6.25% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 53: Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment Sets (2)

Chapter 53: Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment Sets (2)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Suddenly, Feng Yu took a quick step forward, grabbing Zhou Weiqing by the left hand, covering his Elemental Jewel and said fiercely: “Quickly Receive it.”

Zhou Weiqing was startled by his quick movement, but Feng Yu was way too fast, so he quickly activated the Taiyuan Acupuncture Point’s energy whirlpool and Withdrew his Elemental Jewel.

As soon as the Elemental Jewel disappeared, Feng Yu and Huyan Aobo also relaxed and sighed in relief. In the next instance, Feng Yu pulled Zhou Weiqing by the arm, and in a quick flash, they appeared back in the room, and slammed shut the door instantaneously. Huyan Aobo, in a swift motion that seemed as if they had trained together innumerable times, his left hand lifted up and his third Cat’s Eye Jewel shone out in a brilliant light, a silver shining light that expanded outward instantaneously to cover the entire room completely. Although Zhou Weiqing did not know what he was doing, but after the silver light dispersed, he actually could no longer hear the sound of the insects from the courtyard outside.

Feng Yu looked up to Huyan Aobo, his face having a strange expression as he said in a low voice: “Is this a miracle? Is there really such a Elemental Jewel?”

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Huyan Aobo’s body flashed with a silver light again, and Zhou Weiqing felt a flash before his eyes before that fat old man’s belly had almost bumped into him. Huyan Aobo had both hands firmly held on his shoulder, and in a rapid speed he asked: “Little Fatty Zhou, tell me, in your Elemental Jewel, besides the Spatial Attribute, is there also the Wind Attribute?”

Zhou Weiqing said with surprise: “How did you know? Can you see the Attributes in my Elemental Jewel?”

Huyan Aobo whole body seemed to deflate and stiffen, and he swallowed hard, in the next instance he loosened his hold on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder and took two steps back, both his hands forked on his waist.

“Wahahahahaha, Hahaha…..” A demented laughter exploded suddenly, so loud that not only Zhou Weiqing, but also Feng Yu was startled by him. However, this fat old man was actually dancing with joy there, looking at him it seemed like he was excited to the extreme.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bewildered look at Feng Yu and said: “Feng Senior, Huyan Senior isn’t having a fit right?”

Feng Yu looked deeply at Zhou Weiqing, muttering to himself: “Envy, jealous, hate! Little boy, you only have one set of Jewels, how can you dare show your Alexandrite Cat’s Eye to other humans? I never expected that in this world there really exists an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye. Huyan Old Man naturally went crazy, having accepted a disciple with such an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel. Let alone him, even those Heavenly Jewel Masters with 9 Heavenly Jewels would also be grinning from ear to ear. Furthermore, he did not actually know that you have the Wind Attribute, but was just hoping that you had it. And you really did. To have both the Spatial and Wind Attributes, it can be said that you are born to be a Consolidating Equipment Master, moreover one of the most outstanding ones.”

Huyan Aobo finally stopped laughing, and when he looked at Zhou Weiqing again, it was as if he was looking at a precious treasure. “Little brat, uh no, my treasured apprentice, you should have said earlier that you had both Spatial and Wind attributes! In that case, I wouldn’t have to waste time considering! Even if this old man goes bankrupt, it will be worth it. Let alone the rank of grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master, even ZongShi level, or god level, you can also achieve it.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, stepped forward two steps and held Huyan Aobo’s shoulders, saying with a proud face: “Teacher, you shouldn’t be so excited, I already said that it was the time to witness a miracle. However, just now when you were laughing it really sounded terrible.”

Huyan Aobo was still smiling happily, even though Zhou Weiqing just gave him an insult he didn’t care, he was really just too excited, “Little brat, can’t you be a little more modest?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “My other teacher always said that modesty makes a human regress. If you are not proud of yourself, how can others be proud of you?”

Huyan Aobo’s smiling face froze, “You have another teacher?”

Zhou Weiqing said carelessly: “I’ve hung out with him for two years, what’s wrong? Is there a restriction to number of teachers I can have? However you can rest assured that when I was with that perverted old man, my Heavenly Jewels had not awakened yet. I haven’t seen him in a long time, I’m not even sure where he went.”

On hearing that, Huyan Aobo relaxed and said: “Since your Heavenly Jewel just awakened, that means you are less than 16 years old. How long till you are 16? To start creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, you need to be at least 16 years old, otherwise you do not have grown sufficiently and will not be able to control the materials.”

Zhou Weiqing blinked and said: “Teacher, I will be 14 years old in two months time.”

“What? You aren’t 14 years old yet?” Huyan Aobo said in surprise, staring at him.

Zhou Weiqing said with pride: “No choice, I matured early.”

Huyan Aobo shook his head, saying: “I do not mean that, what I mean is that you are only 13 years old and you have so many dirty tricks. I am really suspicious on what your first master has taught you, no wonder you called him a perverted old man, looks like he is not any good thing. You’re just 13 years old and you are already like this, I can’t imagine when you have grown up!”

“……” Zhou Weiqing scratched his head, “Teacher, I am actually a very proper person, pure and good-hearted. People have given me the nickname ‘Honest and dependable little gentleman, Spotless and beautiful youth.”

“Bah.” Once Huyan Aobo had accepted Zhou Weiqing as his disciple, the arrogance on his face had vanished, and he said with a smile: “You, this little brat, really are a funny little treasure, I really do not know why that so called miracle Alexandrite Cat’s Eye will appear for you. However, since you are still less than 14 years old, evidently you cannot study how to create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for quite some time. What are you doing in the Heavenly Bow Empire now?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “I’m enlisted in the army, I just joined this year, and I’m in the Heavenly Bow Empire’s Fifth Regiment 3rd Archery Battalion, my wife is the 3rd Battalion’s Commander, I am her Personal Aide.”

Feng Yu gave him a strange look, saying: “You entered the military and Awakened your Heavenly Jewel after right?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, “How did you know?”

Feng Yu said with a smile: “Silly kid, if you were a Heavenly Jewel Master before your enlistment, with the Heavenly Bow Empire’s lack of Jewel Masters, wouldn’t they treat you as an absolute treasure! Your little girlfriend, I remember her, she is known as the greatest genius in the younger generation of Heavenly Bow Empire. Well, it is very good to be in the military now, it will help you to conceal your ability. Besides your little girlfriend, does anyone else know about your Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewel?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Just two more.”

Feng Yu was taken aback, and at the other side, Huyan Aobo suddenly had an imposing aura of bloodlust, giving out a hand signal and said, “That is not good. We should kill them to eliminate a potential information leak.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “Teacher, do you want to commit suicide? The two that I mentioned, isn’t it you and Feng Yu Senior?”

Huyan Aobo gawked in surprise, “Damn brat, you better speak properly to me. You must remember, a long as you have not broken through six sets of Heavenly Jewels and entering the Heavenly Zong State, you must ensure that as few people as possible know about your Alexandrite Cat’s Eye okay? Otherwise, you will face two types of people. One will be resorting to all means to win you over or recruit you, and the other type will be resorting to all means to kill you.”

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  • Queue


    I wonder who the "pervert" teacher is?

  • HisMajestyTheYama


    Lin Fan or Zhang Ye.

  • Jacktastic


    lol, you are in luck! His first novel is the one this one references, and it is his most famous, and arguably one of his best novels, 'Douluo Dalu'. If you like it, you will find it has several sequels of varying quality. But as a whole this author Tang Jia San Shao, or TJSS for short is one of the most prolific and well though of web novel authors out there. If you want to try a sci-fi series check out his 'Skyfire Avenue' as that is also completely translated. Also note you can read Heavenly Jewel Change without having read his previous works, as the spoilers are fairly innocuous.

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