0.3% Martial God Space / Chapter 2: Houtian fourth stage!

Chapter 2: Houtian fourth stage!

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Time flew by, minute by minute, second by second. Ye Xiwen also abandoned the notion of going out of this space and got a bit discouraged. If he was not able to get out then he would be trapped here forever!

Ye Xiwen never thought of stuff like dominating this world by becoming a peerless expert and so on like the main character of some twisted YY novel. His first thought was to protect himself and then get rid of all the shame. He certainly did not want to be trapped here for a lifetime. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

After the passage of a long time, Ye Xiwen was really very much bored. Without anything better to do, he began to practice his internal power. This world's martial power was divided into two parts: martial art techniques and internal power. He was now only at the late phase of Houtian third stage. And in accordance with the school's rules, those with their cultivation below the fourth stage weren't permitted to practice martial art techniques. The reason was very simple - the practice of martial art technique took the internal power as basis. In fact, there would be no achievements without internal power. That was why the third stage of Houtian realm was called the stage of laying the foundation.

He discovered that apart from being trapped in here, the flow of time and everything else in this special space was exactly the same as outside.

In any case, his only option was to maintain this status quo by sticking to a fundamental principle with shifting course of events. Without wasting his time in vain, he started cultivating his internal power to enhance his overall strength.

He was now cultivating a set of power exercises called "Bright Jade Power Technique" which was divided into ten layers altogether. Within the school, only a few were capable of practicing it all the way to the Xiantian level of internal power. However, thanks to the status of elder Ye Kongming, Ye Xiwen got a chance to practice this set of power exercises.

This set of power exercises was unusually gentle, perhaps the gentles.

He suddenly discovered that the insights of "Bright Jade Power Technique" were continuously surging in his mind. If his previous perception speed used to be like the speed of a small stream, then the present speed of his perception of insights was absolutely comparable to the speeds of Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, each surging continuously.

Endless amount of insights filled Ye Xiwen's mind and it seemed as if he was drunk and stupefied from handling the Zhen Qi over and over again while practicing the "Bright Jade Power Technique".

An unknown amount of time passed away when suddenly.......


Ye Xiwen suddenly woke up and opened his eyes. Quite surprisingly, he noticed that he was already in his room instead of that chaotic space. The sky outside was already welcoming the first glimmer of sunlight.

Ye Xiwen was a bit startled and let out a cold sweat. Could it be that it was all just a dream?

But the insights he got inside the chaotic space were extremely distinct. That space definitely did not look like a fake.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen discovered that his skinny body was soaked in sweat and covered in some black impurities. These are the so-called impurities that stay hidden within the body. With each breakthrough through the nine stages of Houtian realm, some impurities are discharged from the body until it's been cleanly eliminated. After emptying these impurities out of the body, it's possible to govern the connection of both arteries and meridians from Houtian realm to Xiantian realm.

This was a phenomenon called breakthrough from one stage to another. How could this be? Ye Xiwen was astonished. He assessed himself and came to a conclusion that it should have taken about less than half-a-year to break through to Houtian fourth stage. Could it be that his innate talent was also recalibrated over there?

But in just the period of a night that he spent in the chaos, he surprisingly got to the fourth stage.

No wonder! According to this body's predecessor's memories, even if he used to practice the "Bright Jade Power Technique" all the time, it was always difficult for him to have a bit of insight. But during the time Ye Xiwen spent practicing inside that mysterious space, great amounts of insights and information rushed forth into his mind. Inside the mysterious space, the rate of deduction of those insights was more than a hundred times faster.

If this was the case then with the assistance of this special space, the method of learning any martial technique would no longer be a secret in Ye Xiwen's eyes. By practicing inside this special space, he could quickly grasp the essence of any martial technique!

Ye Xiwen blasted his fist outwards, immediately sending shockwaves through the air. A power was wandering in his body. In fact, this power was no longer dispersed throughout the body like in the past rather it was twisted into a strong concentrated vigor which was far more powerful than ever before, to the extent that there was simply no scope for comparison.

Among the nine stages of Houtian realm, the first stage warriors could fire a punch having 50 Jin of weight, which increased to 100 Jin for second stage warriors, 200 Jin for third stage warriors and 500 Jin for fourth stage warrior.

(NT: 1 Jin = 0.5 Kg)

Houtian fourth stage was like the first watershed in one's journey through the Houtian realm. After reaching Houtian fourth stage, an expert achieved the strength of 500 Jin which was also considered equivalent to the strength of a fierce tiger with overwhelming power.

Yi Yuan School did not limit its disciples by telling what kind of technique they must practice. This was because there were so many techniques stored in the library of Yi Yuan School that each disciple could find a power technique that suited them.

Even obtaining power techniques from outside was not prohibited. Instead, it was considered as a lucky chance for a disciple to learn something new.

More importantly, after his mortal body passed through that multicolored brilliance and transformed, his meridians expanded several folds. If his meridians used to be like a small creek in the past, now they were like the channels of Yangtze and Yellow rivers, with waves of Zhen Qi endlessly rushing within.

Like this, Ye Xiwen's single day of cultivation was equivalent to others' several days of cultivation. The might of power techniques and the amount of Zhen Qi sent out in a split second also had a direct relationship. Ye Xiwen's meridians were now much wider than an average person; therefore the same moves in Ye Xiwen's hands would be much more powerful when compared with others.

Ye Xiwen's strength directly reached 570 Jin after the breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen suddenly rejoiced. After all, with the assistance of this special space he could easily rise above others to become an outstanding disciple.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen no longer tarried and immediately placed a piece of quartzite and sat down cross-legged. As he concentrated on holding his breath, that mysterious space appeared once again in his mind. But this time, no matter how much he tried, he could not enter that space.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat baffled, how could this be? He was able to enter a moment ago but what happened all of a sudden? Why could he not enter anymore?

Then suddenly, he noticed that Zhen Qi was completely consumed within his body. He was startled because his Zhen Qi was full before he had entered the special space, then how could it abruptly disappear like this?

"I get it now!" Ye Xiwen suddenly said. He immediately thought that was it possible that in order to practice power techniques inside this space, he would have to consume his own Zhen Qi, or some other form of energy. This was the only way to explain why he could not enter that space now, and also how he suddenly came out of that space just now. It was precisely related to the depletion of Zhen Qi.

In the courtyard, Ye Xiwen took out all his belongings which only included ten low-grade spirit stones. That was all of his belongings. These crystals were known as spirit stones in this world and each of them contained a considerable amount of Lingqi (Spiritual Qi). These spirit stones were divided into four ranks namely low-grade spirit stones, mid-grade spirit stones, high-grade spirit stones and top-grade spirit stones.

Warriors could absorb the Lingqi from spirit stones and use it for cultivation. It could also replenish one's Zhen Qi for a short time.

If this space really needed to consume energy in order to help him deduce power techniques faster, then using spirit stones as fuel was also possible.

Ye Xiwen began absorbing Lingqi from the spirit stones, successfully transforming it into his own Zhen Qi. He held his breath afterwards and that special space appeared once again. He continued to hold his breath and just as he had anticipated, he entered that space in one fell swoop.


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  • Not_Dragon


    Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? Good news. Your son has reached the pinnacle of martial arts! He can dominate anyone below the heavens, becoming the soverign of the world! Great! That's my son! I knew he'll definitely be the best out there! Right, what's the bad news? Your son died from suffocation. ...

  • Daoist_Dan


    He's going to pass out if he has to hold his breath the entire time he's training :/

  • Azy_Taku


    Reply Exp hunter!!!

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