1.69% Martial God Space / Chapter 11: Stimulating battle

Chapter 11: Stimulating battle

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In the forest located in the depths of the Qingfeng Mountain, a human figure leapt up.

Three days had already passed since the young master of the Zhang family was killed. Moreover, it had already been three days since Ye Xiwen fled straight into the forest. Shortly after leaving that cliff, he discovered that there was someone chasing him. The story didn't end there; they almost caught up with him several times.

At this moment, Ye Xiwen was suddenly struck with some dark thoughts as it looked like this time; he had probably ended up killing someone very important. Otherwise, it was impossible for anyone to go so far as to pursue him non-stop for three days and three nights. Moreover, it also seemed that more and more people of Zhang family were getting to know about this incident and joining the pursuit.

However he did not regret his actions one bit as he thought that he as a real man had done the right thing back then. After all that young master of Zhang family had already crossed his limit and gone too far!

Suddenly the sound of intermittent footsteps sounded from behind. Ye Xiwen heard that and hastily sprang up and flew into the dense branches to completely cover his stature.

Soon afterward, two people arrived at the spot where Ye Xiwen was standing just a moment ago. One of them was a tall man while the other was shorter in height. But both were dressed in Zhang family's warrior apparel.

"How can the footprints that led us until here suddenly vanish?" That tall and slim-looking warrior said.

"No matter what, we have to pursue, the head of the family is already in an extremely furious state, so we must grab the culprit at all costs. Besides, if and only if we capture him, our success would be right around the corner." The short and stout warrior said.

"Die!" That short expert barely said that and suddenly laid out his palm, while his body dashed towards the place right above like an arrow,.

They had already discovered Ye Xiwen a moment ago, but still continued saying those words to catch him off guard.

Because of the sudden turn of events, the color of Ye Xiwen's face immediately darkened. He was really too careless and why wouldn't he be, after all his experience was still very little. The footprints that led them here had suddenly disappeared beyond this spot; this had already been noticed by them.

They basically lulled him before launching a surprise attack, all of a sudden. Hadn't Ye Xiwen maintained the vigilance, he could have certainly suffered severe injuries.

He stretched out his hand, and immediately a crackling sound of thunderstorm exploded along with the eighth echo!

This time he displayed his maximum strength because now he did not dare to show any carelessness; he didn't wait at all and immediately shot his palm.

"Kara!" Only a cracking sound was heard and the tall warrior's arm was smashed into pieces by the direct impact. How could a warrior, who was merely at the peak of Houtian fifth stage, possibly resist the strength of five tigers contained in Ye Xiwen's palm attack? Not to mention the incredible might of Rushing Thunder Hand's eighth echo.

The warrior issued a heart-wrenching screech, then immediately fell to the ground.

Afterwards, Ye Xiwen stepped on a sturdy branch and like an arrow, his figure suddenly dashed towards that tall guy.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen finally managed to overtake him and fiercely pounded the Rushing Thunder Hand on his body.

That warrior yelled pitifully as his whole body was left badly mutilated.

He had been killed just by one move!

"Brat, you are courting your death!" That short and stout martial warrior saw that his partner was actually slapped to death. This immediately triggered his anger as he indignantly fired his fist at Ye Xiwen. His qi went forward like a sharp arrow, rapidly advancing towards Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" With just a flick of his finger, Ye Xiwen completely shattered the vigorous fist of that warrior. Immediately after that, taking unfair advantage of the moment, Ye Xiwen quickly stepped forward and shot out his palm, accompanied with a rumbling sound of the thunderstorm.

While being panic-stricken, that short warrior hastily raised his hand to block the attack. However, his arm was straightaway broken as he screamed out loud miserably. Just then, his body surprisingly rolled onto the ground and he quickly turned around to flee.

As the matter stood, how could he still not understand that it was absolutely impossible for him to deal with Ye Xiwen?

Besides, how could Ye Xiwen let his opponent run away like this? He stretched out his hand again and with a loud bang, a loud sound of thunderstorm reverberated everywhere. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ye Xiwen's movement was very quick such as lightning. Again in a split second, he pounded his fist on the back of that short warrior.

"Puff!" That warrior spouted a mouthful of blood, mixed with traces of visceral fluids from his internal organs. His five internal organs and six intestines had been ruptured by Ye Xiwen's fist.

"Bang!" That dumpy warrior's plump body took two steps forward and then crashed onto the ground.

Seeing this, Ye Xiwen finally took a sigh of relief. He couldn't afford to be this negligent next time.

"Brat, you are very courageous, how dare you kill the people of my Zhang family!" At this time, a person's shadow abruptly appeared on the branches. Ye Xiwen looked up and saw handsome youth in black clothes; he appeared to be 20 years old.

"You can try to kill me if you want to; I'll just have to counter-attack, that's all!" Ye Xiwen spoke.

"Hmm, a sophistry is not going to work. Even though you are the one my Zhang family wants to obliterate, you still have the option of obediently getting captured without putting up a fight." That black-clothed youth said in an overbearing manner.

"You are quite overbearing, aren't you?" Ye Xiwen sneered as he said.

"Overbearing, you say? If I am really so overbearing, how do you plan to deal with me?" That black-clothed youth laughed furiously, simultaneously releasing a formidable imposing aura which swept down countless branches. Surprisingly, he was at Houtian late sixth stage.

That youth's palm flipped up and took the shape of a blade, followed by his Zhen Qi which sprayed out and condensed into the shape of a long blade. Meanwhile, the Blade qi warped and weft around the blade.

Upon seeing this, Ye Xiwen was greatly startled. He knew that condensing Zhen Qi into a weapon was something only Xiantian experts, who possessed the might of Xiantian realm, could achieve. They could congeal qi into the Gang (stars of the Big Dipper constellation that constitute the tail of the dipper). Gang weapons were even more difficult to deal with when compared to the ordinary weapons. Their ferociousness could even be compared to that of divine weapons.

The Blade qi moved head-on towards Ye Xiwen, and he certainly did not dare to receive it directly. Although there was no blade in that person's hand, this Blade qi was actually authentic.

Ye Xiwen shouted loudly and simultaneously pounded his palm, causing a group of thunder-shaped Zhen Qi to rush forth to welcome the incoming Blade qi.


"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's Zhen Qi although counter balanced majority of the Blade Qi, however the remnants of the Blade Qi still fiercely bumped into his head. Thankfully, he received only a few minor injuries from this hit.

"Haha, you should have obediently surrendered without a fight. Although you killed my younger brother, your kill was quite beautiful, really splendid haha. Speaking of which, I have decided to keep your entire corpse intact!" That black-clothed youth burst into a loud laughter.

Ye Xiwen wiped off blood from the corners of his mouth, then sneered: "You bullshit a lot, you want me to be captured by you without putting up a fight; it's simply impossible!"

"Then be prepared to die!" A hint of madness suddenly peeped out from the ferocious expression of that youth. Instantaneously, his Zhen Qi blade waved in his hands and the next moment, Blade Qi rushed out towards Ye Xiwen.

Like a hot knife cutting through butter, his blade directly split its way through the air and swiftly advanced towards Ye Xiwen to chop him down.

"Bang!" In no time, his Zhen Qi suddenly rumbled against Ye Xiwen's body. This forceful hit injured him so severely, even his bones could now be seen clearly. Of course, the pain caused by it made him muffle a groan.

However right then, a crazy look flashed through Ye Xiwen's eyes as he finally decided to go all out. Originally, his strength was a lot inferior to the strength of that black-clothed youth. The explosive strength of that youth was at least equivalent to the strength of seven tigers. So, there was a gap of two tigers' strength between them. If such long-ranged attacks continued to come his way, Ye Xiwen would only suffer a loss. He had no choice but to take unfair advantage of his body and face those attacks head on while simultaneously displaying the explosive power of Rushing Thunder Hand's eighth echo.

Rushing Thunder Hand's eighth echo had already approached the stage of perfection, and now his palm could shoot out an endless amount of formidable power. This was his only chance now.

Ye Xiwen firmly endured the pain in his body without flinching back even an inch, instead he stepped ahead. His Zhen Qi suddenly exploded as he stamped heavily on the ground, making his body dash forward like an arrow.

The youth had not expected that Ye Xiwen would actually hurtle over, right after resisting his strike and getting badly hit by it. However, by the time he responded, Ye Xiwen had already arrived in front of him. Although he was in a somewhat surprised state, he still managed to pull out his blade quickly to block Ye Xiwen.

His Blade Qi warped and weft again!

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  • Vanhellsing


    "Brat, you are courting your death!" ????Come on!!! You are all chasing him for three days to kill him already.

  • MadBlade


    Is he taking their stuff Like scroll, magic stone or money ?

  • blazingsun12


    I luv how this phrase is in every martial arts book u will ever read

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