19.89% Epoch of Twilight / Chapter 118: Cruel Slaughtering

Chapter 118: Cruel Slaughtering

Translator: Insignia, Zenobys Editor: Svjohn, TheRealSeal

Surprisingly, it was a woman that was found dead by the door. Her face was covered with dust. Luo Yuan could only identify her gender based on the size of her chest. She was lying on her back, her eyes popping out like she had died with a grievance.

Luo Yuan stepped over the body, but Wang Shishi was not brave enough. She skirted around it as if the woman would suddenly jump up. She was holding the sharp shuttle tightly in her hand while she used her telekinesis.

Luo Yuan walked into the living room. With his sensory perception, no one could escape or hide from him.

He signaled for Wang Shishi to stay in the living room. Wang Shishi nodded nervously and sprinted to a corner, where she could launch a surprise attack if anyone entered the living room from the storeroom. Luo Yuan nodded, pleased to discover that she was not that stupid after all.

He entered the storeroom and stood somewhere close to the wall.

The basement only had one exit. Therefore, he did not have to take the risk of breaking in. None of them could escape provided that he stayed exactly where he was.

Luo Yuan was no longer unfamiliar with evolved people. After all, he had three evolved people with him and he had evolved as well. Evolved people though had all kinds of abilities, some of them kind of odd.

Some were strong while others were weak. Lin Xiaoji was weak as his ability could not be used to attack, but only to protect himself. Wang Shishi, on the other hand, was very strong. If she demonstrated her full power, even Luo Yuan would have to retreat temporarily.

However, Wang Shishi was quite lazy and thus lacked the necessary practice. If he came across an evolved person who practiced hard every day, even Luo Yuan could lose the fight. Therefore, he was very cautious. Cautiousness had become second nature to him since the beginning of that dangerous time.

The people in the storeroom were having an intense argument.

“F*ck, it’s been 5 minutes. Why is she not back yet? Could she have run away?” Ma Lian said impatiently as he looked at his watch in the dark.

Brother Hei was walking around irritably. He looked kind of uncomfortable. He suddenly turned and glared at the man who had rebelled against his people. He walked up to him, grabbed his collar, pushed him against the wall and said ferociously, “You brat, are you messing with us? If you dare lie, I’ll show you what the life of the living dead feels like!”

“Boss, how could I ever mess with you? I told you the truth.” Sun Xiaowu was in so much pain that his voice sounded croaky. “That mutated beast is really controlled by the leader of the group, Luo Yuan. We stand a good chance now that he’s fainted. If he wakes up, though...”

Sun Xiaowu started to say something, but he could not continue.

“What if he wakes up?” Brother Hei snorted.

“He… he would kill us all!” Sun Xiaowu stammered. He was truly afraid of Luo Yuan. Even the idea of facing him made him anxious. If these people were strong enough, they would not have gone into hiding as soon as they’d seen the giant lizard.

They reacted like they’d heard something funny. They all burst out laughing.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me!” Sun Xiawu became very worried. They were not taking him seriously. If Luo Yuan was still alive, he would eventually kill him.

He suddenly became very daring. He pushed brother Hei away and walked briskly towards the dried meat hanging from the ceiling. He tremblingly pointed at it and shouted, “What do you think these are? They are the inner organs of a third rank mutated beast, just like the giant lizard outside. Just the day before yesterday, Luo Yuan removed inner organs from three different animals. What’s so funny? You can’t even deal with the giant lizard outside! Is this really funny to you?”

A heavy slap on the face made him fall him to the floor.

“Watch your mouth,” the guy with the scar said sharply.

The laughing stopped. The whole basement had gone silent.

Brother Hei became very serious. He walked briskly to the wall, put his ear on it and listened quietly for a while before he punched the wall. There was a loud sound, and the thick cemented wall cracked.

“Shall we send someone out to check again?” Ma Lian suggested.

There were two men and one woman left. Their faces looked terrified. They were all shivering and trying hard to shrink against the wall.

Brother Hei nodded.

Ma Lian pulled up the weak woman. She was struggling hard, begging for forgiveness while she sobbed. Mucus and tears were dripping all over her face. Ma Lian kicked her ferociously, grabbing her hair tightly and hitting her head hard against the floor.

The woman struggled at first, but she gradually stopped. A mixture of bone scraps and fresh blood had spilled out onto the floor.

“Enough, she’s dead!” Brother Hei growled hoarsely. He sounded annoyed.

“It’s her own fault!” Ma Lian murmured, releasing his hands. He looked at the scratches made by her nails and kicked the body a few times to vent his anger.

Sun Xiawu was lying on the floor while he watched. He was frightened. He suddenly regretted acting on impulse. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been there now, feeling afraid.

“That’s what happens when you don’t do as you’re told,” Ma Lian said coldly, looking at one of the men. “Your turn now.”

The man looked scared, but having watched that woman die, he dared not speak a single word. He grabbed a gun, stood up and walked towards the staircase that led to the first floor.

He opened the trapdoor and walked out carefully before he closed it again, bending down.

He had yet to stand up straight when a strong palm pressed against his mouth and a clear bone-cracking sound was heard. He looked upwards in relief as he felt his body being pulled to the corner quickly. His sight gradually entered permanent darkness.

“Did you hear something just now?” the man in the suit said seriously as he leaned against the wall.

“It sounded like something being dragged,” the man with the scar said uncertainly.

“F*ck, someone must be in the storeroom,” Brother Hei said angrily.

He grabbed Sun Xiaowu and slapped him on the face hard. “Other than that Luo Yuan, are there any more evolved people?”

Sun Xiaowu felt dizzy. The right side of his face was swelling. After a while, he spit out a couple of bloody teeth and replied fearfully, “Yes, Boss, there are three of them!”

“Three?” Brother Hei glowered in anger. “F*ck! Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“I… because… because the rest of them are not a threat compared to Luo Yuan!” Sun Xiaowu said quickly, afraid of being beaten again.

Brother Hei was enraged. He pointed his handgun at Sun Xiaowu’s forehead. “F*ck you, you son of a bitch. If you don’t tell me everything this time, I’ll shoot you.”

“Boss... don't shoot, don't shoot! I’ll tell you everything!” Sun Xiaowu peed in his pants, scared of the gun pointing at him. “You have killed one of them, but there’s also a young woman wearing a yellow shirt. I’m not sure what power she has, but she can fly away when she gets attacked. The strongest one is a young girl. Her ability is similar to telekinesis in movies, and her weapon is a shuttle. I saw her kill a second rank mutated beast once.”

Brother Hei and the others regretted not killing them all. They certainly would have if they’d known earlier.

“So, there are two women outside?” The man in the suit said abruptly. He was the only calm person in the room. “Since nobody can control the mutated beast other than Luo Yuan, all we need to do is deal with those two women. The location we’re in now is not favorable to us, though. If they’re cruel and willing to give up the available supplies here, they could use fire or poison to attack or block the exit. We need to get out of here as soon as possible.”

Brother Hei nodded and calmed down gradually. He had the impression that the two women and their abilities were not as powerful as the young woman in black. Although they were evolved too, they were not that strong.

“We shall go out now without any further delay,” Brother Hei said seriously, taking a blade sharpened from a mutated beast’s claw. “Please be careful.”

“It’s just a couple of women, what is there to be scared of?” Ma Lian smiled lewdly. “Too bad evolved people are dangerous, or we could capture them and take good care of them. Those two women look pretty good, especially the young woman in black. Her butt is big and round, I’d really like to hold it in my hands while I f*ck her.”

“Shut up, you and your f*cking fantasies,” Brother Hei scolded as he stared at him.

Ma Lian shut his mouth, looking ashamed.

“You, and you! You two go first! Fast!” Brother Hei said with a nasty grin on his face while he pointed his gun at Sun Xiaowu and the other man.

Sun Xiawu felt frightened as he stood up. His eyes flashed with animosity and he lowered his head to prevent them from seeing it.

Brother Hei suddenly signaled for them to be silent. Then he turned towards the man in the suit and pointed at the trapdoor. The man in the suit got his meaning and nodded his head.

The trapdoor on the ceiling of the storeroom was suddenly hit by bullets. About 10 bullets ricocheted in the narrow space of the storeroom. Luo Yuan had already retreated out of the storeroom when they took out their guns. He leant his back against the wall outside the storeroom as he slowly drew out his Zhanmadao.

Using his sensory perception, Luo Yuan knew exactly what they were doing. Their information was inaccurate, so they had no chance of winning.

They finally came out. The two people that served as bait were carefully followed by four more men. Luo Yuan realized that one of them had a different kind of coordination. He could sense it with his sensory perception. The distance between them was about a meter, but he had to be the person who could control light.

However, he did not know what type of abilities the other two possessed.

When he sensed the four of them walk out of the door, he moved. As he stepped on his tiptoes, his body shot like an arrow towards the tall man with the dark skin. He knew this man was the leader of the group and had to be the strongest among them. If he managed to kill him, the rest would be just a piece of cake.

He had not expected that the man would be sensitive to danger. He rolled before Luo Yuan could get near him and avoided his fatal attack.

“Uh,” Luo Yuan murmured, changing direction and pointing his Zhaomadao quickly towards the man’s throat.

The man responded quickly by stepping on the wall of the corridor and moving backwards, yet he could not avoid the hit completely.

The Zhanmadao peeled through his scalp and cut off a part of his hair about the size of a palm. Blood oozed out from the wound.

“Attack! Faster!” Brother Hei shouted in fear as he retreated, holding his bone knife.

The rest reacted quickly, the man in the suit starting to fire. While bullets shot out of the gun, small stones spattered from the walls.

The person with the scar suddenly expanded his body and became a muscular giant. He howled, and the ground began to shake slightly as he strode over.

Luo Yuan’s body suddenly turned vague, looking like numerous shadows gathered at the same place. Several bullets went passed him but did not hit him. After he’d used up his bullets, Luo Yuan snorted and sprinted, grazing the guy with the scar with his sword.

The man jerked back and his muscular arms suddenly dropped. He lowered his head to look at his chest. His shirt, which had become tighter because of the expanded muscles, had a cut on it, and a large amount of blood oozed out from the wound. He was terrified. His body slanted and he half-slumped against the wall while a great howl echoed throughout the villa.

When Sun Xiaowu saw Luo Yuan, he freaked out. Realizing he was not targeting him, he ran for life as fast as his legs could carry him.

As he reached the living room, a shuttle flew over him at bullet speed and landed right in front of him. When he saw Wang Shishi staring at him, his legs turned to jelly and he slumped down onto the floor, crying, “Don't kill me, please don't kill me.”

“You traitor, begging is useless,” Wang Shishi said as she tried to avoid eye contact with him.

If it had been Huo Dong, he would have known that Wang Shishi looked strong on the outside, but was a softie inside. She would probably have let him go if he’d won her affection. However, Sun Xiaowu was not Huo Dong, and he did not know how to read body language. Instead of begging for mercy, he cursed, “You son of a bitch! If I become a ghost, I’ll come back and haunt both you and Luo Yuan! You will both suffer!”

“You… you’re going to die!” He had not just cursed Wang Shishi, but also Brother Luo. Wang Shishi was so angry she trembled and the shuttle exploded with a bang, breaking through the sound barrier. In just a second, Sun Xiaowu’s head had burst into pieces and brain juice had splattered in all directions.

Wang Shishi’s face turned pale as she was covered in blood. She suddenly felt her stomach contract violently, and she had to lean against the wall and retch while tears spilled down her face.

Luo Yuan, on the other hand, had almost put an end to his fight.

When the man in the suit had used up all his bullets, he threw the rifle away, took out a military knife fast from his back and threw himself towards Luo Yuan.

His speed was faster than average and after being trained into combat for a long period of time, he had relatively high combat efficiency. However, Luo Yuan was still better. He quickly took a few steps forward, swished his Zhanmadao and cut the man’s military knife. Without waiting for his reaction, he swished the Zhanmadao again and had cut through the main artery on the man’s neck. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Abundant blood oozed out, painting part of the wall red.

Although the fight had seemed long, the whole battle had actually taken only about 10 seconds.

“Ma Lian, run!” Brother Hei hissed. He had completely lost his confidence in the face of Luo Yuan. He had expected a fight, not a complete massacre.

Deng Chao was very strong, but he was uncertain that he could win the fight. After all, Luo Yuan could easily kill people who were strong and highly competent. Zhou Zhongming was a member of the special forces; he was very capable at fighting, even better than other evolved people if he had gun, but he could not resist either. Bullets were totally useless.

Desperation, it was complete desperation.

As his howl still echoed around the corridor, Ma Lian cried in anguish. There was a flash of light and a head flew up high, blood oozing out as if from a spring.

Brother Hei could not hold back his emotions anymore and run desperately out of the there. His evolution was related to speed, so he sprinted to save his life. Even Luo Yuan was surprised. He was caught off his guard for a moment before he ran out of the corridor.

“Wang Shishi and Huang Jiahui are in danger.”

Luo Yuan’s heart missed a beat as he quickly went after the man.

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  • mmcan


    why not use shishi to manipulate water and electricity to stun them?

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    "Cautiouseness has became second nature of him" it mean he never underestimate his opponent so why he put huang and wang sisi to block them if they try escape if even he can't stop them what can they do? be hostage?

  • mmcan


    Who told them to be so useless when it is a men eat men world.They even have a gun and evolution.

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