66.6% Swallowed Star / Chapter 672: Million Sector Lord Army

Chapter 672: Million Sector Lord Army

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Which way to produce the soldiers?

Black clothed Luo Feng smiled. Actually, upon hearing the detailed explanation from the queen Alina, he had already made a decision within.

"I trained in the 10,000 soul control technique and am able to finally control a bug clan queen. The goal was to naturally have a huge bug army!" Luo Feng thought. "The bug clan is known for its sea of soldiers, and not its elite battle tactics! I may produce a few king soldiers, but the majority of the resources would be used for the large scale production of normal soldiers."

Producing one king soldier required resources enough to make a hundred normal ones.

No matter how intrepid…

100 king sector lord soldiers, compared to 10,000 sector lord soldiers in a group battle, it was without a doubt that the 10,000 army would win!

And in individual battles, maybe one king could break through, killing many of the others.

However in a mass fight…

What was required was the numbers!

"I’ll mainly use the 2nd method." Luo Feng ordered.

"Yes master." The queen Alina replied gently.

"Tell me the resources required for the shadow spear, tiger armor and hunting mantis bugs." Luo Feng said.

No matter what, he had to clearly know each of their costs.

"There are many pathways for the resources, however there are mainly 3 types." The queen smiled. "The 1st is to simply use universe crystals. These crystals are formed from world energy, and they can form anything. Hence, using them we can completely create any type of bug soldier! However, there are many uses for the universe crystals, hence the cost for using them…would be very high."

"The 2nd is to search for large amounts of metal alloy remains, a few warriors or huge beast blood, a few other materials like scale shells, muscles etc. With this large amount of materials, I can still produce bug soldiers, and since we can choose many cheap materials, the price would be much cheaper."

"The 3rd kind is to collect large amounts of bug bodies, they can instantly be used to create large amounts of soldiers."

The queen smiled. "Without a doubt, the 1st one’s cost is the highest, the 2nd is extremely low, the 3rd requires some things. it’ll depend on the quality of the bodies you collect. From what I know, purchasing the bodies within the 1,008 universe countries cost too much. If you head out to the outer regions where there are countless bodies, the price may be much lower. As for just how much you have to spend…it’ll depend on your ability."

Luo Feng nodded.

He understood there were 3 methods, the 1st was the simplest.

Supplying universe crystals was a source that could create endless amounts of soldiers. Naturally the simplest way was also the most expensive.

"Tell me the price." Luo Feng asked. "If I use universe crystals to create, how much would I have to spend to produce one sector lord pinnacle shadow spear, one tiger armored bug and one hunting mantis."

"A sector lord pinnacle shadow spear would require about 10 mixed elements worth of universe crystals." The queen said. "A sector lord pinnacle tiger armored bug would require about 25 mixed elements and a hunting mantis would require about 50 mixed elements. These are pretty accurate numbers. If you want to create a king…then the price would be 100 times that!"

Luo Feng took a deep breath.

My god.

Creating a king hunting mantis Sector lord pinnacle, that would require 5,000 mixed elements! Enough to be an undying general’s entire wealth.

"The mother nest truly isn’t for anyone to play with. Just buying one sector lord mother nest at the auction, would lead to a price over 1 million mixed elements! And the technique to control it…is just as crazy. Even if one had money, if he wasn’t a super power core member, he had no place to buy it." Luo Feng exclaimed.

Just the initial investment was worth over 1 million mixed elements!

Plus producing large amounts of soldiers…

It was a bottomless pit, never ending!

"Hunting mantis king? Just one alone would be 5,000 mixed elements. Even though it’s intrepid, many sector lord pinnacle warriors wouldn’t be its match. However, it simply costs too much. Whether or not I’d actually make one…I’ll decide in the future."

"Producing the cheapest Shadow spear bug would cost 10 mixed elements per head. 10,000 of them would be about 1 million mixed elements."

"Too expensive!"

Luo Feng shook his head.

He currently only had about 2 million mixed elements left in his account, and this was his teacher’s inheritance. He had been investing all this while without earning! When this bit of wealth was gone too then he’d have nothing left.

"My plan initially was to create a million sector lord army. The moment a million of them were produced, killing in all directions…even an emperor level undying, as long as he doesn’t have teleportation or time stop, any kind of heavenly technique, even they wouldn’t be able to handle me." Luo Feng thought.

Emperor level undyings had their own levels in strengths.

If he truly had his million sector lord army, that would be the ultimate trump card. His strength wouldn’t be weaker than an emperor level undying!

"Alina." Luo Feng spoke.

"Master." The queen looked on at Luo feng with her jade blue eyes that were almost like water.

"Using metal alloy remains, blood and materials…also bug bodies, use the quantum computer to note down the amounts. Do you know how to use a quantum computer?" Luo Feng looked at her, producing a quantum computer with a flip of his hand.

"Master, I have one."

The queen smiled, "Please wait a moment. I’ll immediately give you the figures of resources required to produce the soldiers."

Yangzhou city, Luo residence.

Luo feng sat on a bamboo chair. Beside him, on the table was a pot of tea with some tea cups.

"Making a million sector lord army sure isn’t easy." Luo Feng sat alone there and pondered. "Babata, have you gotten any information online?"

"I’m still checking, as there are simply too many methods to purchase the materials, all with different pricings. And the materials we are purchasing, in terms of volume, they are all materials the size of a planet. As the amount is so huge, the unit price may differ, but the overall pricings are still pretty much the same. I also have to look for the best discount." Babata said. "And there are too many people selling materials in the universe. Give me some time, about 6 hours…I’ll settle it."

"Hm." Luo Feng nodded.

These sort of calculations, Babata the living AI would definitely do a better job than himself.

"Big brother!" A surprised voice resounded.

Luo Feng looked up, in the distance his younger brother Luo Hua had a look of surprise.

"Ah Hua." Luo Feng waved.

"Big brother, aren’t you supposed to be locked in, why are you out so quickly?" Luo Hua walked over and with a wave, a chair floated out and landed beside. Luo Hua poured himself a cup of tea after sitting down and asked smiling, "It hasn’t been a day and you are already out. It’s unlike your usual style, I thought it would be tens to hundreds of years."

Luo Feng smiled.

He had gone to simply control the bug clan queen, and not train, naturally it was fast.

"Right, big brother, as for the investments, I have to give you a report." He smiled at Luo Feng.

"Ah?" Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed

Back then when he didn’t have too much wealth, as his young brother was exceptionally adept at investing, Luo Feng had decided to always give him a portion of his earnings. One reason was for him to have a huge space to maximize his talents and secondly, maybe get a huge return.


As the amount Luo Hua controlled grew more and more, the harder it was for bigger returns.

When he returned over 200 years ago, back then Luo Feng had just acquired his teacher’s inheritance. After returning, he chatted with his brother and gave him a small portion…500,000 mixed elements! This 500,000 amount…Luo Feng could still afford to lose it, hence he gave it over.

Back then Luo Hua had said, "Big brother, with this 500,000 mixed elements, I can immediately rise by 2 levels in the scale of properties I control, and I already have enough to enter the Universe Humans Development financial market."

This market was the one of the highest levels of the entire 1,008 universe countries. For those who are able to invest in it, the lowest requirement was 100,000 mixed elements! Hence those who are part of it…if they weren’t super powers, they had super powers backing them.

Actually this high leveled market was aimed at attracting large amounts of investors to support the race wars! It was used to get a few undying organizations to send undyings to the universe secret regions etc! There were many missions. However, since it was a financial market, it would naturally generate all sorts of complex dealings. The most talented in dealing and investing were all gathered here, and the amount of wealth controlled was terrifying.

Some emperor level undyings may be on good terms with others, they could gather their resources and pass it to a genius to manage.

This market…

Was filled with perilous situations and crocodiles hidden within. Even an emperor level undying’s entire wealth would be considered small fry within this top level market. Hence, the entry level was so absurd, normal undyings couldn’t even get in.

Requirement of 100,000 mixed elements, that was normal here!

To Luo Hua, this high level market had a great attractiveness, as the amounts involved here were huge, hence even a slight 10% or 20% loss were huge losses.

The strong ate the weak!

Geniuses were eaten!

Only the genuine top brass and absolute geniuses would earn here.

Luo feng had long hoped of entering this high level market, anyone that didn’t manage to enter here…meant that he wasn’t truly top notch.

"Big brother, when you returned the last time and gave me the 500,000 mixed elements to invest." Luo hua laughed, " Even though I had run simulations of investing them before, when I truly invested it, that was when I felt true terror."

"Terror?" Luo Feng was stunned.


Luo Hua nodded, "As I was careful and cautious, even though I used the 500,000 to apply for an account to participate in this market, I only invested 10,000 mixed elements the first time. I earned some initially and hence I increased the amount to 50,000. However, after that I kept losing. But, as I was confident, I continued to increase the amount!"

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  • rondevoux


    Luo feng brother sound more like a gambling addict

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    Luo Hua always conveniently appeared whenever Luo Feng in a pinch, needing some amount of money.

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    i bet he doubled maybe tripled the amount he was given that or he lost half of it :P

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