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Chapter 114: Strange Condition

Translator: Insignia, Zenobys Editor: Svjohn, TheRealSeal

“Mission E+: Kill the Thousand-Tentacle Crypt Worm; Time Frame: 3 days! Accept/Decline?”

The mission message was finally there. Luo Yuan hesitated shortly before he pressed the Accept button. Up to that point, there had been nothing he’d had to be afraid of or run away from.

He pulled out his Zhanmadao slowly, took a deep breath and jumped down from the fourth floor.

Something unbelievable happened.

He broke the laws of physics, his body landing on the ground as light as a feather. The second he landed, he stomped on the land and his body vanished from the ground. When he appeared again, he was about five metres away from where he had just landed. He bowed forward a little, and disappeared with rapid footsteps.

The Thousand-Tentacle Crypt Worm rushed all the way towards the giant lizard like nobody’s business. It was not scared of the mutant creature. Not in the slightest. It opened its huge mouth and bit the lizard unceremoniously.

The lizard was far from ready for this. It howled loudly and crashed on its side, its body twisting into a big arc.

Its almost four-meter long serrated tail swung across the air, making an ear-splitting noise.

The Thousands-Tentacle Crypt Worm had no time to react to the lizard’s sudden attack. It probably had not expected the giant lizard to fight back at all.

A loud noise could be heard as the lizard whipped its tail to smack the crypt worm on the head. The weight of the tail was impossible to calculate. It made the air inflate and caused an explosive storm.

The lizard’s whip of a tail tossed the crypt worm several meters away. The worm kept rolling as it landed on ground. Its snake-shaped body twisted while it rolled. The crust of its head had cracked after it had gotten hit by the tail. Dull red liquid could be seen flowing out.

The fight had stimulated the giant lizard. It had already forgotten about its fear. It quickly rushed toward the crypt worm and bit its neck, its mouth wide open.

Creatures the size of dinosaurs had quite an astonishing bite. Even a dark blue level mutated beast like the Thousand-Tentacle Crypt Worm could not defend itself against that strong attacking skill. It was like the sound of a drill cutting through a steel board. The crypt worm’s head had been torn open by the giant lizard’s teeth, blood flowing out.

The Thousand-Tentacle Crypt Worm growled angrily, and rolled away scared, trying to escape from the giant lizard.

The worm was shocked and scared as it stared at the lizard with its degenerating blue eyes. It had never expected such a low-level mutated beast to be so tenacious, and yet it was losing the fight.

That painful lesson had taught it to be serious and treat the lizard as an equal rival.

The oppressed atmosphere made it hard to breathe. The giant lizard growled in a low voice as it kept circling around the Thousand-Tentacle Worm. After a few seconds, it could no longer stand the pressure. It leapt, aiming for the wound around the worm’s neck.

The Thousand-Tentacles Crypt Worm suddenly opened its big mouth, producing a horrible suction. The sucked-up air formed an air swirl around the area, numerous stones shooting over the worm’s mouth. The swirling motion even made several hundred-kilo rocks roll.

The giant lizard weighed over ten tons. Had it not been moving, the suction would not have affected it at all. However, at the time, it had been running fast.

During such an intense fight, even the tiniest mistake could cause death, let alone such a big one.

The giant lizard did not make any attempt to escape as the huge mouth moved towards it. The Thousand-Tentacle Worm’s mouth was almost the same size as the giant lizard’s body, its strength even more terrifying. If the lizard got bitten, no matter how indomitable its health, it would die.

The Thousand-Tentacle Crypt Worm had never expected such an obscure creature to get closer.

Luo Yuan pulled out his sword, the blade immediately producing a shiny mist that could be seen clearly under the scorching sun. The sharp blade extended three more inches beyond its tip.

His face was flushing and his eyes bloodshot. Dull green was pulsing in his neck, just like the roots of old trees twisting together. His muscles started to twitch. As he ran rapidly, his body seemed to expand in size.

After a few steps, he stomped heavily. The concrete ground turned into powder within a second. Then Luo Yuan took a leap and chopped the Thousand-Tentacle Worm from head to tail.

The reflection of the light looked a lot like lightning. It went off just as it had appeared.

The worm had been cut by the sharp blade, red blood, flesh and dull green internal organs flowing out. It had almost been cut in half.

The Thousand-Tentacle Worm had not expected to suffer such a bad injury while it pounced toward the giant lizard. It had no time to swallow its prey as it raised its upper body and roared angrily.

Luo Yuan pulled out his knife fast and sneaked into a nearby building, demolishing a wall as he dashed in. For time-saving purposes, he did not even use his sword. He just made a hole using his body.

As gravel and dust fell all around him, they were flicked away by his Will. Luo Yuan had overcome all obstacles by taking that initiative. He could not bear a massive loss of determination at that crucial moment.

The Thousand-Tentacles Worm’s hatred had been turned on him. It lifted its body and scanned all around, using its fiery blue eyes, but it could not even locate Luo Yuan’s shadow.

The giant lizard started regaining its consciousness. It quickly looked for a chance to attack, but after the lesson it had just gotten, it did not dare bite the crypt worm again. It plotted to use its Tail Whip instead. Even a dark blue level mutated beast could not withstand its phenomenal Tail Whip. Not waiting for the worm to turn over, its crystal-like blue eyes took position in the sky.

The Thousand-Tentacle Worm could sense the strong danger. However, when it struggled to turn over, it was already too late. There was the flash of a knife, and then the worm howled in pain. The pain provoked its instinct to kick, but kicking in the air would only make a loud noise.

It would be fatal, even if it was just an unconscious counterattack. Luo Yuan, who hadn’t landed on the ground yet, turned pale. He had just had that thought when his body was teleported a few meters into the air.

For those with low Will, the thoughts in their hearts were just plain thoughts. On the other hand, thoughts in the hearts of people with high Will directed their actions. As for those who had highly cohesive Will, their Will was their biggest strength.

In short, Will could be defined as the heart’s thoughts. If one’s Will was strong enough, any thought or wish could be granted.

Luo Yuan’s Will was still far from making his every wish come true. However, small things like teleporting or reducing his landing momentum were still possible for him.

The Thousand-Tentacle Worm had suffered a big wound. Dull red blood was spurting out like a high-pressure fountain while internal organs flowed out of its body. Its intense struggle made the buildings in the area collapse, producing smoke and dust in a several-kilometer radius.

As soon as Luo Yuan landed on the ground, he rushed towards the worm. However, the giant lizard reacted faster, following its instinct and taking advantage of the situation to attack its weak rival. The lizard ran towards it quickly and gripped the internal organs of the Thousand-Tentacle Worm. Not even looking at the organ it had bitten, it started tearing it until the the organ got longer and longer.

The crypt worm was paralyzed. Its neck had been broken, so it could not turn its head around to bite the giant lizard, no matter how hard it tried. The lower half of its body had already been paralyzed. It tried hard to move, but it couldn’t. All it could do was just stare at the giant lizard while the beast kept pulling at its organs.

The worm howled in sorrow, its big mouth showing its outrageous ability once again. It inhaled a massive amount of air. The wound around its neck seemed to have been transformed into an air vent and started spurting wind out. Numerous internal organs were spurted out as the worm vomited blood, approaching its end.

This was the moment Luo Yuan had been waiting for. Considering his weight, if he got sucked in, he’d have no chance of escaping. Even his Will would not be able to save him. He skipped through the wasteland, moving forward like a cat before he dashed toward the Thousand-Tentacle Worm’s head.

Luo Yuan held his sword and slashed along the way as he ran. He cut more than ten tentacles off the beast’s head. The worm tried to drill into the ground before it finally collapsed.

It didn’t have the strength to fight back anymore. All it could do was move its head a tiny bit.

To avoid any more unexpected incidents, Luo Yuan did not waste time. He jumped up to crypt worm’s head, took a deep breath and raised his sword.

Realizing it was at the threshold of death, the crypt worm began to struggle. It shook its head hard, trying to shake off the creature on its head. Luo Yuan though would not move an inch.

“Go to hell!” he yelled.

A light flashed as he stabbed its head with his sword.

The worm’s skull was extremely hard, and the fact that Luo Yuan had used more than half of his Will during the fight made the stabbing even more challenging. He cut three points into the skull before he could hardly continue anymore.

“Just break already!”

Luo Yuan roared angrily, squeezing his muscles once again. Blood dripped from his skin in beads. His Will coagulated and gave the sword a trace of light. The sharp blade cut into the Thousand-Tentacle Worm’s dense bones in an instant. Luo Yuan slashed from its brain all the way to its jaw.

The worm shook, its head falling to the ground with a loud noise.

Luo Yuan gasped, holding his position, the sword still in his hands. The flush on his face slowly faded away, his muscles returning to their original size. The energy in his body dropped rapidly. Suddenly, he felt like he was about to collapse.

His hands were trembling, and he did not even have the energy to pull out the sword.

The loss of Will made him feel even worse. His uneasiness increased as fear grew inside his heart, bumping and crashing against its every corner like a horse tied loosely.

He could not hold on anymore. He fell on the crypt worm.

His body started getting hot. At first, Luo Yuan was not concerned about it. He thought it might be some kind of sequela due to exhaustion. As time passed though, his body became hotter and hotter, his blood reaching a boiling point. He felt like there was a fire burning inside his body, and he started to get dizzy. Something was wrong. He struggled to stand up, but he realized he had no strength at all. He was not in control of his body anymore. It would not listen to him at all.

A sudden sleepiness hit him, his eyelids getting heavy. The massive loss of Will did not allow him to hold on anymore.

Just as Luo Yuan was about to fall asleep, a mission accomplishment message popped up.

“Mission E+, Kill the Thousand-Tentacle Crypt Worm: Accomplished. Mission Completion Time: 5 minutes 35 seconds, Mission Evaluation: Excellent!”

“Character: Luo Yuan”

“Mission Progress: 80%”

“Basic Experience Reward +4,800*80%!”

“Evaluation: Excellent, Experience +4,800*80%”

“Experience: 3,400/38,400!”

Battle Beast: Giant Jungle Lizard

“Mission Progress: 20%”

“Basic Experience Reward +4,800*20%!”

Evaluation: Average, Experience +4,800*20%!”

“Experience: 2,600/4,800!”

“You have leveled up! You have been rewarded one attribute point and five skill points. Your current level is Level 8!”

“Your energy and injuries will be recovered!”


  • Scarlet_Rain


    "However, small things like teleporting or reducing his landing momentum were still possible for him." Yep completely... dont agree! How is teleporting even at the same level?! It is 1 of the most overpowered skills there is!

  • Johnjayjay


    "The pain provoked its instinct to kick, but..." but then it realized that it's a worm! Worms don't have legs to kick with!

  • jinyeow


    is it just me or does it seem that some parts are missing sometimes?

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