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Chapter 106: The Homeless Man

Translator: Insignia, Zenobys Editor: Svjohn, TheRealSeal

The lizard roared back at the beast so loud, Luo Yuan could feel the vibrations. Both beasts roared at each other for a while before they began to fight. The lizard was not in optimum fighting condition as its leg was still wounded. It was turned upside down as the hedgehog bit down on its neck until it drew blood.

Luo Yuan knew that this was not a serious injury. The neck of lizard was covered by numerous scales, so although it bled, it was only a small wound.

The lizard roared louder as it kept struggling. It scratched the concrete ground and got up to fight back. Many of the buildings nearby had collapsed during the battle. Even the building Luo Yuan was hiding inside had almost collapsed.

Luo Yuan wanted to jump down from the window to stop them when he saw them coming closer to his building. Suddenly, he sensed someone opening the door quietly with a kitchen knife and rush towards him.

“Fuck you!”

He almost killed him, but he tried to hold himself back. He turned around and kicked the man on the chest. The man flew away and landed on the floor, holding onto the kitchen knife. Luo Yuan felt strange. It had been like kicking a rubber tire instead of a human body. Besides, the power he had used to kick the man had been enough to move a 200 kg object. Any normal person would had been severely injured by now, but he was not. The man got up in a second.

That was definitely not a normal human. He looked terrible with his messy hair, dirty face and torn clothes. He probably had not bathed for a couple weeks judging by his awful, disgusting smell. Actually, Luo Yuan thought that there were homeless people that looked nicer than this man.

The man got up, looked at Luo Yuan angrily, and said, “You guys are too much! Why the hell did you bring the mutants here and destroy my house? I’d rather die than join you!”

Luo Yuan was miserable, but he did not really care about what the man had said. “You’ve misunderstood.”

“I know you brought those beasts here. Are you a psycho? You really are too much! All this just because you want me to join your organization? Don’t mess with my house, let’s just fight!” the man kept cursing. He did not seem to believe Luo Yuan.

Luo Yuan looked out the window anxiously and saw that the beasts had already gone away. He had lost his chance to attack. He got frustrated and said, “I’m too busy to explain, and you really think too much!”

Luo Yuan rushed across the room and kicked the door down.

The man had not paid enough attention and Luo Yuan had damaged his house. He got mad and rushed toward Luo Yuan with the kitchen knife. He was about to kill Luo Yuan, but when he reached the door, he was shocked. There was a big hole on the wall, but Luo Yuan was gone.

He was holding onto his kitchen kitchen as he shivered. “I, I’m going to fuck your whole family! I’ll kill you!” he said.

He looked out of the big hole inside his house.

“F*ck you, man! How can you run so fast?” He was watching Luo Yuan run in a certain direction. Then he looked down to the ground. He felt a bit dizzy as he realized he was about two to three floors high. He still jumped down. He was completely mad.

He landed on the ground and then quickly got up again. The beasts were gone, but he could still hear the sound of them fighting in the distance.The street has been damaged once again during the battle.

When Luo Yuan finally found the beasts, he realized that the lizard was close to collapsing. Its neck had been severely injured. He could see a big wound on it as the lizard lay down on the ground and moaned.

It was full of wounds. There were many bleeding holes on its body. It looked like it had been poked by the hedgehog. The hedgehog did not look good either. Its shoulder was torn, one of it legs was bleeding and its tail was broken. However, those would only be minor injuries as long as both mutants managed to stay alive.

The man was running down the street with his kitchen knife when he finally found Luo Yuan. He whispered to himself, “Damn! I’ve finally found you! You just wait!”

Suddenly, the man blinked. Luo Yuan was gone again. He quickly ran to follow him. He heard the beasts roaring and felt a strong wind carrying an awful smell of blood. The building was shaking and collapsed within a few seconds. The man shivered as he realized he was in big trouble. A beast was jumping around, and he saw someone holding a weird-colored sword slashing at it.

There was blood and flesh all over the place. Internal organs flew out of the beast and dropped on the ground as it walked. In the end, Luo Yuan took a huge leap and aimed his sword at the weak neck of the hedgehog. The beast roared as blood gushed out like a fountain.

Luo Yuan landed back on the ground and sheathed his sword. He knew the man was still following him, but he did not care. He believed the man wouldn't cause him any more trouble now. The headless hedgehog struggled to walk for a while before it finally fell to the ground.

“E-Level Mission, Killing a Hedgehog: Completed!”

“Mission completed in 12 minutes”

“Rating: Good!”

“Identity: Luo Yuan”

“Completion: 70%”

“Reward Basic Experience Value 2,400*70%”

“Average Evaluation, Experience Value +1,200*70%”

“Experience: 3,620/19,200!”

“Battle Beast: Jungle Lizard”

“Completion: 30%”

“Reward Basic Experience Value 2,400*30%”

“Average Evaluation, Experience Value +1,200*30%”

“Experience: 1,080/2,400!”

Luo Yuan looked through the information on the status panel. He had expected his experience value to be distributed to his battle beast. However, things went the other way around and his experience value had increased from 1,600 points to 2,400 points. He was surprised to see that. Luo Yuan was ready to collect the internal organs when he suddenly saw the lizard roar and struggle to get up. It was moving slowly in a certain direction, which only confused Luo Yuan. He suddenly felt shocked.

The hedgehog had curled up and all the thorns on its back were standing straight. It looked ready to attack. In the blink of an eye, its thorns were released in every direction. Luo Yuan was standing nearby. Suddenly, a flow of information crept into his mind. His head hurt. A thorn flew past his right ear, injuring him, while another one flew towards his chest.

The speed of the thorns was too fast, faster even than bullets. The buffering time was also very short. It was extremely dangerous for him. He quickly pulled out his knife and tried to block the thorns.

“Knife Skill +!”

“Finally, this is the end!”

Luo Yuan checked around the place and realized there were many holes on the ground, some of them really deep ones The lizard was trying to escape, but it ended up getting poked at several places on its body too. Compared to its earlier injuries though, the thorns were just minor injuries.

The man seemed to have been the most unlucky. He was laying down in a pool of blood, his face pale as a sheet. A thorn had penetrated a building and pierced through his shoulder. Luo Yuan sighed. He had not expected to hurt an innocent person. He would have put him in a trance if he had known. Suddenly, the man felt the pain and moaned. Then he rushed towards the hedgehog and ate its flesh and blood.

Luo Yuan was confused by the man's behavior. However, in a few minutes time, he saw his wound healing and his flesh grow back. It was shocking.

“F*ck! Is he even human? His recovery power is faster than the lizard's!”

Luo Yuan was actually jealous. He knew he'd have nothing to worry about if he had a recovery power like that. As long as he stayed alive and ate something, he would recover. Suddenly, the man heard the footsteps of the lizard and quickly rolled away and ran. He turned his head back to look at Luo Yuan every once in awhile while he was running. Eventually, he slowed down his speed and hid behind a building to rest.

The lizard struggled to crawl toward the hedgehog, finally slumping down on its dead body. It tried to bite the hedgehog's belly, but it was too weak to pierce its skin. In the end, it just leaned on its chest and licked the blood dripping down from its neck. Luo Yuan sighed as he looked at the lizard. He pulled out his sword and pierced through the hedgehog’s belly. He made a big cut, all the internal organs flowing out from the wound. Then he stepped back while the lizard looked at him gratefully.

“Loyalty +1”

Luo Yuan looked at the system message speechless. The lizard had been severely injured and had suffered excessive blood loss, but that did not seem to affect its appetite. After 15 minutes, all the internal organs of the hedgehog were gone, but that was still not enough. Luo Yuan had to cut some more for the lizard. It consumed a total of about 50 kilos of flesh and blood. It only stopped when its belly was as big as a ball. It looked better and was finally able to open its eyes.

Luo Yuan started to cut down the meat and pack it. He had the lizard carry it as it weighed about 500 kg. It was not for the people in the house, but for the lizard itself. It had been very helpful throughout the battle, or at least had provided him with a good shield.

Luo Yuan tapped on its leg and the lizard struggled for a moment, trying very hard to get up. Luo Yuan realized he was being really mean to his battle beast, but he forgot about it the next second.


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