92.97% Painting of the Nine Immortals / Chapter 821: An Imperious Invitation

Chapter 821: An Imperious Invitation

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

"Prepare the empress gown. Tomorrow, I will make you the ruler."

After leaving behind this statement, Ling Xian drifted away.

Prepare the empress gown?

Make you the ruler?

After figuring out what Ling Xian meant by this, the Seventh Princess was a little stunned. But quickly, her face exploded with ecstasy.

Her dream has been to become the ruler of the Zhou Dynasty. Sadly, she hasn't been able to sit in the ruler's chair. Now that Ling Xian was saying he could make her the ruler, why wouldn't she be overjoyed?

But remembering how the fate between Lin Qing Yi and Ling Xian is still unknown, she sighed a long sigh, "He has left for a while. Come out now."

After those words, the space nearby shook a little bit. Then, a grey-haired, and wrinkly elder appeared.

That visage… who could it be other than Lin Qing Yi?

"He left…"

Lin Qing Yi looked into the direction Ling Xian went. Tears glided down her cheeks soundlessly.

"Qing Yi, you saw the way he reacted to the news. I can imagine just how much pain he is in right now."

The Seventh Princess looked pained. "Why did you have to lie to him? Showing yourself once is that bad."

"How do I show myself?"

Lin Qing Yi shrieked, "Look at the way I look now. How can I see him? I am no longer good enough for him. It's better for him to just forget about me."

The Seventh Princess was silenced by those words.

The face of a woman is the most valuable and meaningful thing to a woman. Sometimes it means more than one's own life. The way Lin Qing Yi looks now… it was understandable that she wanted to hide.

It wasn't that she didn't want to. She merely didn't want Ling Xian to see her ugliest side.

"Qing Yi, the reason why you look the way you do now is because of him." The Seventh Princess sighed softly, "I don't believe he would abandon you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I don't believe that either."

Lin Qing Yi grinned. What she said stunned the Seventh Princess and she didn't understand, "Then, why did you lie to him?"

"Because the way I look is no longer good enough for him."

Lin Qing Yi smiled through her tears and continued, "I really do hope that he can get a wife who's the most beautiful in the nation. Someone who is good enough for him in all aspects. I don't want him to guard an old woman like me."

Those words made the Seventh Princess feel sadness from the bottom of her heart. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

She could feel Lin Qing Yi's love towards him from what she had said. For Ling Xian's benefit, she chose to give up, chose to lie, instead of selfishly being by his side.

How selfless of a love was this?

"Qing Yi, do not worry."

The Seventh Princess' expression turned serious and her tone became determined, "After I become the ruler, I will do whatever the Zhou Dynasty is capable of to find the treasure that can help restore your life and beauty."

"If you can find it, of course I would be ecstatic."

Lin Qing Yi continued to smile and speak through her tears, "If you can't, it is okay as well. Just let him forget about me and fly high."

Then, she turned around to leave.

Her scattered footsteps and her crouched stance made the Seventh Princess cover her mouth to stifle her own cry.

Once, her beauty brought all the men in the nation to their knees. Today, her best age had passed and she was shriveling away.

If time was the culprit of such change, then it is understandable. But it was she, who made herself this way. Just how cruel was all of this?


Lin Qing Yi's death impacted Ling Xian greatly. However, he did not simply wither and fall into a state where he cannot function.

It was all because Lin Qing Yi wouldn't want to see him like this.

Therefore, Ling Xian suppressed his pain and forced his body to go to north of the Zhou Dynasty's palace.

His expression was pure coldness. Though there was no killer's intent, it was full of violence.

He wanted to let it all out. Let out all the sadness and pain he was feeling!

The best candidate to be on the receiving end of this, was of course, the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty!

"I promised the Seventh Princess to spare your life. But I cannot forget and let you escape from the sins you've committed."

Peering down onto the emperor's tall palace, Ling Xian squinted. His eyes were full of coldness.

Honestly speaking, he didn't hate the emperor so deeply that he has to kill him. He merely didn't want to leave behind anything that may cause more trouble later, which is why he wanted to kill him.

But since the Seventh Princess has begged on his behalf, then he has to give the princess face. After all, she has helped Lin Qing Yi and helped him as well.

Therefore, Ling Xian decided to spare the emperor his life.

However, he has to beat this man until he is far too afraid to stir up chaos again.

"Let me put an end to this."

Mumbling, Ling Xian's black hair began to flutter. He then uttered out a statement that echoed and astounded the entire city.

"Zhou Dynasty's Emperor, come out and fight me!"

Those words circulated throughout the entire city!

Everyone couldn't help but raise their heads. Their faces were full of shock.

Remember that the emperor is a cultivator from the intermediate stage of the original level. In the entire Zhou Dynasty, he was ranked amongst the top three powerhouses!

Yet now, someone was openly challenging the emperor, why wouldn't everyone be shocked?

To put it bluntly, when Ling Xian shouted out this invitation, the entire nation boiled. Countless people raised their heads to the sky. Other than surprise in their eyes, there was only disdain.

"Which moron who doesn't understand this world has come to provoke the emperor. He no longer wants to live eh?"

"This is a blunt provocation. It's been so long since anyone has dared to challenge the emperor."

"This person is dead for sure. How powerful is the emperor? Even if he isn't the most powerful in the Zhou Dynasty, he is of the top three. How is he someone some clown can just challenge?"

"This will be fun to watch. The Zhou Dynasty is never afraid of a challenge. The emperor is even more dominating! I bet this person will be instantly slapped to death."

Everyone on the streets chimed in with their opinions. Their voices were full of disdain.

Just then, a silhouette with great grandeur dashed out from the emperor's palace. At once, terrifying Qi surrounded the entire city!

This person was wearing the dragon gown and was wearing a headdress decorated with jade. Similar to the God who was sitting above the nine clouds, his prowess shocked all levels of heaven and hell.

It was the Zhou Dynasty emperor himself!

"You didn't die!"

After clearly seeing the person's face, the emperor's expression changed. His dragon-like eyes were full of awe. But very quickly, the shock turned into happiness.

"Haha, very well!"

The emperor laughed a long laugh. "Let me slay you with my own hands!"

"That depends on if you have the capability or not." Ling Xian's expression was calm. An infinite amount of heavenly light was around him despite the lack of Qi he had.

He remained standing without moving like a mountain. No matter how terrifying the Zhou Dynasty emperor's Qi tried to sway him, he still didn't move.

Though he cannot use his Qi today, he could use his own physical body alone to terrorize Yunzhou!

"Haha, what a joke!"

The emperor laughed hysterically. Other than a sense of evil in his eyes, there was carelessness. "As the emperor of this city, I rule everything here. Killing you is as easy as flicking my own finger."

After he spoke those words, everyone on the streets agreed with him. They complimented the emperor's powerfulness and mocked Ling Xian's lack of self-awareness.

Anyone who can prompt oneself to rule over the land is insane in capabilities. In their generation especially, everyone who achieved so were heaven's favorites.

Therefore, the emperor was very powerful. In the entire Yunzhou, he was a prominently threatening powerhouse!

"Then, why don't you come and try."

Ling Xian's white robe flapped in the wind. His hands clasped behind his back and he appeared very sage-like.

His calmness and carelessness made the emperor enraged!

"Alright then, let me send you on your way!"

After a loud shout, the emperor made his move. His royal mightiness jolted the sky!


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  • lucius9532


    "He's royal mightiness..." Really? Royal sure,but mightiness? I don't think so.

  • Andeetected


    This novels' plot revolves around women. But author is adamant on making his MC a total wimp and/or bad luck with romance. What's the fcking point?

  • Danang9


    exp sect

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