19.05% Epoch of Twilight / Chapter 113: Horror

Chapter 113: Horror

Translator: Insignia, Zenobys Editor: Svjohn, TheRealSeal

Luo Yuan rode atop his giant lizard. After catching a glimpse of the crowd beneath him, he turned his back nonchalantly. He patted the back of his mighty pet and away they went, leaving the district.

The giant lizard was agile, and as quick as lighting. Regardless of its massive size, its pace was nimble and quick. In less than a minute, they were already out of the district.

In just a few days, all the scars on the giant lizard have already healed. The scales that were peeling have also begun its regrowth to a now shiny and vibrant green. Unlike the miserable look it had when they first met, there was no sight of any remaining scars left.

However, compared to its initial gargantuous size, it has somehow shrunk, which could possibly make it appear fragile and weak. Still, only Luo Yuan knew how impressive his giant lizard’s combat ability was!

His agility had increased by two points. The higher the agility, the faster the speed. Now, the giant lizard is able to move twice as fast. The very moment its speed was unleashed, it could render even a dark blue level mutated beast shuddering in fear.

Nevertheless, it still wasn’t a good idea for Luo Yuan to fight the dark blue level mutated beast. Although his giant lizard was as swift as lightning, the dark blue level mutated beast was still capable of overpowering it. Not only will it dominate in terms of strength and size, its god-like speed would certainly be a threat, not to mention its ultimate defense skill too. Luo Yuan truly did not stand a chance even with his giant lizard’s attack against the dark blue level mutated beast.

Its primary ability is to suppress its enemies, followed by flashes of lightning strikes.

Due to his past, he still could not gather enough courage to take on such a threatening creature. Not even in this wildest imagination, could he ever! On top of the lack of courage, it would still be a near impossible feat to defeat it. So far, Luo Yuan had only met the dark blue level mutated beast twice. The first was a Snake, and the other was a Giant King Kong. Its impressive defense skills could intimidate anyone; sending shivers down their spines.

One would need all the body strength in the world just to slaughter the corpse of a dark blue level mutated beast, let alone a live one. Without an attack skill, it would be pointless to level up.

When weaponry proved futile, the power of one’s determination can be a good alternative. Luo Yuan’s Will and Sensory Perception both increased when he managed to obtain the heart of Gui Huai. Yet, he still feels that it does not suffice. To take down the defense of the threatening creature, one must use up massive Will. 14 points of Will would stand no chance against a brutal fight like this.

A few days ago, the dark blue level mutated beast began evolving again, to the point of realization of how cruel the world could ever be. The immense pressure is a result of said evolution. Any creature lagging behind in their evolution will be eliminated, or eventually becoming an inferior part of the food chain, as opposed to the superior ones, who would become stronger and will dominate.

Due to the dog-eat-dog nature of these merciless battles, the world has now become an enormous hunting ground. Should one ever be left behind in the process of evolution, one should expect to end up as another beast’s chow.

Will is the self-cultivation of heart, as well as the change of mentality. Thus, after a night’s worth of of meditation, he managed to raise his Will.

15 points of Will – the highest skillset he possesses, along with his powerful strength was his source of confidence.

Suddenly, the giant lizard suddenly stopped moving. Its tail tightened, and its scales rolled up instantly, forming sharp points. It howled in angst, and stomps its feet repetitively. Luo Yuan then noticed the uncanny, pin-drop silence in the district. It was in total silence, with only so much as a few soft roars coming from the distance.

“This is too abnormal!”

Luo Yuan started to seriously observe his surroundings. However, there was no motion in sight at all.

A gentle breeze swept by. From the top of a nearby dilapidated building, a few shards of broken glass can be heard falling to the ground, shattering upon impact.

Cold sweat trickled down his forehead. He tightened his grip on his knife.

Slowly but surely, his giant lizard started to move backwards. Luo Yuan could feel the muscles of its back tightening. This is more than enough to indicate that the dark blue level mutated beast was close by.

The strange part was, he wasn’t able to catch even the slightest notion of its presence. It was only natural that no matter how carefully a huge creature moves, a sound would follow. Oddly enough, no sounds were heard at all.

“It can’t be in the sky, can it?!” Luo Yuan glances towards the sky, but there was still nothing in plain sight!

“No, there must be something I missed.”, he muttered to himself, laced with confusion. All the stress started to consume him.

Luo Yuan suddenly recalled the corroded earthworm he ran into previously. He could still feel his heart palpitating in fear.

“Oh no, it could be underground!”

Luo Yuan quickly jumped down from the back of his giant lizard. He immediately felt a slight tremor the very moment his feet touched the ground. All of a sudden, the shaking became more and more vigorous; approximately approaching a magnitude of either 7 or 8 on the Richter scale. All the streets began to crack one by one, forming innumerable bottomless cracks.

Luo Yuan could feel his heart palpitating haphazardly and he could hardly breathe. As he remained rooted to the ground, he started feeling terrified. His body was still trembling even after fleeing four or five meters away. A loud booming noise filled the air followed by an insane amount of rocks breaking their way out from the ground.

Facing a plotted attack like this, Luo Yuan had no way to escape.

Seven or eight concrete rocks slammed onto his back rapidly, signifying the start of a battle. The tremendous force hurled his body towards the air and smashed it onto the wall of the adjacent building. The wall shattered upon impact.

He shook his head and struggled to stand up. At that very moment, he felt as though his body was failing. A funny taste arose at the back of his throat and not long after, blood began to spurt out from his mouth.

He glanced at the pieces of bulletproof suits on the ground, and fear began to creeping up on him. Everything just happened so unexpectedly, that he had no time to concentrate nor accumulate his Will. Had he not have worn the bulletproof suit when he was slammed by the rocks, he would already be found dead with severe injuries.

With no time to check nor dress his wounds and injuries, Luo Yuan quickly shifted his glance onto the street.

The giant lizard has not been swallowed alive. At this critical moment, it stood in the middle of the street and howled in fury. Fear could also be heard lacing its every howl. Most of its scales have been smashed, and stained by fresh blood. It was obviously injured during the explosion of rocks.

A huge hole the size of more than half the street had appeared in the middle of the road. That terrifying mutated beast seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Luo Yuan looked very intense and serious; beads of sweat could be seen trickling down his forehead. Despite sensing the tremor from the ground, he tried to accumulate more of his Will. His flesh began to be protected by a thin layer of Will, which resembles a sheen of light, unseen to the naked eye.

Luo Yuan noticed a small corridor along every floor of the nearby office buildings. The corridor was only adequate for one person to pass through, but he had an idea. Summoning all his strength, he jumped and grabbed onto one of the corridor railings, approximately four meters high. He flipped over and stood on the corridor. He then proceeded to jump up to third floor and stopped at the fourth floor.

He stayed close to the wall while staring at the street intensely.

After a while, the building started to shake vigorously again, and a collapse seemed imminent within mere seconds. Luo Yuan’s body began to sink, but his feet remained rooted to the ground. He braced himself by stabilizing his body, holding onto the handle of his weapon.

The pitiful giant lizard paced uneasily and spun round and round, on the spot. As the tremor started to get stronger, it jumped to the side. Suddenly a loud booming noise pierced through the air.

Luo Yuan opened his eyes in horror and stared into the open.

Broken rocks were being hurled across the sky in all directions. Suddenly, a mouth as big as a train coach drilled out from the ground beneath them.

Gigantic, and menacingly sharp & pointed teeth dominated that monstrous mouth. There were about seven or eight rows of teeth made up of hundreds of smaller teeth in each row. It had an uncanny resemblance of a meat grinder. Anything that was in its way would possibly end up as a pile of minced meat.

As the rest of its body was hidden underground, Luo Yuan could not estimate the exact location of the beast. That meat-grinding mouth plus its elusive ability made a great combo that could even force any dark blue level mutated beast to step back in fear.

Luo Yuan hesitated for a second, and the mutated beast drilled back underground once again in preparation for its next round of attack. Luo Yuan could only manage to catch a glimpse of the mutated beast for a split second.

“If this continues, we wouldn’t even stand a chance!” Luo Yuan felt hopeless. “If we don’t succeed in luring it to come out from the ground, we can only back off at the moment.”

Whilst deep in thoughts, the giant lizard had dodged another attack. However, its abdomen couldn’t escape and sustained injuries after being hit by concrete mud, weighing a few hundred kilograms. It wailed in pain as blood began to flow out, rendering it almost immobile.

Luo Yuan’s heartbeat raced as he witnessed the scene.

The mutated beast that ambushed them from underground kept attacking, relentlessly.

It was getting harder and harder for the giant lizard to dodge, as its body was hit by rocks each time it tried. Every step was staggered, but the giant lizard was smart enough to know where to hide, before the mutated beast drills out from the ground.

The innate ability of the giant lizard is its accurate sense of danger. This attack was proven capable enough to battle a regular mutated beast.

In a short period of time, the streets were destroyed thoroughly. The roads were laden with holes. Some of the holes were so big that they began combine to become even bigger holes that perforated the street.

The giant lizard that successfully dodged all its attacks finally began to test the patience of the underground mutated beast.

The concrete foundation of the city was damaged beyond measure, with spider-web cracks spreading across the city. A few nearby buildings shook vigorously, and collapsed, resulting in billows of thick smoke, which engulfed the city with dust. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

A long, black worm more than ten meters in length drilled out from the ground, breaking through the smoke and dust.

It looked like a gigantic cricket, covered by a black, metal exoskeleton with many feet. These feet came in more than a hundred pairs, and appeared to be short and tiny. Its body was also covered by spiral threads which aids in reducing resistance when it drills the ground; for faster drilling speed.

The atmosphere was still and horrifying, even by its mere presence.

The giant lizard was stunned by its demeanor and backed off. Its stiff body was now trembling with fear. In its haste, it accidentally steps on one of the cracks on the ground and almost fell to its death.

That mutated beast growls and started moving towards the giant lizard swiftly. At this rate, an ordinary human could only see a quick shadow and the dust that remained. This was made possible by the innumerable feet of the beast that moved in a structured and uniform order, which helped it bolt around stealthily at lightning speed.

It sped like an express train; huge rocks and buildings proved to be neither an obstacle nor barricade, as it collided forcefully into everything that came in its way.

“How frightening!”

The giant lizard could feel that this battle was coming to an end. It finally got over its fear and let out loud growls while swinging its tail in the air. The spins of its tail sped up in rapid movement and formed a blade-like air force. All the nearby buildings were destroyed by the force of the tornado coming from its tail.

“This is the power of a “tail whip”!”

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  • UntaintedByCOOKIES


    You kept mixing up present and past tense, the mistakes should be obvious if you read the chapter. Especially how you use both present and past tense in the same sentence kinda makes ppl want to vomit blood, please fix it

  • Dare2Fly


    Hope little lizard will still alive after this.

  • Founder_Three_Ices


    So it's a cricket with lots of feet and it is living underground like a worm? Sure it isn't a centipede?

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