1.07% Martial God Space / Chapter 7: Earth's Core Fruit

Chapter 7: Earth's Core Fruit

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Ye Xiwen had never thought that his own palm would actually be able to strike through the coarse skin and thick flesh of this Arrow Hog beast, sending its flesh and blood flying all over. The seventh echo of Rushing Thunder Hand was really fierce. It could be said the fourth echo from before and the seventh echo of now were simply not in the same league.


The Arrow Hog beast bellowed loudly but surprisingly didn't rush over, instead turned around and ran away. Although the IQ of demon beasts was almost similar to that of a common wild animal, but if it was compared with humankind, there was a huge difference between them just like the heaven and the earth. However, while going through a life or death situation, they were instead more resolute than humans.

He never expected that this beast would actually choose to flee. It was said the lower the level of a demon beast, the lower the IQ it would have. Therefore, this kind of strange behavior was quite beyond his expectations.

The Arrow Hog beasts although used to look very clumsy in appearance, they actually possessed a keen skill that many people had never thought of. It was a skill of sensitivity. It didn't take even a moment and its figure disappeared in the forest.

But how could Ye Xiwen let the other party run away so easily? Instantly, he raised the internal power of his body and Zhen Qi suddenly exploded under his feet. He made the maximum use of his skills and his figure flickered through the ocean of clouds just like a phantom. Just in a moment of effort, he caught up with it.

Actually he followed the beast all the way out of the woods and finally arrived on top of a piece of open space. On one side of this open space, there was a precipice. It was a horizontal block of huge stone that surprisingly had a three inches tall plant. This plant was actually there to protect a red fruit by surrounding the fruit with its six green leaves. In addition, it was constantly emitting a faint fruity fragrance.

A fifty-year-old Earth's Core Fruit grew up by collecting spiritual qi from the soil. Ye Xiwen recalled seeing a record on this type of herbal medicine before; it was also an essential component in compounded drugs (immortality pills) which were used to increase one's cultivation. Generally speaking, an excellent medicine made out of a fifty-year-old Earth's Core fruit could increase five years worth of cultivation and internal power. It could be said to be extremely precious.

He suddenly understood why this Arrow Hog beast had such a big hostility toward him from the beginning. Because it must have assumed that he showed up here to fight over this Earth's Core Fruit.

The importance of precious Heavenly material treasure was something not only known to the human beings but also to the demon beasts. Although demon beast didn't have high wisdom, they still knew that once the Earth's Core Fruit completely ripened, it would tumble down. This Arrow Hog beast had already waited for a very long time for that to happen.

Ye Xiwen used the Phantom Cloud Trace and quickly followed the Arrow Hog beast. Afterward, he suddenly turned his body in midair and pressed down his palm.


At this instant, he displayed Rushing Thunder Hand to its acme. Each of his palm attacks was thunderous. Even a Houtian fourth stage warrior would be seriously injured if faced with his palm attack. Fortunately, this Arrow Hog's skin was coarse and its flesh was quite thick. Also it was much powerful than an ordinary warrior of Houtian fourth stage, otherwise, it would have already been slapped to death by Ye Xiwen.

Such being the case, it still suffered Ye Xiwen's palm attack to the extent where its spine actually got smashed to pieces.

"Roar!" The Arrow Hog beast screamed pitifully; its huge body crashed to the ground heavily and started twitching endlessly. Ye Xiwen didn't have the intention to let this opportunity pass by. He immediately shot his palm which landed on its skull. In a flash, the skull cracked open and the beast's brains spattered in all directions.

The Arrow Hog beast screamed one last time before dying.

Seeing this, Ye Xiwen felt somewhat incredulous. A Houtian fifth stage demon beast actually endured just three palms to be beaten to death; this was absolutely hard to believe in the past. Ordinary demon beasts, on the same level as other warriors, used to be extremely powerful. But as for this Arrow Hog Beast, it could not even bear three hits from his palm. This thought made Ye Xiwen very much confident for the School Inner Weighing (School Inner Competition) which was about to start a month later.

He didn't hesitate a bit, immediately cut open the huge body of that beast and dug out the demon core from inside. This kind of demon core, which was a source of life for a demon beast, was considered a very valuable treasure by martial artists. Although it was only a demon core of Houtian fifth stage, its value would be at least twenty low-grade spirit stones.

Just because the demon cores of these demon beasts used to be so valuable, more and more people emerged every year to hunt and kill these demon beasts, though most of the experts ended up being buried in their beastly mouths.

However Ye Xiwen did not have the thoughts of selling off this demon core. If he handed it over to his school, it could be changed into school credits. These school credits perhaps were not worth a coin outside, but their usefulness inside the school was certainly great. And that was only because these school credits had the ability to be exchanged for outstanding power techniques, herbal medicines to raise internal power, as well as for getting personal guidance from some elders. For Ye Xiwen, naturally these were much more important than money.

In this world where strength was the supreme law, only formidable strength was considered fundamental, everything else was just like floating clouds!

Of course, other body parts of this Arrow Hog beast could also be sold for a sum of money, but Ye Xiwen could not carry along its corpse all the way back, hence could only give up!

After putting the demon core into his bag, he started climbing up the cliff straightaway. Along with the progress of his internal power, his physical abilities had also progressed by leaps and bounds. Now he could jump around with agility, advancing or retreating freely like apes.

Ye Xiwen quickly climbed up the stone cliff and arrived right in front of that Earth's Core Fruit. Some kind of herbal fragrance was quivering in the wind as it assailed his nostrils.

He immediately reached out with his hand to grab the Earth's Core Fruit. Although a fifty-year-old Earth's Core Fruit's herbal efficacy was not considered the best, but the way he was presently, having it was still a better option than being without it. It had the ability to increase five years of power. In fact, he might be able to push through the peak of Houtian fourth stage in one fell swoop. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

A sudden burst of sound transmitted from above, along with a burst of fishy wind that assaulted his nostrils.

Ye Xiwen subconsciously stamped his feet on the ground and dodge to the side to avoid this evil wind.

When he took a closer look, actually saw a huge multi-colored python with its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl. A fishy smell was leaking out of his mouth and spreading everywhere. Damn it, this huge python was as wide as almost half-a-person's width and 5-6 meters long; it also seemed to have some kind of magical abilities as well.

On the one side, there was this so-called legendary herbal fruit while on the other side, there was a strange beast guarding it. Ye Xiwen initially thought that the Arrow Hog beast was not dead and had appeared again, therefore he was somewhat relaxed. But fortunately, he hadn't completely loosened his guard.

Otherwise, half of his body would have already been bitten off by that huge python.

This snake certainly had some magical abilities because the Earth's Core fruit only grew in a region with rich Lingqi (Spiritual Qi). After a long period of moistening in Lingqi, this huge python evidently had also changed from an ordinary beast into a demon beast. Judging by its appearance, it had actually reached the early phase of Houtian fifth stage.

Since Ye Xiwen was unable to sense Lingqi around here, it was obvious that this Earth's Core fruit had thoroughly absorbed Lingqi from this area, leaving the surrounding region completely devoid of it.

"Hiss!" The multicolored python noticed that Ye Xiwen was not planning to strike first, so it immediately turned its head toward Ye Xiwen and opened it mouth to bite him.

A burst of fishy smell greeted the nostrils of Ye Xiwen as he immediately jumped backwards while relying on Phantom Cloud Trace to avoid all of the biting attempts of that huge multicolored python. Then he suddenly turned around and shot his palm outward.

Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!

Ye Xiwen's palm was extremely quick as it maliciously got printed on the body of the python.


Surprisingly, it produced a metal clanging sound as that python's multi-colored scales were harder than a common piece of iron sheet.

But how could Ye Xiwen's strength be so terrifying?! His palm barely touched the python and sent it flying several meters away.


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