, as if he was the only being in the entire world.

The moment the Cao Clan Leader saw the person, he frowned and questioned, "Dan Tong Sheng?"

"It seems like Cao Clan Leader still remembers me. I am honored." The man in white grinned. Just like a real immortal, he was different than everyone there.

Just his temperament alone, he was comparable to Ling Xian and Yun Jian, who was nicknamed the God.

The only difference was that there was a trace of arrogance about him. He was not as down to earth as Ling Xian or Yun Jian.

"Dan Tong Sheng, it really is you!"

Cao Clan Leader's eyes flashed with shock. Hearing this, other than Ling Xian, everyone fell into a state of shock.

To all alchemists inside the City of Dan, the name Dan Tong Sheng was not an unfamiliar one. He once acted like a mountain that pressed down onto all alchemists and made it hard for them to breathe.

Yes, this person was the genius alchemist from a decade ago who defeated 127 seventh and eighth realm alchemists!

That year, he arrived out of nowhere and beat down on all eighth realm alchemists until none of them had the face to raise their heads anymore!

That one battle made him famous and he managed to imprint his name in everyone's heart. Now that this person had shown up again, how could everyone not be shocked?

"I cannot believe that after 10 years, everyone still remembers me so well."

Feeling everyone's astonished gaze, Dan Tong Sheng's lips curled up. Though his grin appeared simple, it was actually a smile of satisfaction.

It was obvious from his reaction that he was enjoying this.

"Your battle record was far too memorable. It's hard not to remember." Cao Clan Leader stared at the man, "You are here this time to participate in this year's competition?"

"That's right. I couldn't make it 10 years ago and I want to make up for it." Dan Tong Sheng nodded softly. His handsome face was flooding with confidence and his tone was extremely arrogant.

"I really like the title of being the winner of the gathering of alchemists. So, I am here to take that title today."

Everyone once again frowned at this, feeling like this person here was far too cocky. However, because of his glorious track record, people here couldn't comment much.

It was just that the way they looked at Dan Tong Sheng was unfriendly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"You truly are the monster alchemist who defeated all eighth realm alchemists a decade ago. The way you talk remains so arrogant." Cao Clan Leader's expression was very cold. "Is the gathering of alchemists a competition you can enter anytime you want?"

"Cao Clan Leader, do me this one favor. After all, me not being here for the first two rounds never would've made a difference."

Dan Tong Sheng's face revealed how proud he was of himself, "I also seem to remember that there is a rule with the gathering of alchemists; all alchemists who are famous enough in the City of Dan can participate in the last round."

"In other words, whether I signed up earlier or not, using my name, I should be able to attend the last round."

Dan Tong Sheng was extremely presumptuous and nothing could conceal the proud look on his face.

"I cannot believe you actually knew about that rule." Cao Clan Leader softly sighed, he didn't expect this man to recite this rule set by the ancestors.

It was true. When the first ever gathering of alchemists was hosted, the Cao Clan made that rule. The intention of it was to provide the famous alchemists an advantage and save them time by allowing them to skip the first two rounds of tests.

Dan Tong Sheng's name alone was famous enough to fulfill the requirements for this rule.

"So, Cao Clan Leader, do me this favor," Dan Tong Sheng spoke softly and his smile was a victorious one.

"Let him participate, we cannot override the ancestors' rules."

A calm voice that was ridden with anger suddenly rung. The four clan leaders reached an agreement, however, the way they looked at Dan Tong Sheng was unfriendly.

This rule had existed all this time but after so many years, nobody dared to follow this rule. Because doing so was the same as disrespecting the five clans. Yet before everyone's eyes, Dan Tong Sheng had done it, which of course angered the different clan leaders.

"Oh well. We will let you participate in the last round." Cao Clan Leader nodded and agreed.

Hearing this, Dan Tong Sheng managed to look even cockier. To have been able to convince the five clan leaders was something to be proud of.

As for Hong Zhuang Luo and them, their expressions drastically changed. They didn't dare to imagine what might happen to them next. A decade had passed since the last time he was here.

How much growth did he experience with his alchemy?

The only person who wasn't fazed was Ling Xian.

Even though he was surprised by Dan Tong Sheng's glorious past, it will not affect his determination to win this round.

What surprised him was the fact that Dan Tong Sheng was walking towards him. As he approached, a thick intention of provocation came with him.

"I have watched the first two rounds. In this competition, only you are worthy enough to be my opponent."

"Worthy enough?" Ling Xian's eyebrow raised. He detested the man's cocky behaviors.

"That's right. You are barely capable enough to be my opponent. But you will not be able to win against me." Dan Tong Sheng was proud as ever and did not think highly of Ling Xian at all.

"You are that confident that you will be able to step all over me?"

Ling Xian's expression froze. He had never met this person before and had no rivalry against him. Yet at first sight, this person spoke unkindly and provoked him. Who wouldn't be angry?

"That's right. If you didn't have the Essence of Herbalism or the Godly Fire, you wouldn't even have the right to be my opponent." Dan Tong Sheng smiled impolitely.

Ling Xian's gaze turned cold, "What a cocky person. I sure want to see what kind of capabilities you have to cause you to act so boldly."

"You will for sure see, and I will for sure make you understand, why the Godly Fire and the Essence of Herbalism is a waste on you."

Dan Tong Sheng's expression was very cocky and a trace of envy was between his eyes. "I will teach you a lesson as to what it truly means to be an alchemy monster. Despite you having the Essence of Herbalism and a Godly Fire, you will still be stepped on by me!"

"Oh, really?"

Ling Xian glared at the person as anger in his chest boiled, "I will wait and see how you manage to step over me."

"Haha, I already cannot wait to see what your face looks like when you crumble under my thumb," Dan Tong Sheng guffawed and turned around to leave.

Then, the Cao Clan Leader's voice suddenly arose, signaling the beginning of a battle between a tiger and a dragon.

"I hereby officially announce the beginning of the third round of the competition!"

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    Ah, the East, with unwritten rules, intrigues and dependencies, which is the engine of regression for the East ... alas ...

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