21.63% The King's Avatar / Chapter 374: Watching a Fire From the Other Side of the Shore

Chapter 374: Watching a Fire From the Other Side of the Shore

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

"Beating the Heavenly Domain Challenge at Level 50....."

If a normal player did this, all of the guild leaders would flip their tables in shock. But because they knew that Ye Qiu, the top-tier pro player, was going to do it, they weren't as shocked at the news.

But in any case, this was something that had never been done before.

The Heavenly Domain Challenge consisted of many difficult battles and achievements that required a lot of time to obtain, such as a certain amount of wins in the Arena.

When the Heavenly Domain Challenge had first started, it wasn't impossible to complete the Challenge at Level 50. The reason that no one did it then was because there were too many tasks to do, so if the player started it at Level 50, they would have leveled up several times from doing it and it still wouldn't have been finished.

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As the level cap continued to increase, the difficulty of the Heavenly Domain Challenge continued to increase as well. Nowadays, the le

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  • Obsidion


    Sorry to revive a 2 moths old commentary but i have to say this. What you are reading happens in every fucking MMO RPG, the tops guilds spend a lot of money and talk about the game like that.

  • Technothepig


    end of chapter is missing: Everyone understood the relationships between guilds however, they just never spoke about it. Previously, they had cursed at Arisaema, but in reality, there was nothing wrong with what he did. “There are definitely people who don’t want to see Ye Qiu returning to the pro scene.” Jiang You said. No one said anything and waited for Jiang You to say it. “Did you guys forget about Ye Qiu’s strange relationship with Excellent Dynasty?” Jiang You finally said the answer. “Oh……:” Messages expressing their sudden understanding of everything immediately filled the screen. The relationship between Ye Qiu and Excellent Dynasty was extremely strange. With Ye Qiu’s identity and ability, if he left the team and was put into the game, he could easily take over the guild as the overall guild leader. Even if he didn’t stay in the Club, he should at least have some friendly feelings for his own Club, right? But in reality, he didn’t. Before all this, since they didn’t know of Lord Grim’s identity, it could have been ignored. However, after they knew it, they felt that it was very strange. Some had even directly asked Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader, Chen Yehui, but the other side wouldn’t respond. There was clearly something that was going on inside. They couldn’t guess what the exact situation was, but it was clear that Ye Qiu had some sort of fight with Excellent Era and it wasn’t just an ordinary one either. His retirement might have been forced. If this was so, then Excellent Era definitely wouldn’t want to see Ye Qiu returning. If it was not, they wouldn’t have forced him to retire. “That’s why I say that if we take a seat and ignore Ye Qiu and Happy’s development, there will definitely be people who will be even more uneasy than us.” Jiang You said. “And don’t forget, Excellent Era’s achievements this year are quite terrible! From how they are doing right now, staying in the Alliance won’t be a problem, but their chances at making it into the playoffs are almost zero percent. That’s why they have the capability of putting in more effort to deal with Ye Qiu in the game!” Jiang You said. “That make sense….. But…….” The others were clearly hesitant. “It’s not like we can do anything right now. It’d be best to just take a step back and see what Excellent Era is going to do. After that, we can react depending on the situation. If they really don’t do anything, we can think of something when that time comes.” Jiang You had clearly thought about this thoroughly. As Excellent Dynasty’s arch enemy, he was more sensitive to their matters, which was why he had been able to think of this. “Watching a fire from the other side of the shore.” Changing Spring concluded. “Correct.” Jiang You was very pleased. With those two guilds fighting each other, it didn’t matter which side won. He’d be happy all the same. Although from a larger point of view, he hoped that Ye Qiu would be suppressed. After all, his skill in the game was too terrifying. He felt that dealing with him was even more difficult than dealing with the entire Excellent Dynasty team combined.

  • Ray4535


    Well it's ****** the game has become a job for them so it's not about having fun it is about earning a living. And someone threatening to screw how you make a living isn't going to be met with a friendly attitude. YQ isn't playing for a living he is playing for fun if things go south he goes back to his rather powerful family's business. Those paid guild members like most people don't have that kind of safety net so can't afford to treat like a hobby.

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Chapter 374: Watching a Fire From the Other Side of the Shore


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