5.66% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 48: a tooth for a tooth (1)

Chapter 48: a tooth for a tooth (1)

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When Zhou Weiqing heard the huge price of 400,000 gold coins, he was just about to say something again, but he felt a large force on his arm, and he was pulled to the side by Shangguan Bing’er. When he turned his head around to look at her, he was surprised to see that she was almost on the verge of tears, the hand that was grabbing onto him was shivering.

“Battalion Commander, you ……”

“Shut up!” Shangguan Bing’er said fiercely, moving quickly in a flash to block off Zhou Weiqing, and said pleadingly to the fat old man: “Huyan Senior, please ignore him, we are at the wrong here. 200,000 gold coins is okay. I have a piece of Spirit Jade here which should have the value of 50,000 gold coins, I can leave it here as a mortgage first. After we go through with the Consolidating of Equipment, we’ll immediately go back to get money, before coming back to exchange back for the Spirit Jade, is that okay?”

As she said that, she took off a red string necklace from her neck, it had a cream coloured jade stone hung upon it. The jade was carved into a Ruyi shape*, although it was not glowing, but it had a gentle warmth to it. Shangguan Bing’er held out the jade in front of the old man, her face with a pleading look.

* TL – 如意玉 (http://baike.baidu.com/subview/315280/10130415.htm) It’s a sort of jade carving meant for luck.

The fat old man shot a glance at it, and a surprised look flashed into his eyes, before saying calmly: “If you had taken it out a moment ago, I would have agreed actually. This Spirit Jade is worth more than 50,000 gold coins, maybe even 100,000 gold coins. With it as a mortgage, I would definitely have sold you the Consolidating Equipment Scroll. However, just now that boy blocked me earlier, and I said that the Overlord Bow Consolidating Equipment Scroll’s price is now 400,000 gold coins. I, Huyan Aobo, always keep my promises. It’s not just for you, I’ve set the price now, whoever comes to to buy it will also be given this same price. If you do not have 400,000 gold coins, you can leave now. There are many Consolidating Equipment Masters around here, you can buy other Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.”

Is that even possible? Zhou Weiqing stared with a dumbfounded look at the fat old man Huyan Aobo. The words that he had spoken thoughtlessly had caused the unexpected huge rise in price, to a price about double the initial price even.

“Battalion Commander, let’s go. This old man isn’t the only the only Consolidating Equipment Master around here; he is like a stone in the latrine pit, smelly and hard, why must we buy his scrolls?” Zhou Weiqing grabbed Shangguan Bing’er’s and started to walk out.

Shangguan Bing’er turned his head, saying angrily: “What do you understand? In the Flying Hill City, only Huyan Senior is a Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master, how can other Consolidating Equipment Masters compare with his work? Haven’t you seen the words ‘Able to mount Elemental Jewels’? Only Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master and above are able to create such Scrolls.”

“500,000 gold coins. Scolding this old man, you must pay the price. Little brat, if you scold me one more time, you can forget about buying Consolidating Equipment Scrolls from here in the future.” Huyan Aobo said coldly.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes flashed with anger, his hands lifted in fists in front of him and he said, “Huyan Old Man, I’ve never wanted to punch anyone as much as I have now.”

Huyan Aobo suddenly smiled and laughed out loud, “There are any people who want to punch, and many others who want to kill me. However, this old man is still living well. Even the Fei Li Empire’s Emperor will still be courteous to me. Who do you think you are? To kill me, you’ll have to get by Feng Yu first. He is a Upper Level Zong Physical Jewel Master, with nine Physical Jewels, all with Consolidated Equipment. When you can beat him, then you can came to say those words to me.”

Zhou Weiqing was startled, although he had judged that the middle-aged man would be very strong, but he had not expected him to be at the very peak of Physical Jewel Masters, having 9 Physical Jewels. Shangguan Bing’er only had one Physical Jewel with Consolidated Equipment and she was already so strong, how formidable was this Upper Level Zong Physical Jewel Master with all nine Jewels with Consolidated Equipments? It was no wonder that this fat old man Huyan Aobo was so secure.

Fu Yu shook his head helplessly, saying, “Little bro, you better just leave. When this old man goes crazy, you can’t reason with him.”

Shangguan Bing’er was currently just standing there dazed. She knew that they had came here for nothing today. It had been such amazing luck for them to come at a time when there were three sets of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, yet they had not been able to get anything in the end. That sort of feeling of wanting to cry but having no tears left, caused her to not even have the mood to reprimand Zhou Weiqing.

A trace of bloodlust flashed through Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, even though he himself had not realized it. The energy whirlpools at his four Death Acupuncture Points which had broken through suddenly doubled their speed of rotation and energy draw, and a light grey colour invaded his pupils. At the center of his forehead, the trace of a black ‘King’ word was visible indistinctly. The pair of Heavenly Jewels simultaneously appeared around his wrists; the Physical Jewels were still alright, just giving forth an icy mist, but his Elemental Jewel sent forth an extremely brilliant light.

When there was no sunlight, the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye would present the red colour of a Red Ruby, and at this time Zhou Weiqing’s wrist’s Alexandrite Cat’s Eye was blood red, twinkling brightly like the red pupils of a demon.

The Heavenly Jewel Master robes that the Skill-Storing Palace had issued them had a lot longer sleeves than normal and could cover the wrists; naturally it also covered Zhou Weiqing’s Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel, but in that moment, the sheer brilliance that the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye was emitting was really intense, penetrating the sleeves. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Huyan Aobo originally had an arrogant face and was looking disdainfully at Zhou Weiqing. However, when the sudden brilliance emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s Alexandrite Cat’s Eye emitted, his proud look suddenly froze.

“Cat’s Eye Jewel?” The fat old man’s breathing suddenly became rapid, “Why didn’t you say you have this Greater Attribute Jewel, don’t you know you can get a discount?”

Shangguan Bing’er also came awake at this moment, her expression changing, and she quickly pulled Zhou Weiqing aside, saying: “The Consolidating Equipment Scroll of Senior’s is too expensive for us, even with discounts we are unable to afford it, we’ll be taking our leave now.” Saying that, she quickly pulled Zhou Weiqing towards the exit. Compared to purchasing the Consolidating Equipment Scroll, the thing she feared most was having Zhou Weiqing’s Elemental Jewel Attributes exposed. Earlier, when the brilliance from Zhou Weiqing’s Jewels shone out through his sleeves it had caused her to be shocked into action instantly.

“No, no, don’t rush to leave. I will not raise the price anymore.” Huyan Aobo took a quick step forward, blocking their way to the exit, his gaze locked on Zhou Weiqing’s left wrist which was blocked by his sleeves.

Shangguan Bing’er look was stern, “Senior, you are a noble Consolidating Equipment Master, you won’t buy or sell with coercion right?”

Huyan Aobo no longer had the look of arrogance on his face any more, instead having a rather ingratiating tone, immediately explained: “Little Girl, do not misunderstand. I know that you are worried that your friend will have his Greater Spatial Attribute’s Jewel exposed. You can rest assured though, although I, Huyan Aobo, may be greedy for money, but my personal moral character is still good. Furthermore, I have always been neutral and am not controlled by any country, I will not do anything disadvantageous to this little brother.”

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  • patienceLove


    Good meatball, has good vision

  • tekite


    R u fucking kidding me, even when she was telling him not to show lol. He just had to fucking do that didnt he? Worst MC ive seen all around lol, what a ****ty ****...

  • kumadam


    Not only that, the jewels are only appearing on instinct because of that stone thingy he swallowed. Added that mc is pretty dumb not catching up what the meatball is trying to do due to his age, with that stone messing with his mind. I can’t blame him for using his powers. Tho i mostly blame the author for suddenly making mc so stupid when in fact he’s pretty smart and quick witted.

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