32.94% I Am Supreme / Chapter 227: Another Level Up

Chapter 227: Another Level Up

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Firstly, his loot came in the tangible form of twelve million taels of silver banknotes and two million taels of gold banknotes. The sum was already substantial but this was only scratching the surface.

He had also found three thousand and seven hundred pieces of mystical stones, six hundred pieces of mystical crystals, three hundred and fifty-six pieces of fifth level mystical pills, seventy-five pieces of sixth level pills, eighteen pieces of seventh level pills, and even two pieces of top-grade eighth level mystical pills.

There were also one hundred and seventy-five pieces of exceptionally high-quality jade!

Yun Yang opened a secret door at one of the secret chamber’s corners and found an assortment of rare treasures, gems and treasured resources of heaven and earth filling the space inside.

It bewildered Yun Yang.

This Shen Yushi was only a vice head of hall for the seventh month in the Four Seasons Tower. Why did he feel like he had captured Supreme Lord Spring Frost himself? Could a mere vice head of the seventh month hall really possess such power and collect such a fortune?

It was frightening.

Since there were so many resources that they could not be completely taken away, Yun Yang gave most of those that he could not stow away to Emmie directly – it was an exception to let a certain seedling eat all it can!


Emmie was ecstatic, absorbing the energy available greedily. It was only moments later that Emmie had already absorbed all the essence of the resources, leaving behind piles of powdered remains.

There were plenty of precious metals as well; other than thirty or forty pieces that Yun Yang could recognize, there were at least eighteen of them that he had never seen before.

"I’ll bring all these home, and see how Bai Yixue behaves. If he’s good then I’ll give them to him…" Yun Yang thought. "If not…"

Finally, Yun Yang dug out all the Luminous Pearls that were embedded in the secret chamber’s wall. At the same time that the secret chamber fell into total darkness, Yun Yang left in his wind form together with his immense store of wealth.

This trip was fruitful indeed. Other than an immensely well fed Emmie that was almost always burping now, Yun Yang carried a huge sack on his back, slipping away into the night…

The sack was made by combining a few bedsheets in Shen Yushi’s home, only then could it contain all the loot to be taken away – those were the ones that Emmie could not finish.

Other than some of the resources being of such high quality that Yun Yang was reluctant to let Emmie have them, Emmie could not even finish the rest. However, these were all valuable resources to Yun Yang, regardless of their grade.

Just the one million taels of those banknotes could kill Supreme Lord Spring Frost; perhaps he could kill Mr. Nian with ten million taels?

One must be daring with his imagination – what if that was how success come about?

Luckily, it was already the fourth fragment of the night…

When Yun Yang returned home, Lao Mei and Fang Mofei hurried over to help when they saw what an embarrassing state Supreme Cloud was in, carrying a huge sack on his back like a thief. Great Swordsman Bai Yixue was indignant about petty matters like this, only observing their activities with his deific consciousness.

Yun Yang was delighted that he did not bother to come over, happy that the swordsman saw nothing.

If the Great Swordsman Bai did see how much resources there were that were compatible to his cultivation of swordsmanship, there was a likelihood he would shamelessly snatch them all? Yun Yang would not be able to fight him now!

One’s true intention was always concealed, one must always be on guard against others.

Yun Yang then asked Shui Wuyin to come over.

Seeing that Yun Yang carried so many things home, the latter knew right away that Yun Yang’s trip was smooth – he had succeeded!

"Take a look at these papers…" Yun Yang thrust about half a sack’s contents to Shui Wuyin and said, "Check if there’s anything valuable inside."

Shui Wuyin was not prepared for the sudden move, almost staggering by the motion. Just as he was about to speak, Yun Yang suddenly crowed with joy, "My babies are back!"




"Meow meow meow…"

Four snow-white fur balls that were actually palm-sized kittens charged over towards Yun Yang in delight.

Shui Wuyin realized at once that he had nowhere to sling his arm.

There was one kitten each on Yun Yang’s shoulders, one atop his head, one hanging on his waist, and what was that? There was another one swinging at his buttocks…

Yun Yang hugged them all in his embrace with a chortle. "You’ve all worked hard this round… Come, come, let me prepare something tasty for all of you. I shall reward all of you handsomely… Let this raspy one handle the laborious work, we’ll go play!"

As he spoke, he left bringing the balls of fur along, completely at ease and graceful in his bearing.

Lao Mei and Fang Mofei were more than used to his whims, separating the loot Yun Yang brought home and moving them to the warehouse to store them properly; Shui Wuyin, on the other hand, was utterly speechless.

Such discourtesy! You have the cheek to order me around like a menial worker...

Despite his grumbling, he still carried the big pile of papers with unknown scribbles back to his room with a sigh, to meticulously check through each sheet.

It was a task that called for an eye for details; Shui Wuyin thought that there was no one else in the world more suitable for this job other than him.

However, there was still a need to send the Nine Heavens Dictum.

Yun Yang was cultivating; it was vastly different compared to previously. Emmie, bloated from how well fed it was, was unprecedentedly joyful, thus the spiritual Qi it exuded was also richer than ever before – ample and abundant.

The four Eclipse Panthers and a Lightning Cat snuggled into Yun Yang’s embrace together comfortably. Yun Yang could distinctly feel the five little fellows' tiny stomachs rise and fall from their breathing as they pressed close to his skin.

It was a warm and comfortable atmosphere… Yun Yang entered a deep state of meditation as well.

Whitey Two, Three, and Four had sustained different degrees of internal injuries from their ambush operation this time. They would need to rest for at least a few months according to the self-recovery of high leveled mystical beasts but these felines were young beasts after all; there was a difference in their self-healing mechanism. In spite of it, they had all recovered completely within an hour when Emmie generously delivered an air of vitality.

Then… the five Whiteys shed fur together.

Yun Yang was cultivating with folded legs; he had no idea that his body was drowned in layers of white fur shed by his Whiteys, only feeling the exceptionally lively flow of his mystical Qi cultivation today.

Endless amounts of spiritual Qi from heaven and earth were gushing into his meridians as they rapidly gathered in his dantian. The speed of the process was unimaginably swift.

As for the air of vitality oozing from his subconscious, it was also surging against his meridians forcefully. The magical spiritual Qi coming from the Qirin Fish was also filling and expanding his meridians, the assistance of these layers of boosters allowing heaven and earth’s spiritual Qi to surge like an undammed river.

The spiritual Qi gathered above the Residence of Yun before it disappeared at once; a thick layer reforming almost immediately...

Shui Wuyin and Bai Yixue had started cultivating tonight upon noticing the odd atmosphere surrounding them. Despite their rather fruitful results, they could not compare to the other two people. Lao Mei and Fang Mofei who had seen plenty of similar situations before had left whatever they were doing right away to dive into cultivation.

The sun had risen high.

Tiantang City was sunny, the weather beautiful.

Despite that, the sky above the Residence of Yun was cloudy and blurry to the naked eye – it was a specific phenomenon caused by attracting copious amounts of spiritual Qi.

Lao Mei, who had cultivated for the entire night, felt his meridians expanded to their limit, his entire body felt like exploding from how full it felt. With a sudden, deafeningly long howl, his bones cracked loudly like firecrackers.

When Lao Mei opened his eyes, each strand of his long hair was flying as two rays of sharp light shone from his eyes – a breakthrough to the eighth peak!

As for Fang Mofei, he was also filled with vitality, accumulating to the pinnacle of the eighth peak and a step away from the ninth peak; he only needed to wait for another opportunity to break through to the ninth peak.

Bai Yixue was shocked; his cultivation base had improved tremendously within the night, the benefits he gathered bountiful…

The remaining internal injuries that were supposed to completely heal after at least several days of rest had wholly recovered within moments. The gush of spiritual Qi then had even Great Swordsman Bai feeling strange like he could not digest them in time as his body drank them up.

Was – was this still cultivating?

This felt like leveling up could be achieved even when one laid down and did nothing!

This place was wonderful indeed, its destined opportunities abundant.

Bai Yixue’s experience and knowledge of cultivation base exceeded those of Lao Mei and Fang Mofei, and even Yun Yang himself. Of course, he would not miss such a chance that might not recur, squeezing space in his dantian with all his might to allow his cultivated skill to grow.

After all, with his exceptional cultivation base, improvements could only be achieved with tens of years of hard, intricate effort.

Bai Yixue was even thinking dreamily of this current situation – if such a state could go on, he might even break through to the Tenth Perfection, advancing to a more refined level of a mystical cultivator!

If it were to be so, he might still be unable to fight Jun Moyan, but to move up a few ranks in the swordsman ranking or even up to top three – he was rather confident about achieving it.

Purple gas engulfed Bai Yixue as he absorbed heaven and earth’s spiritual Qi with all his might. Perhaps, it should be said that he was absorbing spiritual Qi as if his life depended on it!

Shui Wuyin was also doing the same. Despite not knowing how or why there was such a gush of spiritual Qi, he would never miss such a godsend opportunity. As an Eldar – especially when he was not innately gifted, it was harder than anything to improve his cultivation base.

Yet with the density of spiritual Qi and air of vitality right now, hope was rekindled in Shui Wuyin who had long given up on cultivation.

He did not ask for much; he would already be beyond content if he could heal his innate handicap!

As the sun rose higher and the noises of livelihood grew louder, the fog in the Residence of Yun’s courtyard dissipated gradually, attaching themselves to flowers and plants.


Yun Yang felt like his meridians, blood vessels, and bones were so bloated that they were stretching his body to its limit, waking up amidst a sharp pain.

"Emmie!" Yun Yang hollered after breathing heavily with some lingering fear.

It was only now that Emmie knew it had almost caused a disaster. Its leaves and tendrils curled up, only a tiny bit of its seedling was visible as it peered around.

"Ayaya…" It actually looked embarrassed.

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